notes ala w16sh 32-34


  • embryo, kangaroos, peat, bones, blister, ring
  • conceptual art
  • con-artist, puberty, spider venom, Cheetos.

rhyming takes a toll on the head here… embrie oh, kangar oh oo poo…. or con artist and spider ven OM.. clunkeroo .  embryo.. late 14c  somewhat unchanged since in meaning but this is my question to you, does anyone see why latin is a dying language?  it would seem we take what we need from it or add loaner words within to some who know it’s syntax and idioms and we’re left with a Latin phrase and wow how sciency we’ve become!  I’m not saying i know anything of Latin – I just begin to parse what it is I’ve heard… it smells to me just what it means for me to whoop out my span’glish and pretend I’m not a huge honky shouldn’t be talking…okay representing…shameful of me to forget the venaccular (ver·nac·u·lar )….I’m not even sure i can spell that word.  anyways  in full is a cheat on the meaning of embryo   but in growing to full isn’t nearly so bad..thus there is less room with modern words to cheat their meaning because we?  made them up… oompalompa.  as I’m full of idiom and otherwise the titillation of words…symbology…the movie coming to mind is Tom Selleck ‘s quigley down under” a  movie in the spaghetti western traditions of the unbelievable movie magic of a sharp shooter who’s thought not to know how to use the most powerful symbol of the west a revolver for speed shooting/gun-fighting…thought 😉 your spoiler.  but within the movie he and his crazy woman are aided by the “Indians” in this case me and spelling this morning.  and on waking he says of the medicine…it’s most likely something from the south end of a northbound kangaroo.” (What’s this? There.
More than likely something
that came out of the south end
– of a northbound kangaroo.
– You mean kangaroo shit? – ) but as you can hopefully parse my thoughts and the link.. leeping away from bad situations is what is listed as this animal as a symbolic totem.




  • 1. a brown, soil-like material characteristic of boggy, acid ground, consisting of partly decomposed vegetable matter. It is widely cut and dried for use in gardening and as fuel

case in point the Irish travelogue i watched had a legend of skill telling of how a man in a peat bog would  have three cut logs of peat in process before the first hit the ground.    I know his name is ian (Ian Wright, as repacked into globetrekker…) and the pbs newer shows of which he’s only one presenter of many are neato but the show’s name excapes me.  peat of course burns with a distinctive smokiness (

The First Islay Single Malt Since … Caffing has reduced our peat consumption from 18 … Burning the peat for 15 hours gives us the distinctive smokiness

and thus Irish whiskey (oddly, i get one WRONGO here or scots…scotch…scots whiskey have a very distinctive character.  Canadian whiskey with it’s one tone not a kaleidoscopic tones of smokiness  illustrates the distinctiveness of this connection to the earth.. peat of course under the sciency sounding…scroll up to embryo where we are making up words to sound sciency says it is only geology  or pressure and time that turn peat to coal or more excitingly coal to diamonds or instead of coal oil/petroleum/tar which is taken gasoline or petrol and wee we go road tripping  here we have a definition and a listing of idioms we’ve commonly heard.  bag of bonesdigging up bones…etc  as bones are NOT lye which is to mean LIME as in stone but only similar they still represent calcium which for some things lends a truly chalky taste to things.  black eyed peas… chalky.   dried beans as in likely later chili fixin’s…chalk tastes or beans the bones of the past (this brings up the idiom which means the bones of the past are best left undisturbed or interestingly chronic kidney disease’s old moniker as part of metabolic bone disease… healthy kidneys produce calci something from vitamin d…or read yourself silly on this.)  if you’re slightly perverted then oo lala to blister seems without connotations of course to sound sell 😀  okay complete abuse of the meaning dictionary FOUL.  but anyways swelling and lump do come together here . ring.. we associate it with wedding or bling for a non relationship use… however ccircles or cycles have a deep rooting in common antiquity… Atreus of Mycenae isn’t a circle for artistic sake but to hint at the death house aspect of circles  being what they are… bagel is a bready thing but it too is? a ring a circle and it means without begginning or end or an early Jewish name for god.  so comes to mind the ball and chain jokes of marriage with it’s meaning til DEATH do us part or a life sentence with YOU….hopefully lol this is a good thing but lol surely there is some funning to be had temporarily complaining….brings us back to blister doesn’t it?

