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redux notes/ w16sh, 13/14 apparent dead end.  dusty miller of which this is one plant with the common name stands for those wanting to combine this with scandinavian previous promp action…   i remember this as potentially being a flavorant for candy similar to rootbeer but  now to find that linkage…  apparently before i get there i get the carnations link and 13… this brings back the “pklant” in a spy/espionage sense and  a show on budapest/ castle hill distric and it’s undercity \caves first for healing by st ivan… but how in bulgaria … okay getting my b’s fucked up sorry… but anyways in the easter traditions, 13 or any add number of carnations given is a death threat.  this dusty miller is of the carnation family…. but now to root beer it  to cover the uses but still no link to rootbeer/candy flavor as I remember it similar to horehound mentioned…. for culinary use under the basil leaves thing …which makes this almost a licorice type taste to try to put into proofs here  the linkage of the name dusty miller with a flavoring of candy/ licorice.. this means the mediterreanean aster family linkage  already noted but as it’s not showing direct recipes its likely not the best but  gone is the rootbeerish linkage as the main flavor of root beer is sarsasparilla  not licorice even if some might have some in.  or I’m a tad tenacious about what i was after..

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4 responses to “redux notes/ w16sh, 13/14 apparent dead end.

  1. It is a death threat if you give someone an odd number of carnations? I have never heard this. Very interesting. I’m somewhat familiar with dusty miller but never heard it was edible or used for flavoring. I did click through on that one link that showed uses. I’m all for driving away malicious spirits. peace always

    • 😀 that’s usually a good thing… nay to malicious spirits :D… but dangit! boogers! I remember a lot yes, but i do try to double check and sometimes they don’t come back as valid 😀

  2. Ought oh…links to keep me busy tonight! 🙂
    More root beer?! Yay! I remember root beer barrel candy…I think.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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