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I enjoy this lack of pressure to impres more than myself within this hunt and work like i want you to have a glimmer of an idea of how… each word I think i know or admit i don’t what that first thought on them either way.

s, tea.  i like tea as does our hostess.  tea often means tisane as in not of tea but other things as a tea.  tea is graded like any commodity for sale and has a simple enough for these sakes methodology of what’s available.  my information is straight out of  a tea lover’s treasury, james l pratt 81 edition as that’s what was on the book on tape i got read to me and my later purchase of a treasury was not as much fun in that it adjusted how it presented itself to be a salable new edition.  oh well 😉  but green tea which is nearly as good as you can get from a field anywhere with a pick then a quick heating to kill the oxidating to blacks process.  oolong is the next offering in procession save what is this white tea stuff?  green tea.. but it’s a modern processing/havest point and thus technically different… I suppose I’m still calling it green tea ;)… oolong tea is the next in the stasis of production where it is oxidized not dead black but no longer green/fresh either.. my favorite tea I ever tried is’s offering of extra fancy grade formosa oolong tea which was indeed “peachy” and pricey but mmmm.  formosa is old school for taiwan just as cathay is old school for china and ceylon is in fact sri lanka off the eastern tip of India.  this is important as the names are old school even if the country and product adjust towards newer times.  black tea is fully oxidized as in nothing is left to ferment?  oh no no no we’ve moulds! or puer teas which are cave aged things left to mold and take on a characteristic all their own.. I’ve not had a puer tea yet and don’t look forward to it, I’ve had enough experiences as in miso with moldy things and they’re hit and miss for my tastes.. but blacks all the way oxidized… that’s teas by range. green white, oolong, black and puerrh or however it’s spelled.  orange pekoe tea is NOT a tea but a grade OF tea black tea and a decent enough one.  flavored teas have to be covered but here’s a difference… scented or flavored… a scented tea can be the essence oil of a flavor sprayed over a black or whatever tea and changes it to whatever flavor going… however, the reason this is downgraded these days is that it lacks subtleties of a flavored tea or pieces of whatever flavor within a blend of teas.  thus you have most tea covered for you save where it’s from and how good it supposedly is.  assam tea is much of the british need to exclude china from it’s importations after they crushed them in a social studies note of the opium wars wherein china wanted not to be abused put up a fight and…LOST and brittain stole their tea making it grow in india anyways… history isn’t always nice folks.  assam grows in the north eastern corner of idia  or assam and is a very robust malty type of tea and a staple of how you’ll try many teas throughout your life.  I like it for commercial offerings in irish breakfast tea by twinnings…green box.  I’ve had others like pgtips and brewley’s and the assams of theirs aren’t smooth but actually very very bitter which makes them useless for an american iced tea…which is where you’ll subtley catch on that tea tastes like chinese tastes exist and long long ago people noted and adjusted to what sold.  however you’ll be amused with what is the larger world.  a favorite tissane is now no longer safely purchaseable as seems to still exist however it also shows a LOT of fraud listings too or it’s gone even if it isn’t actually gone yet… it takes hibiscus a flower out of chinese areas that is lemoney but brews a rich rich red. add to this rosehips and cinnamon and within the right blend you get long island cola… which literally tastes like a flat cola drink… rosey/florals lemon and ..heh.  or celestial seasonings blizzard of chicory root tissanes to make roasty teas like english toffee tea which puts carob a chocolate sub chicory  toastiness with a faked overtone yes faked of toffee flavor which is delightful.  but here is teas as i learned them and a bit of my explorations… the last note is raspberry teas or blackberry ones where often the leaves of either bush are picked and used versus any actual fruit… even still wow.

tiger.  it’s a big cat and striped and very fond of sneaky attacks from behind as it’s form of hunting/play… unlikely to be your friend with all it’s armements… but while you can find these in india to siberia and it’s a meany kitty, it’s been put up against the lion another famous big kitty and it just wins more often than not…add to this that the year of the tiger is one that comes every once in twelve years according to the chinese calendar but there are four elemental periods to allow this calendar to be 38 years long…. world war two for the usa begins with a japanese commander shouting tora tora tora! or tiger tiger tiger.

night… the opposite of day, the moon rules.  all the world’s in love with night and pays no heed to the garish sun! – shakespeare quoted by a civil war spy harrison in the movie gettysburg.  you didn’t call a snake a snake at night for it might hear you called it a string…. things fall apart chinua achebe.  night is different and often less or at least untrustworthy compared to the light of day.


train.  is a compilation of units moving one in front of another.  trains are commerce.  I’m leaving on a midnight train to georgia, I’d rather live in his world than live without him in mine – gladys night and the pips.

television.  a later device using mathmatic representations of light  organized to be like that of a field plowed to make up a picture of light.  never the same quality of a movie it still endures and often replaces movies as it’s more available to entertain.  television killed radio as who wouldn’t rather a picture than some silly words or sound effects?  pictures!  but if you’ve watched bad television and you have you’ve cringed.  it got that moniker of the boob tube as the people watching the tube – the outmoded method of how it made the pictures long ago surplanted by lcd/led type technologies for a flat screen .. the cathode ray tube was how it used to be done… and the people watching some of it’s presentations…boobs or fools entertained by crap.

tie,  it’s a bit of cloth for adornment to mostly males  that is knotted.    it can also mean other things but a tie.. the universally wasted gift to any dad who largely would rather a beer or two instead.  ties used to signify more in that knots used to say more… even still today it’s embarassing some to have to show a grown man how to tie a tie.  I went to fancy dress church and had to know thus do and try not to mention that embarassment of social placements if someone else doesn’t know how to tie a tie as i do not know all the tie types for instance i never have tied a bow tie which is many many more steps than a half or full windsor type of tie.  but a rail road tie is a tie too to hold a couple of ribbons of steel about to keep a train going one direction or another.    tie means to bind one or more things together to hold it close


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