w16sh, 35-37 noted


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  • oil, dog fish, huevos rancheros, estranged sibling, pocket knife
  • something that happened in first grade, a Winnebago, a rocket kit.

as i have in the previous notes listed something about calitrol or some weird word of a calcium substance a human’s healthy kidney produces from converting vitamine d… this should support bone health in some way probably moderating other chemical interactions that would otherwise leach our bones too quickly… i can look up kidney disease to any other ism of my choice!  all spinach contains varying amounts of the same oxi whatever that is poisonously found in rhubarb leaves..not so much the stem…or rhubarb pies would NOT be popular for the reasons they are 😉  but i’m sure I’ll find something


oil.  acid and oil on a madman’s face… his reason tends to fly away- blue oyster cult astronomy.  acid and oil combine to make an ester which many smells including perfume are chimstry-wise no more than an acid and an oil.  for instance, salicyclic acid found in winto green bushes, birch and to a lesser extent aspen trees combine with methyl alcohol to make the wintergreen mint smell or combine with ethyl alcohol to produce a white powder we know as aspirin.  I find it amusing thus that depending on the acids and a few key other tastes like whether it’s smells like something but isn’t sour like a fruit but bitter a sign of poisons typically we determine what we do.

oil is of course food or used to pep food up or fuel or lubrication.  when i grew up by birth i knew not macdonald’s prior to them switching over to vegetable oil from lard… sorry I’m just not old enough but i do remember seeing the deep milky sugar water they soaked the fries in…    of course begetable oil was safer and cheaper so as the 80’s saw a lot in stopping wastes and improving health, it seemed a complex war was waged to make us want not the foam box…made from “oil” but in this case petroleum… which could keep your burger warm alllll the way home so you might eat with your family  but otherwise never decomposed and we care about the enviroment?  we did and now paper which has zilch heat retention means we eat in the car or it’s cold.   castor oilhas an extremely high smoking point meaning in race engines of particularly the cigarette boats era utilized this oil.. it is also type four brake fluid no largely surplanted by safer or cheaper or something “better”  and contains as part of it the plastizing agent to mix with stuff that goes boom to make plastic explosives and or castor oil is a common emmetic..sure i spelled that so wrong but something that makes one puke..thus if a belly ache or foul mouthing was detected, out came the castor oil!  it is a fairly hardy crop and yeilds well thus is reintroduced to say african lands where it can change economy as castor oil can be biofuel.  oil however is fat or fatty thus combining cholesterol and calification leads to a webmd article on arterial schlerosis or hardening of the arteries and that is very much fatal or damned expensive and inconvenient to say the least effing painful.


dog fish and it’s neither hypenated nor  comma’d so it’s just that dog fish… they make a fine IPA beer.  I don’t know the other associations offhand.

huevos rancheros – is a common for americans eating “mexican” of beans and eggs.

estranged sibling – I only know the connotation of estranged as seperated and sibling as in brother or sister so boring normal interpretations here.

pocket knife.  I like the switch comb became pocket switch blade or even the fancy action to only comb the hair…hair again from previous notes means hatred lol.  finally the knife to split some hatred to be specific about it lol.  originally a pen knife as in to cut a quill to utilize with ink to write with…pocket knives just were a boy become more manly necessity.

