w16sh, 22 noting again. (23)

why tea and chai  come to us as two words for the same tea.  two different supply points…and wholly different languages.

deepening the point of what a tiger represents  is a run down on the tiger via wikipedia  it is interesting to cover the point tigers are associative within buddhism as one of the three senseless beasts signifying tiger: anger; monkey:greed; anddeer:lovesickness yetfollowing the linkage to chinese zodiac it is given that it’s not 48 years as i supposed but sixty year cycles and yet the elementals and periods are given as in I’m considered a yang wood period tiger in that I am born albeit far into the second portions of signs of 74…remember portions of the january times indicate caution as that is part of their changing of the signs/year.   most unique though is the aged cowardess resulting in tiger human attack is where ambush a comes into play..younger ones avoid us like plague but the old see us as a threat/meal… or it seems only the cowardly tiger related to the lion and semi compatible as mating partners with weird offspring tendencies…but the coward is the threat.

night  here is far too much for this moment for me to read buut it covers one direction set of west and north presumingly being the night portions of the arc of life as part of a circle, circadian rhythms to seperate us our needs for times.  again just a tad much for scan/reading right now.

train is interesting in that we pull or are pulled or something drags… we pull ourselves to learn our abc’s .. it is a most useful seeming thing to attract ourselves or be compelled.

television is french and generally consider bad lol funny how it’s got to have a french name then 😀 from nineteen hundred seven of the theory for transmitting pictures over telegraph wires.  however not until the cathode ray tube was coming into being in the twenties did we begin to see television as we know it to become.

tie etymology, oo now you know my secret search patterns! lists tie to mean nearly exactly the same as train.  weird.


unlike before, i haven’t any big idea going by now of what this means to me.. perhaps this is fine as the little notions are also fun.  obviously being of a tiger astrologic bent i have to be senselessly angry at something and consider whacking off a few people because of some age is cowardice thing…please laugh as I’m joking very much so.  but anger senseless as in without rationalle  intriguing. maybe i’ll just get mad about tea is chai or some shite…as if language differences could be helped… 😀

train and tie seem also to be as nearly one with their meanings so is it to train or to tie? more senseless anger..heh.

television is our night…the symbolism is ripe.


we’ll see where the thoughts get to.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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