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gin, delicate, hook, basset hound, pearls, hibiscus

gin and hibiscus are an instant blend gin being the quintessential drink of the roaring twenties america aka the jazz age and also that of associated with all things british… which is rather silly as both produce and wanted more whiskeys than anything gin… hibicus is a beautifully ugly flower that is mainly cultivated in china that is red and fuzzy but imparts a truly lemonyness.  gin and tonics are for the tonic side of things a medicine for that of combating the symptoms of malaria = a common affliction of areas of high mosquitos of that disease…obviously it seems a tad bit silly that the return of gin and the eras of music for the kiddies after me seems amusing as they like it for the different use as with additional marijuana than the original look of the stuff.  gin is essentially a flavored vodka.. so oddly flavoured that it no longer is considered vodka as it’d go with nothing vodka… because of juniper berries which are distinct tangy.  bodka is most deliciously made in the movie the great escape with steve macqueen as they had themselves a party when the tunnels for escape were nearly done and yet it was this party that undid them nearly as they had to do it again as the old ones were discovered i think.. but there they are making potato vodka for to celebrate a harvest and being obnoxious as any rvelers should be 😀

basset hound/s are about the most glorious symbol of childhood where roscoe p coltran/james best portrayed the silly crooked cop after the belovable duke boys runnin? white lightning/moonshine or crooked seeming as in respect to traditions now if ever the fuzz is after on and it’s easily seen that one is needing trial for confirmation of course but it doesn’t look “good” for the innoncence thing, one rarely is considered crooked.  but such is what entertained in my kindergarden til fourth grade… an orange car of moonshine runners 😀   the basset hound flash was anything so fast which was the point but later i learned these glories of the later couch are real terrors to train away from shoes and chewing in general.  as is always been fun here in prompts is to know the more meaning of the words.. so basset is derivitive of he french to mean rather low hound as in lowrider, and to think these guys aren’t more popular with the latino lowrider communities!!  bread to be scent hounds they are just beneath a bloodhound which is a gang on the old pbs show 321 contact whereevers there’s trouble we’re there on thedouble we’re the bloodhound gang…  but to the show above flash, could sniff out the stills so to speak though never shown in fact flash the basset hound was about the most useless creature going and adorable too.  but such remains the metaphor or simile of the critter/words rather low hound or sniffer…a kindly way to describe one’s private detecdtive friends 😀  seems to me that delicate seems to be not  a compliment at all as to when it came into use but it is now… it’s prized.  when it used to mean self indulgant/feeble.”

hook, can mean something to snag an object but in music it still means this as in it’s a repeated riff to popular music  hooks make one want to dance or at least bounce.. rather possible this could combine with delicate the real meaning but technically the words now feel opposite.


pearls a substance well known now to be of oysters forming their essence over an irritation to be a prized gem soon enough or the luster to be that of a prized paint job…mother of pearl…white etc.  black pearls exist and are even more highly prized but the trick here is to match closely the colors of these prizes and to borrow some bible do not throw your pearls before swine.  pearls or prize can see them combine with pearls of wisdom per say to indicate a prize or a lack there of of any value depending on tone used :D.  the movie algiers heddy lamar and charles boyer  a crook meets an aristocrat whom charms him to seek out a beloved life again which gets him caught and shot for love as she too sought him for the excitement absent in her life…  there is a dastardly for thirties cinema scene where gabby ‘s pearls are spotted not her eyes and she smiles devilishly knowing.


juniper berries or gin geneva wine….  now a bit more obvious as to why this might be geneva  as in switzerland a mountainous land being famed for it  odd that high jazz would associate with a drink from a land of yoddelers  but weird things occur.  it of course gained great acceptance in brittain when it was not subject to the same taxes and thus flowed like waters of life.  for the sake of saying it, a different nut/cone/seed would be the austrian not australian austrian stone pine liquor known as zirbenz which is floral in licking a forest floor floral can be… far similar but not in tastes to what gin is a pine tree nut/berry flavored vodka.


one didn’t need to be a basset hound to sniff out the rabbit, the dinner pot prize that international commerce was.  I know it sounds odd that one might consider wholesale as a business to be the millions neither taking the shipper’s risk nor the retailers’ either but having what people wanted…so many laws exist now to disallow alcohol to be without a middleman yet otherwise most want the direct from the manufacture price walmart’s low prices which by reference, usually aren’t as the concept of loss leaders or pricing a whole store to allow one or two items to be on special knowing  most would never survive the sales til they needed this or that and thus make back every cent sseemingly lost atop higher sales traffic as there is a stampede to any sale.  puts the gin into the magic to know one’s not saving shit nothing but usually paying far more or just enough more… but walmart is dying in the face of it’s opposites those who want full fair trade for their stuff so everyone makes an honest living and we all get better quality products too.. case in point the shake shack a multimillion dollar dining establishment is the hottest franchise going where it’s still the 12 dollar burger but every employee makes a proper wage or at least real money to survive on not a joke minus health insurance where two honest workers couldn’t make it with a family…or bye bye walmart making it off the third world’s back.  of course it’s usa everything but it’s too late walmart ships it all from around the world using not the lowest price garuntee for good but to put out the little people the honest american independant in favor of flooding the market with foreign made crap and under paying every worker…  oh the joke to me isn’t that opposites are winning but finally the money is going and succeeding in these backlashes about the way the world works.  you’ll never value macdonalds burger over nearly anyones some are not even sure it’s actually food they’ve so much love of the next bullshit of buy the nickle burger…nickle five guys i suspect  nickle burger here for 12 dollars of which I had a nice job and didn’t make the burger price in one hour and yet I’d resist the raising of minimum wage as it ultimately costs me more with every price attached to wages going up… however a mean case in point is the lottery those hoping on the numbers to come out in their favor?  it shows that education and most social programs with this money source are worse off after lottery than when they’re paid for by the traditional tax funding of the state… again the gin and it’s tonic medicine to really get us drunk and not mind the malaria… but so many think others care and they do for themselves not you.  so five guys or shake shack is what you want a burger ala fast food done right  fine.  nothing else is even real food… slick marketing really it’s my way or you’re full of shit… rather like what gin and tonics meant to the indians watching brittain rape their country sipping gins and tonics  so long as the money flows.  not bad for a one semester accountant ticking off the beans for calculation?  it’s really not that hard to wonder at the lies…  mexicans don’t die off uicker eatingaccording to avanza now lowes markets organic food… yet whole paycheck awaits your paycheck to sell you some truly less tasting things.  yet you’d pay not one more cent at a macdonald’s would you prefering them to go down in flames in favor of five guys who robs you right ask any robin hood.



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