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when trying to consider how to elevate one’s game within
English presentation, STYLE should be considered.  I will be investigating more, however the above seems to catch my eye.  Chicago, style.  why, it deals with history and or uses of academically useful history bits…  APA, MLA and a variety of other well respected styles also exist as indicated by the following link.

now, as i’m not expert in any format/style, i know in advance as i’ve chosen to write to multiple styles before, I know WELL how long it takes me to do this…easily just as long or longer than finding the damned information to CITE!


I also dread the drudgery of proofing things.   So, while I know this means I have to pretend I know more of what proper grammar is and word tenses and such the like sha poo poo, I leave with a 😛 of an obviously apocryphal old funny or two on language mechanics.

these links are, something approximating  how supposedly spelling doesn’t count… a rebuttal to this, and some 80’s crap pop to drive home the idea, opinions tend to count not for the reasons they should but one can not wear the world like atlas all the time upon their shoulders ;).  so i leave here a little less spell-checked and styled… but the idea isn’t important past i’m still considering more “grooming”  i bet you’d never believe i would fight for clarity….or even think kindly of you. 😀

…brevity,  pardon me but if i had more time I’d have written a shorter letter…

If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter


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