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goats ate my notes,w16sh, 28.29  so you’ve an idea of what you will or wont find…search term, algebra only listing is a for purchase otherwise not displayed inset sets for iran.  you’d be a bit ticked the fuck off if you search and this like so is a dead end… however note that poetry is included and a wealth of things one likely has no idea of about iran from a western pov… I have zilcho ideas iran save one of my pals for food chats married one of there and had a …delightful….experience 😀 not.  another my mom’s previous neighbor did the same married an iranian and again had a joyful experience…not first time I met her was a chat about how they were trying to do her in.  now before you think two sour notes spoil all of iran especially if i mention the jerk gave us our least favorite subject in school! wee but the point isn’t this it the magic charm…poetry iran?  well perisia which included iraq which means prior to the iaw /persia there were these sumerians and poetry filth was their forte 😀  as you will read onward I have the words stacking up to be all about sex/relationships 😀  this is that often filthy sumerian poetry site.  you may indulge but gaurdedly :D… anyways the words and  where I was twenty minutes ago not looking up filthy meanings.

rather hard for me to include a line from a nat geo when I haven’t any at home and still haven’t found a library close by as in gone to one.  I no longer am at a walmarts so it’s a special trip either way to nat geo… might as well have a shot at something I want out of one as with the link above.


  • contains a line from a National Geographic
  • algebra, lip, chalk, music, hair, eyelash, storm

algebra is muslim as is the zero itself by which modern society can not run as it’s ones or zeros 😉  shh, it’s obvious that on and off can be one and two… the number itself isn’t important but the modern world still is dependant upon muslim learn to it’s very foundation.  not bad for insert your favorite but unmentioned here derogatory term for muslim.. not bad at all.  algebra at it’s heart is a study of patterns via general manipulative mathmatics.  thus it can be quite powerful or complex…   if you know reaonably well what a total should be and a simple sample point answer you can work magic with swiftly solving the unknown til then information… or in fact a lot of information where only so much is known.  much of your life is algebra and used literally every day unlike the old scoff of what’s this for? I’ll never use algebra in my life which can be true but you’ll make a lot less by average if that’s true.

el and al seem to me the so gebra …

(“in vulgar pronunciation, al-jebr” [Klein]) “reunion of broken parts,”  or hint, huge el wrongo on that thought 😀

etymology online….


already in name alone 😉 we’ve marriage counseling jokes aplenty 😀  whoops that brings up the sewer meaning blue ..

West Germanic borrowing from Latin calx (2) “limestone, lime (crushed limestone), small stone,” from Greek khalix “small pebble,” which many trace to a PIE root for “split, break up.” – chalk… crushed pebble.. doing good so far on filthier meanings combining 😀  art or where a muse is present…whim is a muse 😉 still alive hair seems to mean something different than what we know it to mean now…to hate.  still alive on make it all about that bleep 😀 a row of hairs around the eye lid… not a sexy lookup but hair again, to hate and now we see through this hate as it protects us from debris damaging our sight.  ever like your storm idioms?  storm in a teacup?  here’s a list.. a storm is a disturbance and usually if not is violent… so metaphorically is all over the relationship metaphors place.




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7 responses to “goats ate my notes,w16sh, 28.29

  1. since I’m on the filth of sex and relationships meaning of my wordset above, an iranian aphrodisiac… it doesn’t get ME excited but it is 😉 intriguing if it says sex to any of you lot.'s-blood.htm I like the word swap when discussing filthy relationships?? 😀 raven’s blood similar to turk’s blood in name but here is a simpler idea of a drink for those needing to get it going.. 😀 turk’s blood appears to be red wine and champagne… I just bought a bull’s blood wine at the liquor lick her store and wow would that blood it up for us.. the wine for the type but not my $10 2011 bottle–/YXBwaWQ9c3JjaGRkO2g9MTIwMDtxPTk1O3c9Njc2/ that’s my label similarity but again 2011 was my year not that one.. I warn you immediately this wine tastes like it’s soured… the overall taste is SHAEP but not sour like the tone you’ll taste and look for. it is sharper than chianti and yet if you were doing a breaded veal parmesian or something eggplanty parm with spaghetti, this wine would help you want to make instant love on a budget of course. in my opinion, this makes a true stride for you and your wine tasting about the world when world travel might be out… you can pull up the sumerian love poems and get fucking crocked on love junk 😀

  2. You are quite the researcher! (Wouldn’t it be fun to get paid $$$ for researching?!)
    I am learning things from your words and your links! Wow. Way to go! Making me learn! 😛
    I haven’t seen a Nat Geo in eons! I shall google them online!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. PS…goats will pretty much eat anything right?! Even more things than dogs will eat. 😛 (“Dog ate my homework again.”)

  4. Kakalakola ⋅

    Obligatory / “Whatever floats your goat, man…” / Couldn’t help it. Sorry 😛

    I thought zero was / a Hindu, what with being / Indian and all :3

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