sonnet, astronaut, cheese, glitter, karaoke

this is ground control to major tom… nope there is only nince syllables so to hell with that artistic sonnet formations.  there are rules for sonnets like the affectations of rap of our nowadays

astronaughts or  those of the stars  as i can’t think of astral and yet not remember where it’s only similar to astro. or astrological.


I’ll still have to do my best to sing the room won with my lyric stylings koroke  may they not play a pleasures xxx commercial to my elvis love me tender.

glitter,  gary glitter… i still can not help but think of seventies bowie .

cheese.. i really liked the last havarti try, but overall munster and gouda/adam    but cheese has another meaning silly or stupid cheese grilled.. not kraft american slices but a gourmet ridiculousness of everything to make your gourmet grilled cheese so gouda… something cheesey like that.  kinda like telegraphic a beautiful hands held romantic slush moment only to walk them to a whoopie cushion everyone would know something was in the air… cheese.


to circle the earth from orbit though encapsulated in the most expensive chheese suit ever where the gold of the visor now a cheep sunglasses applique or rhinestone shades should you want to have the right song…well it glitters and nothing glitters like gold. still kinda makes you want to sport some mascara and wear the glitter  as it sparkles the soul and sing out for the karoke major tom…. as if the brits ever would lead in space heheheh.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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