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w16sh, 16/17 notes

  1. contains a line from 18th century poetry
  2. wet sheets, fire, corvids, milk

mary robinson whom before this has no resonance with me yet lived and much of her work is all pre 19th cengtury unlike a blizzaard of superstars of her time living into and being the light of the 19th century..  english poetess.  that’s the investigations  for later

corvid is of the raven magpie/crow family of birds which amuses me to wonder if a corvette a similar sounding word originally a ship but noow a long standing american sports car might somehow be tied to this corvid word…dunno

wet sheets is easy enouugh as is milk for kneejerk jokes of bed wetting and a more junior in independance or lack there of ways.

time wise, the american colonies of the usa became independant and a fledgling country for themselves from england, france at war often with england allowed this likely to be as otherwisse what hope would there be of standing up to a global power with all it’s attention to bear down on thee?  france would viva it’s liberty but get bnapleon for a short 19th century spell and institute the metric system but for now it’s the last of the old world

the last of the old world before the evidences came in rocking the foundations of  old world beliefs which were furthered by a journey of one alexander von humboldt in the opening of the 19th century  and  romance was treasured during this time frame I’m trying to stay precisely before or give  birth to not see in infancy or childhood or it’s ends… what did humboldt do, he showed through geologic evidence that the earth was far older than the then esposed theologics of that time…thus calling into serious question god itself/him/her etc.. later evolution would come into existance and all I know one hundred and fifty to seventy years from that time is…history to me yet 2226 years ago there wasn’t a shred of proof past a singular galileo -the church felon 😀 hinting the church got it wrong so later martin luther whom another son of metaphor of that name came as a kind today to champion civil rights expansion…but the original martin luther simply said there was doubt grave doubts and protested and thus we’ve contested ever since.


this time is of mozart who met a young beethoven before dying poor… this is that time of the end of how it was then towards a newer now that was discovered.


or perhaps i read the wrong books and know in reality lies and or worse stories of what supposedly was 😀  anyways, that’s the investigations notes to look into.

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8 responses to “w16sh, 16/17 notes

  1. You bound and determined to do this Hunt in – aren’t you? 🙂 I never thought about corvid and corvette. Indeed we have contested ever since. peace always

    • it’s amusing to me, yes. 😀 I visited my previous employers and residents today… I haven’t set foot in for about 3.5 months and it’s heartening to be well recognized by them and also have a home there should i want it 😉 but as it is such would be a hell of a commute lol… and thus to do something… might as well be the hunt as otherwise I’ll not have as much to look to ddo. it seems even best tailored too, nothing incredibly deep or past just get up off the keister so to speak and type something out… however, as you might have noticed, I actually do NOT know all the words so you get notes not real notes as in a bookish bibliography but all i think up and half the time haven’t any use for. but i suppose it’s fun to share what I think after, might get right or not so close 😉 today’s tea was wild berry zinger as a chai as in vanilla almond milk and for those intrigued, sugar/sweeteners. now to see if corvid and corvette have any connecting bits 😉

      • It is a good feeling to be remembered and welcomed back to a job if you ever desire to return :-). You are always finding all kinds of information. I meant to look up the naming of the corvette myself but I never did. I’m always meaning to do something then don’t do it! lol

      • 😉 that’s why they say, write a poem do something be there as okay, it may not grace the pages of the ages, but it isn’t a desire to do something it IS something 😀 so neener this time I won a reference referenced 😀 saved you the effort 😀

  2. corvid from corvidae latin and corvette from the dutch Korf so there is a similarlity of sounds only and no connection otherwise. borrowing from reading tony hillerman enough, the concept off crows – part of the corvid family links the beasts to native american gods… but the trickster kinds… old crow is a whiskey name, I believe and thus indeed it’s of yester year’s celebrated spirits FIRE but is 1820’s onward which alongside bbq was how votes once were canvased…. thus for anyone wanting a fire/crow connection, it exists but not in complete harmony yet with 18th century poetry….
    Around his tomb let Art and Genius weep -samuel jonson …fatal learning…

    wet sheets and fatal learning heh… pretty much a delight of words going as I sum up the age ust before reason as is modern now. the sciences are coming…the sciences are coming! ( which brings up paul revere’s ride… henry wadsworth longfellow from roughly 1860 😉 .. borrowing from the dead poets society movie line -at the beach people used to kick copies of byron in my face…again his time was just after the required 18th century poetic line for the most part.

    and come ye devils with news god’s no more
    Around his tomb let Art and Genius weep -samuel jonson
    for…. or about now i may have something like a burp of epiphany brewing… maybe… 😀

    • Sounded similar but not always similar in meaning – as you say. Yes – I knew old crow is a trickster in Native American lore. Also yes – Old Crow but I would not drink that… the cheap stuff – right? The words wet sheets makes me picture clean sheets hung on a clothesline :-). butsy, busy you.

  3. WOW! You are writing up a storm!!! 😀
    If I owned a Corvette, I’d give the corvid a ride! We’d fly down the road with the wind in our feathers!
    If there was a fire, wet sheets might come in handy! That’s all I’m gonna’ say about wet sheets. 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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