what am i grateful for?

the best part of today?

what is my current favorite website

what is the hardest thing i’m dealing with?


the garefulness  aiyee!  who wants to feel grateful when we haven’t yet gotten what we most really want?  run away screaming from the sucker move of saying in any way i’m content or grateful….but the but’s skipped!  I am grateful i arrived at work as in the last employer before the exact last to see i’m remembered by my ladies and gentleman and otherwise welcome still there, why shouldn’t i be content about his when i just had a less than gratifying experience elsewhere?

the best part of today was that last slug of orange juice as it is tastey stuff 🙂  or was it mom just called?  i’m sure you can sort out the feelings so i don’t look horribly self-centered 😀


my current favorite website is as i click that the most lately  but it’s not the wordpress so much as the fun of something to do, I’m after two prompt sets so far and not horribly behind thanks to this post when done on either.  I thus took a place recieving a bisit a day to 20 just like the old xanga times where it wasn’t high scholorship but a lot of traded comments and reading… but it’s not that either, its something to learn and be… soon enough there’ll be other things needing attention

what is the hardest thing I’m dealing with?  well it isn’t willie wonka as for some strange winter reason i’m devoid of the usual thoughts about how yummy you are… shameful as that is to admit, that the hardest thing perhaps is the boredome of transitioning to a new place and home and entirely new habits within the goals of other times… I mean i visited a prior job to have a welcome back but i literally didn’t live in that town even if i do not yet technically yet even live here where i am!  it’ll happen but not thankfully all at once so i await it..

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “365q.6”

Yes, it will come…make good memories while you adjust. 🙂
I’ve discovered OJ with banana in it…and it is a good taste to start the day with. 🙂
That was a good thing you shared that you are grateful for! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

tonight it was patsy’s candies colorado springs which is a search term I tested for ya…yummy stuff . might even meet people dog parking …:D as to thanks on your compliment but a lil ? too, I forgot what i said, i read these things about 3 times through and then perhaps the next year to be surprised all over again 😀 eiting requires about 12 readthroughs on average so you can tell why i’m so lazy about it. I can. do it. 😉 chocolate covered hugs.

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