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  1. garden shed, moon, antlers,
  2. the first thought is this IS a poem without further imput…crap… it’s six syllables not my opening haikuian five…. but the second thought set says i must finally remember my vonnegut  – diana moonglompers of the short story harrison bergeron.

” iuse antlers in all of my decorating…. my what a guy GASTON!  the villain of  Disney’s beauty and the beast all for the love of Belle whom he failed to sell our love.

once upon a time it wasn’t a garden shed but a wood shed ande that spelled disaster for younger ones and the impending chat””  now it is where a silent place to discuss with one’s self the tragedies of keeping up appearances so one in public can keep a stiff upper lip.


the moon is a jealous lover…forget where that comes from but it pops to mind…  moonstone does as well and all it’s healing powers…but so does her moon. ah what cheek/s I have….or again this can sum up in a scene not needing to be seen.


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3 responses to “w16sh 18 notes

  1. “The moon is a harsh mistress” is a book by Robert Heinlein AND a good song by Glen Campbell (he sang it, as did Linda Ronstadt…not sure who wrote it! 🙂
    Love this write! Some very vivid visual word pics in it!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I didn’t read all of heinlein’s too many times save that the trouble with tribble original series episode also reprised within star trek’s deep space nine occured and there was fan backstory of the producers getting up to heinlein’s house for a signing off as that intellectual concept appeared in his story… starman the way i think again well more than twentyish years since i’ve reread his stuff. seemingly… I liked the whole book to get across a word..grok as within stranger in a strange land valentine understanding the world to stop the reels on a slot machine never running out of dough that way lol and also to grok that multiple love affair compounds allowed the bliss of lovers while still leaving someone to watch over the children…phrased rightly but at a time of not so innocent meaning in my fledgeling adulthood of someone taking their turn to sleep with the children if they hadn’t a hot romance in progress… it wasn’t lost on me that heinlein served as a navy man where so many jokes of abhorant and strange behaviour stemmed from…however as i get older it’s amusing how stupid most moral concepts really are as in limiting and or demaning to their practicers…non gross love exists, some aren’t monogamous or even into the usual offers…they’re no less people nor evil. for instance most love to bash gays no kids come of their union procreatively but yet funny those without children have more money to spend about town and on their homes showing pride of ownership…not some complaint junior ate us out of house and home….mom believed fabrieze and days of our lives led only to shopping not my mom who worked mind but many who saw marriage as an inconvenience and children more so of a boat anchor to lifestyle. the same whiners damning others for maybe giving kids the skip and enjoying their lives as they ooze jealosy…. yet look at the sales to millions out there… fix and flip homes on your way to being a millionair! revamp homes for section8 families why because you know the monthly check is garunteed unlike other renters working for a living… and yet people damn the system being for mooches as the same business whinerscapaign to shape up this system conservatively mind… why, so ultimately there is no more abundance for YOU… big surprise and perhaps a fine time to share why the liberal side excites me no more even if they’ll always have what votes i wish to give… I know it’s tough to find work as a younger one and i did by the way seek not just a highschool education but a trade school’s array of instantly marketable skills instantly abused of course. I didn’t quite get that stability outlined in a plan over time with the same room for magic romance yet with the responsibility to pay one’s and the lover and children resultings’ ways.. I was advized to take ssi so as to go to school and yet also have an easier way with seeking other services as poor and whichever was that model to deserve and gain… I had years of less struggle as i hadn’t the irritations of losing work even if i did so… I wasn’t burnt so badly and oh how many of my companions of the time were jealous and i asked them would they like to stop driving their car to have a magic monthly check… none said yes then but still whined i had it easy… even so much picking on another pal of the time saying he robbed them of the very food from their mouths with sapping taxes they paid…funny I pointed out I did the same but that attack wasn’t on me…later one managed hisself on the system with kids and perhaps knows now ever so well it is and isn’t a blessing yet if I vote for those to take it away I get what i deserve. i.e. it’s amusing how so many claim to help those less fortunate as they make 3 times the living of those they put 3 week appointments on and months of meetings to what? qualify legally to demand i get a handout at school enlarged at the photocopier …bought with grants to help those needing such tools to succeed? hmn… I’m not much happier with my side of politics either as they all are the joke how do you know a politician’s lying? his lips are moving. I haven’t precription insurance this year my drugs cost about the same with it as without it and we’ve universal healthcare finally but it passed only to prove one point in my line of work that if it was determined one was a risk with a cold and thus sent home they required the person sent home to with universal by law everyone has it insurance to get a doctor’s not to return which i found is not in and out my appointments were 3 weeks always on calling out not day of emergency for work til i found urgent care where it was in truth a thousand bucks for that letter to return as it only aided businesses to demand no hooky be played on their ownership of MY time? amusing as millions got a bill requiring proof of insurance not a program to obtain it or what a wicked lie of the movements that came! but hugs anyways such are my thoughts til i find my lense to repair my real glasses not the spare 😀

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