something that happened in first grade – i learned to tie my shoes a bit late, i learned my times tables a bit early, thanks to years of intense seizures I lost the original control points for bowel control thus gained a knickname not exactly this year but all the memories began the campaign for it this year, I know I smashed my finger in a door to lose the nail, i know i sprained my ankle for about the first time of a bagillion to come and got a nice bloody nose from a full speed ball to the face and judo flipped thanks to mr karate.  otherwise i remember my dad wanted me to go hit someone supposedly because this is how you handled stuff and because i had the exact wrong attitude to violence then it was just meaningless to me which is conveyed and he remained a dissenter all through school to my greatness… I learned to read not out of the deer reader but the monkey one meaning i picked the uncool by consensus to the class choices one.  yes, I’m well aware who curious george is but it wasn’t him but likely why I chose the way i did.  at this time i was also in the processes of being declared legally blind primarily so i could get survices at school, I remember well taking a timed i.q. test as well I didn’t have my glasses that day as the frame broke and as timing has it there wasn’t time to visit boulder a city away to obtain repairs…I scored as i always seem to since then which is about 135 with a notably unfair drag from inability to see… some adjust for this as in up this test was and thus i am technically a genius which means i can butter the underside of my tie with the best of ’em.  I’m sure by timing that the apartments behind our house didn’t exist yet nor did my little sister whose place i also get to call home.  I saw about the first movie i ever walked out on tootsie with dustin hoffman – mom becomimng a avid jehovah’s witness meant I wasn’t likely to encourage abberant behaviour or find it funny yet still pre puberty… i simply didn’t get the humor and yet i still to this day wonder how on god’s green earth mom would even let me into a rated r film at all because such stuff was policed back then a lot.  but maybe she wanted to see it then saw it and went oh thank god he doesn’t get it but doesn’t want to stay! 😀  I remember  well another two things still occuring – the fourthdrade room next to mine later was the blacked out teacher smoking lounge andmy later friend and one from my previous kindergarden tossed a pizza slice and earned a spanking you couldn’t miss the sounds of.    I believe nope that’s second grade stuff :D…I know I had an itenerant teacher named mrs whitehead and about this timeframe i attended her husbands funeral which is remembered but not remembered as about the first time I can remember such an event this lady retired knowing pretty much exactly my ticket number and challenges but hadn’t the time to stick me out…now mind you this is important because you have enough above you to see i couldn’t and had my own issues and thus very much was in for it as others left my spheres…this issue of others time and me still exists 33 years later.

winnebego – for me it would be later but the belted in school boy would later lead us around seemingly junky but legally registered property one being a dodge not a winnebago but all rv’s to me then were? winnebagos   this exploration leads to the only time I caught the long arm of the law later… not to say i was anything perfect.

a rocket kit, yes i remember what then was estes tolet tube with solid pack rocket motors which with the wires light off a whoosh. I don’t remember them in first grade but i do remember them.    but a: i had to have had experience with this in first grade and this prings up more associativelyy the scott carpenter park boulder co….the rocket park.


off the top of my head that’s what comes to mind…..  so if this changes you have a recent outline without the research  to contrast what comes to mind with me.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “w16sh, 35-37 noted”

as i keep hitting the wrong windows what comes now is webmd on heavy metal poisoning more specifically chromium poisoning – but links nicely with a line about acid and oil oil which is getting a skip as i flat out have enough in my head on the stuff. dogfish are both sharks and a freshwater minnesota fish…something about no anal fin was scanned that is amusing for just the preteen use of the word…huevos rancheros came up with foodnetworks food term dictionary and isn’t inclusive of beans in any way so i get that one wrong from the start even if i never ever have seen them not include beans.. esstranged sibling seems to lead me no where associatively so really doesn’t warrant much of a search at present, pocket knife would not because it’s interesting but there has to be history on them and in wikipedia there most certainly is… iberia… spain since before roman times the actual folding pocket knife exists. I’ll look up winnebagos or associative similarities soon enough for the best in oddities or interesting maybe history, something that happened in first grade has enough on it to not need much else to it and a rocket kit or estes a popular brand began in denver and largely colorado since has an interesting caviot to it’s engines in that serious study of them by universities and australian defence force almost make me want to laugh aloud…a toy rocket is of use to national defense???? but if you wish to think on it a smallrocket propelled homestyle grenade would be somewhat disasterous for defensive state bodies to deal with so knowing what every stupid toy can do is some of your tax moneies spent. i wasn’t really into this shit in first grade or winnebagos :PP

1st grade can be rough. 😦 Poor you. 😦
(My 1st grade teacher was verbally and emotionally abusive to us kids. 😦 And somehow she got away with it back then. But, I was a goof-ball and could always make the class laugh. 🙂 )
Good researched entertaining emotional notes. And I’m learning things from your notes that I didn’t know before…like about acids and oil.
HUGS!!! 🙂

that is the fun of it 😉 however I will wreck it to see if’n I can’t scholarly it up some just for the fun of it… I haven’t bothered in enough of a spell i wouldn’t want to entirely forget 😉 we’ll see if i can get a draft polished down in seven or less drafts after the first three throwbacks. that’s about my par for editing/creation. and odd as it may seem I did very well through college English Copositions…wouldn’t mind showing a glimmer of that promise 😉 as to first gradce…school in general can have its “moments” 😉 however, I would like to point out the learning to tie my laces… i don’t care if i was late, and i don’t care if it annoyed whom showed me… can’t remember if it was mom or not but it was in the fron lobby of then emerald elementary before you entered the cafeteria or went into the in trouble land of the “office” as to the good test, yeah i remember it but it didn’t matter to me for way too long a time to be a first grade factor even it it happened then.

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