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w16sh, 22 notes


  • contains a line from a famous diarist.

I don’t instantly think diarist/diary and thus dange who? who diaries?  of course every pilot on a radio diarizing their journey does this…made a left turn over nowhere…. such was the last contact we had thus perhaps proving the plain’s systems for pressurization failed to keep them oxygnated..

captain’s star trek have the log… or the joke about that log is one of a bathroom visit and fecal material which oddly as smarty jokes go is accurate as even that log is a log of our recent past 😀  however the amount of co2 in the blood isn’t a good log indication as it varies so widely without marking anything much.. but sugar over time in humogloban is a great indicator as it helps point the way to proving or disproving healthy habits of sugar control for diabetics… but famouse diarist.

laura ingalls wilder’s stories however  edited to carry the pace we cherished by her daughter a fan of ayn rand …funny that’s famous but doesn’t quite read like a diary her stories.


but a president’s state of the union address might be a diary entry for every year of our country’s lives… i just don’t this instant have my finger on one whom fits the bill as a famous diarist… and have a suspicion I’m not seeing the foresst for the trees or it’s right in front of my nose.


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2 responses to “w16sh, 22 notes

  1. I guess they are called journals now-a-days.
    Did y0u ever have a diary with the lock and key?
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I may have come close but i believe it lacked something that ruined the experience somehow as it’d have had to have been a very short time yet i remember well what you mean… i can see it… so it’s there but not there in memory. imprinted hugs as insomething that transcends memory itself

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