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stickies w16sh, 26

stag, crown, high beams, pin, reckless

stag or deer is perhaps harry potter’s petronic spell but spelled differents, it’s a fine brand of chili…stag or male deer is a laudable sounding proud thing but according to buddhist tradition the deer is the animal of thee said for three senseless emotions, the deer being lovesickness,  tiger anger and if ma’am’s prompts permit, I’ll learn of the last one.

crown or plural crowns are a british world term for what americans know as the tater tot… a left over mince of potatoes  a product of that said fries making process.  crowns also signify station of royalty in the heavy hats department…what fool wants to go golfing in a metal hat during incoming lightening?  however a metal crown has to be a fine antenna for picking up electromagnetic transmissions!

high beams are for mainly gymnists… it is also a terminology of steel workers building highrise buildings.


pin, is a loss in wrestling which goes quite roguishly well with gynaists 😀 pin also means surgical part to bond broken limbs together….which can occur within gynastics or erronious high rise building occurances!, reckless

hmn, all things with risk to some are too much or reckless… be it gymnastics or high rise building…  it is a term of almost irony reckless ones often find themselves wrecked.


so given the above suspected meanings of the words, I have chili cheese fries coming after gymnastics both dietarily and physical risks-wise reckless 😀 oops chili cheese crowns or should i just wrap those up and toss in cheese and gravy and call it a pimpin’ poutito?  don’t you use that pin of your words to let out the air of my ego 😀


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One response to “stickies w16sh, 26

  1. High beams are not for me. The great Plains Indian and Iroquois trapeze artists are more than entitled to them.

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