I burnt my snack as I was too busy writing… funny, I so badly wish to delete every word.  beep beep beep went me and the smoke alarm.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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extinguisher hugs?? 😀 you mean to say if i pull the tpin aimsqueeze and sweep, i can have all your fires of passions out?? 😀 PASS is a common corporate fire safety training acyonymn… most modern extinguishers are a high pressure powder that chokes out the oxygen from fires…and thus if i get my hands on you 😀 😀 i can look forward to a whole lot of no more fire if i squeeze just right???? 😀 laughs a bunch at the best hug of the day, thanks for the smile even if i’m a ham. now my ruined snack was green chili cheese fries… bake off your kind of fries and drown in green chili sauce and melt cheese over and eat…. the first fries at fourhundred fifty preheated too oven burnt to charcoal in an hour not twenty to twenty five minutes, then as i had counted on the two being done at the same time my ignored green chili sauce was rather deoid of sauciness being close to a paste without the water i heated out…and then the oven flat out blinked off with the enittire stove power so the second cooking of the fries got me barely eatable fries in a green chili paste and I heard the doggies got the neglected cheese i forgot about…. needless to say this is easily explainable by the amaretto over dominoes along with the lame premix margarita white peach flavoured and edelweiss late lunch bratwurst and krystallweiss stephaner half liter of beer and the dorfnel red wine which was sweet and fruity… all seemingly catching up to a tiped but bored me trying to write instead of neglecting it for later 😀 now ordinarily green chili sauce is not the sauce ala mexican in many areas outside of colorado/new mexico…texas red chili would be that stuff and i must protest 😀 as i’ve had chili cheese fries and in fairness not a big consumer of them and even my hometown “coney” which is so far away from the real coney island to be laughable is a chili cheese dog again but i limit those never being the biggest snack store chili type thanks to mom making more of a chili soup not chili and for reasons obvious chili soup didn’t sound like it needed a hot dog or to pal around with fries… the principal difference of a northerner loose meat sandwich is the hamburger mince is cooked in a broth likely beef and thus is beefy but not as a hamburger but more like a savory roast beef might be.. this topped with chili cheese and onions maybe too is just more meaty chili lol… picky me i suppose. the hot dog is called a coney island and yet differs little from any chili dog you’ve ever had anywhere otherwise…. butgreen chili is in esseence chunky enchilada sauce the green is green peppers in and can be mild to lava spicy hot with lots thick nibbles of pork even if the chili is made with potatoes much never arrive if smothering your burrito…it’s simple yet good luck getting two ever close to each other and thus ultimately I’m not surprised it’s just an around here thing…but continuing the never ending gimme something cheap and tastey as i don’t want your too expensive platter is green chili cheese fries not different in concept to red texas chili cheese fries save for the use of a different chili. mine didn’t have to but ended up being sub par :DE maybe i should write about food or thoughts or. cook 😀

Green chili cheese fries sound wonderful! Never had green chili ones…just red chili ones.
There is not much that can put out my passions related to my passions or my passion. And if that made sense to anyone other than me, I’d be shocked! 😮

well, get ready for a boat anchor of lunch :D… that kind of hug sticks about a little. i know vaguely you live well lets just say i vaguely know where …kroger steak fries just like the old style wendy’s fries before everyone tried to be everyone else.. try to cool them to directions lol not burning them into charcoal. that’s achievable even with stokes brand green chili sauce with pork.. i mention them specifically because you’re not keen on the tp in the freezer spicy junk. and might make some egg scramble to mix what you cant eat from fries day… oh lord now you even know when to try the fries…friar’s day or fridays. the cheese is mild cheddar shreds and it’s a quick spin in the microwave to make this gooey treeat. you of cxourse can even use shoestring fires if you want to, but the trick is to understand they are wetted and wont long remain crisp.. so eat up. stokes is about 3 bucks a can cheese shred about 2 for the smallies and fries in frozen section 2=3 bucks depending on brand or bag for the small size. not kidding if you pick a green chili and even the lame to me pork ranchero is only lameo for being mild you’ll likely not go wrong…but these do truly constitute lunch and a heavy one at that so like be aware of that. and have a tupperware or ziplock handy for the left over greenchili as i suspect you’ll really be over eating with half a can over suitable amounts of fries with chheeeese and you can hug add a dash of sour cream… I wont tell anyone 😀 i aim for mediums to hots as thats about my joy level but remember new mexicans are one level skewed so if they say medium it’s really lava lite 😉 and the ranchero scrambled heavos is good so you could add a dice of tomato and cheese to this and go oo lala. or smother ONE burrito for a different lunch within 3 days if you take your stuff out of the can if you do not you get ONE day period it’s not safe to store any product in the can in came in opened. I wish you my bestest squishee of a hug that says we’ll southwest you up yet 😉 as if you’ve not your own traditions

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