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w16sh, 16.17

and fatal learning led him to the block – sm’l Johnson.


it’s amusing that the man whom first compiled our modern dictionary wou lead us to our meanings within proof of learning only to say it’s not for so so many.

I felt like i was on the head’sman block awaiting execution for all that i took in during both tonights dinner at the very fine edelweiss of colorado springs…where obviously I ate too much.  interestingly I found a potato salad i like for the first time and it’d figure it’d be from a german place and not german potato salad yet the bestest of the moment.  people looked at me as i said it, it’s NOT authentic german potato salad it hasn’t a cream with bacon thing going it even yellowish!  a hallmark of american potato salad even if it’s major hallmark is egg and mayonaisse.  this one was a binegary affair version of american esque potato salad and delightful.

I drank a fruity sweeting red wine and a krystall stephaner or whatever weissbeir.  and at 2 rolls which was perhaps too much 🙂 but to this dinner of a bratwurst sandwich and potato salad included at cost mind included a cup of roasted red pepper soup… if I drink all the remaining margaritas, it’s wet sheets….after three sheets, I will try to behave.


I was at my last home and job wherein I have sundays and mondays and that job again should I wish it, I learned this then finally met whom was my direct spiritual successor as the activities assistant… i am pleased she did a paper airplane as a bird type of simpler than traditional origami which i would have done as I only know to look up cranes… however please understand i can steal that idea and thus the remaining impression mirrors the hint that i have open sundays and mondays and thus a job again if I want it…hint her shift is sundays and mondays….and in my time not having shown in 3.5 months i’m remembered by the dementia patients and over 6-% of my people and took an hour to say hello, I know the routine well so wondred why a person would be busy at 4:20pm after the last activity with less than 1- minutes til most are in loop for medication or you wont have time to do out of room one on one visitations and didn’t ask my  visiting info which would save her some on our perrennial one on ones..or needless to say, i can see where i still am blessed to have a home…sad really she is somewhat nice…far nicer than i am and both pretty and more engaging too.  but enough of sads and back to me me me glads, i visited home to a carvid wall of chastistisements cackling and or cawwing at me, cold as the dickens without a fire


i know I needn’t learn so so much more, i am who i am and can delight in sillinesses of popcorn oddball associations.  i shouldn’t with fatal learning lead myself to my tomb by which art and genius weep.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 responses to “w16sh, 16.17

  1. Now that we’ve got all that cleared up- bastardizing German potato salad leads me into the latest culinary outrage: Pizza, topped with a fried egg. How much lower can we go, people?

    • lol. thank you kindly for clicking to follow me 🙂 I know you don’t have to but I am at least a perpetual reminder of the next step required…editing 😀 I mean I know and you can be kindly that you’ll forever come to know it’s me words near one to end… a real plus for the power of voice or whatever it’s called next year.. but i have mine 🙂 I know I aced college requirements for writing which should tell you i really worked at editing once or twice 😉 so technically i know how to.. you’ll have to take my word i didn’t employ anything fancier than the wavy red line and the desire not to see my prof’s lines on my papers 😀 but yes,
      to the point
      fried egg on pizza? are you insane? i can understand if forever disapprove of a fried egg on a hamburger but i do not understand one on a pizza… no siree.

  2. I’ve only ever liked one potato salad and that’s the one my sister makes. It’s really simple. I think that’s what it is

    • mr cook’ll just sit here for a too long paragraph 😀 I like mayonaisse…especially best foods/hellman’s *my previous new york state trucker pal said he delivered them and it’s two lines diverging from the same batch… who am i to argue, I know full well borden’s was east coast as carnation was west and a lost of things survive only on a brand awareness… never the ingredients actually themselves… I differ from brother bear if you read infinityreality sorry if I mispell, in that I’d literally prefer my toast buttered not with butter but mayonaisse and to hell with the tomato… and i even like tomatoes! I can’t say kindly things about miracal whip. I hated finding out aioli’s and a varienty of not mayonnaise but salad dressing as they called it in albetson’s offering existed.. i can stand kraft brand but i adore best foods. now imagine how this mayonaisse love affair works out. I like what i like and i’m picky 😀 I don’t adore a single offering past this evening in memory of anyone’s potato salad because i’m such a snob on the mayonaisse.. but interestingly I sorta like ONE store brand actually offering, the kroger brand extra dilled MUSTARD potato salad. this revelation by me takes zero away from you, I look forward to your strong feeling potato salad if you should and i can be in your company :*, til then 😀 avoid the white peach margarita mix by cuervo.. it’s no bueno…

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