conceptual art…where the idea is more important than the execution… bollocks really, we sell it as no one else can do it think it whatever but i read that notion… here’s a picture


another avenue is black sabbath’s album tyr all metally and drum-centric but a “concept album” pure and simple…concepts are fun when they break away into imagination…some losing us some capturing us and taking us for a ride… like the picture above… it’s weird… yet amuses me enough i cant stop for a moment thinking about it… I’m not so nice as to care who did it or want to pay them lotsa money or anything…I’m a bad supporter in this instance of art.

con artist… as in a person of the con… interestingly i know this to come from confidence  so, the etymology  and it seems to have gained a cultural usage to bad connotations ;)…as we learned earlier in our words games artist means good at something so if con or someone good at trust games…ooo bad mojo! con artist means someone good at trust. charming lil toadstool.

puberty,  back to my complaint of words being all of a sudden more concrete as they can no longer be from words so much and alive but are back dated into the language of Latin i.e. science now but the church then which always amuses me as they kept the very language just booted out of intellectual power the old guard 😀  it’s like Latin dropping instead of name dropping…oo i know a term… but anyways the age of sexual maturity or coming of age/adult… there is little doubt this means sex so to play with the meaning of the word isn’t much fun.

spder venom… so we aren’t confused overly with which venom lol..  I can get to venus in venom.. but not neglecting the very much malice  connotation to the word it came from to strive after so lol is originally a drug and still can be - okay spider venom it diverges from but still it covers venom back to life improving drugs from? poison. instead of snail or scorpian… something truly spidery venom…

cheetos primarily thrusting forth the consolidation we know today of the frito-lay company which became a subsidiary of pepsico… coke is it! damn it  but amazingly enough corn rolled on an iron drum for the northerners became cornflakes ala battlecreek michigan cereal company giants … but the southeners of which frito lay is for my lifetime from texasish put dried cheese on it and sold it as a delightfully fattening snack.  or cornflakes had a generation of good health then got cheesy! 😀  we know of course they found more from corn as in a high frutose corn syrup which aided making even more considered fattening soda yet if you think about this one before throwing a shoe at me 😀 we wanted to be self sufficient so we made corn products to enjance our cereal’s crunchiness and then we made cheap sustainable sugar from corn garunteeing us a supply of sweeteners not based on other countries or so many ups and downs in sugar…  remember the push to make CANe sugar the thing thus slamming your folks in colorado or idaho  all about meanly because their sugar is largely beat derived sugar which like corn syyrup is a domestic sin not salvation we must pay for healthy whole foods from somewhere else to live longer  😀    or never buy america…god forbid.

why is Latin a dead language,

Best Answer:  A language dies when it stops evolving. Latin actually continued to evolve for a period after the fall of the Roman Empire (as Medieval Latin) but then began to splinter into various local dialects which later became our modern Romance languages. Latin was still in use as a “living” language in some parts of Europe as late as the 14th century.

For example, until the 11th or 12th century AD, Latin was actually the official language of the Kingdom of Portugal. Though it had changed considerably, the Portuguese people still viewed it as Latin until a certain point in time when it began to be accepted as a separate language. Eventually, one of the early kings (I forget who) declared Portuguese to be an independent language.

Eventually though, there were no longer any native speakers of Latin to be found. It stopped evolving and attempts were made to enshrine and preserve the “proper” Latin of the classical period, bringing the language to a point of stagnation and then extinction.

