word-i-pe’s w16sh, 27


  • thumb, thistle, whistle, blizzard, canned peaches, bell

thumb…if opposable is really good for helping a hand/paw grip.  thumb on it is an idiom  i can’t put my thumb on it…general tom thumb is an exercise in size metaphors…thumb not so big.  thumbing is an verb usually used in puroosals of books or shopping searching files/papers.


thistle is a flower of one kind of weed… milk thistle… thistle is the official flower of scotland/uk  milk thistle is a variety of healthy suppliments usually for upping maleness/health..I think.. i haven’t sold suppliments in years well over a decade.  it’s a formulary part of life vantageproducts.. shit forgot which one the pill one

whistle is either a noun/objest used to signal or a verb of either the device or mechanical actions of creatures. it’s nice as it rhymes well with thistle and grissol and missil and a brand of carpet cleaners..bissel. and a poorer secondary rhyme of pistol.


blizzards versus snow storms still get me sometimes as i neglect to remember the difference meterogically.  it’s a trademarked desert so think you must spoon out this shake.  descriptively its when a lot of something comes.


canned peaches are good for dessert action with a simple addition of bits of biscuit dough and perhaps adjustments for sweetness.  it’s a dessert but one i rarely see


bell- interestingly skip hollowing out so much of a bell and instead of a churchly announcement, you’ve aboom boom toy to take down castle walls and thus the whole midevil age.  bell can mean less churchly like school  or invalid care announcings…or taco bell a fine thrifty for you money for foods offering fastfood  as bell is beautiful, its not spelled this way but used to describe/name people.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “word-i-pe’s w16sh, 27”

What an interesting combo of words!
I like canned peaches!
And purple thistles are beautiful!
I don’t hear bells very often, but I enjoy them!
And it’s blizzarding in part of the NE this whee-kend!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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