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w16sh, 26/27


  • stag, crown, high beams, pin, reckless
  • thumb, thistle, whistle, blizzard, canned peaches, bell


i used to dream and dream of a time when all of my life would be a magical pouch of just add water or belid a can.  everything safe for years just awaiting the desire to become yummy again.  I saw the “hydrate level five” line on back to the future 2’s version of the future and smiled.  i adore cup of noodles and surely i’ve seen how you can buy the ingredients right there and make a magic bowl of what doesn’t have to be prison popcorn ramen noodles not in the stryfoam cup.  I haven’t yet had freeze dried ice cream but i can make a wicked punch out of vodka tang and other secret ingredients 😀  you’d think though i could point to one rehydro meal i’ve had or a day shopping at rei or it’s ilk but you’d be wrong.  I haven’t went camping that way.    in fact i live out of a freezer more now given the chance.

thus it’s amusing to me what hot dish I can have with a can of stagg and a bag of crowns… you know those half sized tater tots 😀    yet here’s you an oddity i haven’t made a hotdish persay…ever but i see nothing wrong with a whallop of chili over some yummy crispy minced potatoes and onion…. mmmmm…   I have also enjoyed the blizzard bliss of cobbler ala canned peaches and a tube of biscuits…mmmm  for you see in a limited way as in not full on cuckoo I’m a seperatist.. I’d rather a roll with a bup of cheese sauce and grilled meats and veggies to fondue the ragu than a supreme pizza… yet i’ve had hundreds of pizzas ala kitchen sink and never a fondue seemingly in 30 years…so long as dipping a roll into beer cheese soup is disqualified.


rather reckless of my heart to want these things only to pin me mercilessly to never actively pursuingg these delights dreamed up.  it’s as if it’s an older family member watching us in dreaming our lives on a high beam only to imagine the death and dismemberment coming…. you may pine for the seperatist pizza fondue young body.. you make buy me akitchen sink calzone and eat it with a fork you will not see all your dreams without fighting past me. or til you act the over 21 you are…get a job.


but then the noise of set of thumbs and a blade leaf of a thistle are blown to make a weird whistle announcing it’s time for reality again.  milk thistle?  oh yeah I’ve seen those pretty things but why am i dreaming of this after reading a product label?…who knows.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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