Might I remind you that Ancient Greek is also considered a dead language even though it directly gave rise to Modern Greek? Latin is dead. Portuguese is not Latin, nor are Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Romanian, etc…

मिखेल · 6 years ago
the picture of the spaghetti fork.
oddly enough it has almost zero verifiable information via yahoo image search as it appeared as a blogspot image so pardon me the chance to cuss this part of research 😉
the best i can hope is accurate is suzy lilievre – usage unique; 2004 from  as a rule i do not care, but I went to the effort to share where words comefrom and in a scholarly sorta way so this is the f-ing punishment of this I will more accurately leave you where i get these concepts or notions ;)… only fair.


By Starman Jones

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remember i failed to spell check things so get to look uneducated or something but the point of latin alive or ddead is this, in a weird way that makes no sense to me really, ethics and meanings are NOT laws laws are specific and thus I can not get nailed for theft with a ponzi scheme AS EFFECTIVELY so, lawmakers must construct accurate laws to modern meanings and of course enforce them for justice to continue as it does. yes there are laws against specific ponzi schemes NOW 😉 but no not always… hence some might remember the term “corporate raider” from the eighties of where the old system of providing pensions for retiring workers was obliterated as raiders had no immediate laws against taking every cent of a retirement fund and using this to achieve payment of the companys more immediate needs to make a raider resell or simply operate their gains… of course this was later shown to allow the largest corporations to dishonour their promises to of course stay alive like as I remember it, united airlines around the early nineties and then of course this was not heard of again til the dot com bubble burst and by then 401k became the new thing to add to a blizzard of old things relating to the concept now no one owes you shit nothing save for your own retirement…. then the banking crash and automaker crisises of late bush junior’s reign showed something intriquing that they continued the rape of the people paying for the corporation dishonouring their futures… so it took a generation and then one more to completely change the fundamental concepts of how we approach life, fine but this specific living nature needs specific words and laws as otherwise it’s fairly clear that unethical some practices are…surely… but NOT illegal initially I doubt anymore some of the decreased obviously honesty of people who’ll only put the law in place to protect themselves from others doing as they did. but such is obviously a worthy thought to include somehow somewhere in all this words mean what stuff. canadian whiskey MAY be smokier due to it’s rye content… but such isn’t so so easily spelled out. distillation also will vary widely in what one can extract from each “run” so if one wants to know about this they can try it out which is illegal without paying taxes on the what would be free beer under law per citizen/usa constitution which you can also look up if you want… but i leave this in as I always wondered why we standardize to roughly 80 proof which has to mean watering down as one can’t expect a perfect to 80 proof run .. 80 proof in logistical terms is still flavable but with the expected quality based against a measure of safety, most 80 proof anything in modern situations of proper storage is NOT flamable… so thus as we all know alcohol CAN burn, some smarty long ago figured out close enough how to more effectively handle the product by engineering it to it’s later sale.)

peat as a fuel source is ripe through irish and scottish lands but only the scots use it more often in their whiskey production so I bollocks that smarty pants trivia point up 😉 however it is still interesting to note that areas of peat a precursor to coal does indeed burn as shown above…and yet to make this an airable land for agriculture, the video i do not list a free viewing of covered the I believe erin islands way up north…checking lol… eek speelllling soma;ghs times counts! anyways the mention in the travelogue covers a visit here and some peet cutting and how the island made it’s land airable by mixing in sand plus dried seaweek… seaweek being vegative for begetative parts in soil versus dirt and sand as peat otherwise wouldn’t drain the water thus rotting the plants … and thus if you wanted to make a place livable, you worked at it… imagine cutting a lot of peat to dry it to survive what is a canadian winter nastiness with no wood fuel but the peat you cut….and then drying up a haul of seaweed and hunting down beach or some kind of sand…. likely dredging a beach…not looking up that speculation it just COULD BE. but what isn’t speculation is art returns to us perhaps not conceptual art but real aran island school of art… and now the art… yes again, subsection 7)

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