w16sh 19, notes, and offer.

mild, ochre, bulb, tail, scale

mild means not all that! or softer, low key… let’s hope I don’t fail all my observations

mild (adj.)Look up mild at
Old English milde “gentle, merciful,” from Proto-Germanic *milthjaz- (cognates: Old Norse mildr, Old Saxon mildi, Old Frisian milde, Middle Dutch milde, Dutch mild, Old High German milti, German milde “mild,” Gothic mildiþa “kindness”), from PIE *meldh-, from root *mel- “soft,” with derivatives referring to soft or softened materials (cognates: Greek malthon “weakling,” myle “mill;” Latin molere “to grind;” Old Irish meldach “tender;” Sanskrit mrdh “to neglect,” also “to be moist”). Originally of persons and powers; of the weather from c. 1400, of disease from 1744. Also in Old English as an adverb, “mercifully, graciously.”

Mild goes further than gentle in expressing softness of nature; it is chiefly a word of nature or character, while gentle is chiefly a word of action. [Century Dictionary]

such is the etymology online offering… merciful… I can use that.  mild means not quite what you expect’s coming.  I like that!  especially if you read my thoughts on the last prompt! lol  I don’t take them back, you want me to hate, i can.  I have reasons good or bad to. 

how appropo though this next word ochre is yellow or cowardice 😛  to be mild is to be a coward.. typical of any judgement, backlash.  however ochre is a deep color yello not unlike that of tumeric, the real color of mustard as most of any american knows it… 😀

there is just ONE example of what comes up mustardly anyways under ochre…  yellow in its horridly symbolic useages.

dulb… most of the time i remember we call most light bulbs bulbs and also that of roots of flowers with something left to show soon.  bulb to me thus is potentials.

tail is an appendage after a variety of animals after their anus.  some have no use for it, others are lost without it’s aid to balance.  I happen to like aligator tail as a food even if this labels me a backwards carnivore.

scale something to determine or measure… as it is a scale it uses something else to represent how it is similar and how much so to another item.  I am 16 stone if they weighed 10 lbs english measure or 8 stone if they weigh twenty.. thus in reference to a rock I am so many of them or 160 ish lbs.  if i were a carot, i’d be a small seed of little weight to imply rarity and value.  .. i however weigh a lot lot lot of carot seeds. 😀  compared to any soldier serving or once done so, i rank to such a far lesser extent socially as I have not and duh, can not…but it’s do and done not wanh and excuses.  scales also mean the patches on skin of some animals as an amor of sorts.


yellow ochre as listed

 is very close to the rust of stainless steel’s component blend including chrome and a variety of other hardeners… but chrome’s oxidation or rust is how i remember the color ochre.

scale is also a term for payment to session musicions whom get so much or actors so much based against what everyone else gets.


i judge by scales

your merciful ochre’s need

turn’t tail from flashbulbs.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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