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more notes w16sh 16/17

Hear Lydiat’s life, and Galileo’s end.

163 Nor deem, when learning her last prize bestows
164 The glitt’ring eminence exempt from foes;
165 See when the vulgar ‘scape, despis’d or aw’d,
166 Rebellion’s vengeful talons seize on Laud.
167 From meaner minds, tho’ smaller fines content
168 The plunder’d palace or sequester’d rent;
169 Mark’d out by dangerous parts he meets the shock,
170 And fatal Learning leads him to the block:
171 Around his tomb let Art and Genius weep,
172 But hear his death, ye blockheads, hear and sleep.

from samuel Johnson’s The Vanity of human Wishes..

-Dr Johnson compiled our dictionary.  and seems in this not favorably disposed towards rebellion or it’s underlying intelligence.


Old crow from corvid is a whiskey of once renoun from kentucky used extensively to canvas for votes  esteemed and enjoyed by ulysses s grant, president after a short time  after the american civil war.  seeing a decline when a process error was made in producing the stuff which seriously declined it’s taste – it was refused to  be corrected and thus it ceased swiftly to have a modern reputation save as a value leader of a brand beneath that of jim beam…  corvid and fire thus combine to change one’s mind after having a bit of the good stuff… thus a then tradition of feed the people and offer whiskey that carefully  devoid of competing views presented a politician could secure votes because at this later now 19th century time if you said it publically, you owned it… your word was your honor…

this leads to wet sheets lol as an old joke from the civil war movie, gettysburg goes… general james longstreet of the confederacy says “we should have freed the slaves, then fired on fort sumpter… rather lose the war than to admit to the mistake.” turner home entertainment.

all this leaves is milk.  crow pot pie with a delightful cream sauce and crow brand fire water for the  later wet sheets… hmn.  will think on it.



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