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I feel its about time I post something about shortcuts.  while i do not always employ them in the following listed senses of the word, they’re uniquely important in one conceptual employment or another.

How on earth can i list a couple of thousand words which at someone with 20 wpm typing skills  has to take a minim of 100 minutes to type out say it takes me an hour to do something?  easy.  I don’t think at 20 wpm.  I at a decent set up don’t read 20 wpm but about 200 – 250 wpm wpm means words per minute….bt the way.  I can talk about 100-150 wpm and in general this is how I try to write, exactly to the voice inside…so while an actual written out page of what comes to mind will take me more than a fairly satated time limit for serious or not serious, my thoughts aren’t five minutes long lol but they’re not an hour long excepting if i feel compelled to make sure i say them out.

next, i scan like anyone taught to for keywords just like the internet also does far faster than i and it doesn’t take me till the last word to deduce where i’m most likely to find my search topic valid or not.  however the control key plus the f key or the find within feaure of modern browsers is damned helpful its the apple plus the f key in apple systems but whatever to me this is the next key from the control key on my not apple standard keyboard.   i had to employ this to find a kangaroo reference in a quote  earlier..but either way scanning myself for kangaroo instances or using find within text feature the method is the same

i list a cultural video on the aran islands as it is about education and mentions art but in an actually useless way.  i knew this in 2 minutes through the vid but i was intrigued enough to watch it anyways.  i had to of course find a suitable source right afterwards.


but lol that’s my thing on researching. it literally takes longer to type this stuff out for YOU than for me to do it with one exception

if i cited correctly to say mloa form, I’d have to literally start all over as this takes me by the way i operate to do just as much of the minutie…  but I never did think in mla.    mla… modern language association or something like that… there is also a chicago style out there as i’m sure a LOT of standardized ways to operate within language.  i know of them and wiki or similar when i must.  but

a short cut coming eventually is? properly bibliographied these things not because I have to, but eventually you’re going to tire of reading all this stuff leading every which way… and yet to be brief for YOU will more than double my times within the porocesses.   i’ve known this far more emplooyably since 2nd college and thus I know well if you’re ever interested in seeing it or praising jesus your salvation from this kind of me writing could exist… it can but I wont sound like me… not entirely.  but you’ll have ever so much more fun  finding the one inevitable mistake…  I doubt if there is enough of a standard out there that wouldn’t appear to be a mistake according to another standard.

i mention this as i relish the chance once again to try something I generally don’t bother with… why? because I’ve known for years what most want is a lot of time wasted for me.  but looks matter…that is proven to be valid.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 responses to “short-cut

  1. I have to work on short-cut-ting when I’m writing…especially poems.
    As for other things in life…I’m good at short-cuts. I want to do work-chore-things quickly, so the fun fun FUN can start! 🙂
    Are you enjoying all the research and making notes for your writing prompts?!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • i don’t enjoy most of the editing process… the chore side but i still get a little out of a good showing from it… 😀 as to learning for fun research oh hell yeah. i obviously HAVE read the dictionary for fun 😉

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