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damnable challenges… w16sh notes 15

  1. portrait of the artist as ______________

damn it.  now a challenge.  portrait of an artist as… crap…  I’m danced around the ideas of words now i have to more straightly portray… hmn, whom?

writers… gore vidal, kurt vonnegut…perhaps no other two have such a big meaning or remembering them power for me…kurt as i read everything over and over and he looks funny and otherwise is sarcastic…vidal more historic in presence and his choices of topics/books  1968 with william f buckley jr.  for abc’s political commentary… this is bothersome in that it poisons me some against him as i’d never like buckly as I never will chase seriously being a conservative by measure of meaning in usa politics.’

artisty artist, akira kurosawa as no one had the vision like him as a director of film or winslow homor, usa water colorist as again here no one quite has the  power for me to remember them… not a vast consumer of anything artistic really 😉


writers as only writers vs as personalities in themselves as was above…dostevsky, jorges here but I literally know zero about them  as personalityes… I mean sure i know borges was blind…from argentina or dostoevski was sentenced to siberia but death first last second commutation… i mean I know something of them but not as a personality here lemme introduce you per say.


oh wwell work and read 😀  then portray them as … as what… dinner contestants on the how will i try to impress thee let me bore you with the ways?

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11 responses to “damnable challenges… w16sh notes 15

  1. + contrasts one popular more so outside his land kurosawa than to a point within it versus homer whom whom traveling to france didn’t hit the big time with the scene there. batt low… next batch soon enough.

  2. allowing a bend away from the meaning/connotation… which allows contrasting…artist as…oh say chump at something else….that reminds me so much of a late celebrity edition of theapprentice wherein poor dione warwicke took paintloss from donald j chump…oops trump. ooo, goin political here… sorry, no, not for trump…ever

  3. – I remember sitting in a folding chair on a football field awaiting the ceremony into the rest of my life…high school graduation. i got a 2.373 with 237 credits of 215 to graduate.. one credit for being a semester’s peer counselor and another for a successful season completed in freshman football five credits was the point to skip a class so like four more sports and no gym? sweet but lol rip off really. five in any discipline or two secessful years in sports of something for the pins upon the school’s letter? heh anyways i took nightschool to finish the english after losing a higher level class for bad attendance barely passed lost a lighter as I wouldn’t start a fight to lose the class and a year to graduate and the fight probably too… or I got a d which isn’t pasing to me in one math class and used my accounting to get rid of the other semester requirement.. but sitting there like any other smiling fool facing the feeling of the rest of my life within promises…. heh, skip to a rerun of a late happy days episode where ron howard or richie cunningham wanted a career in arts and fought but against the perception his dad tom bosley mr. C gave up in hardware when in reality he may have but he had a family to care for and of course life’s dreams do not always add up…however think for a moment that again I am me and no one else is so therefor I’m by definition lol good at it… a veritable artiste… I’m starting to feel very narcissistic. 😀

  4. Kakalakola ⋅

    Three names. John McCrea. / Sergio Aragonés. / And Jacob Kurtzburg. :3

  5. “I try to impress thee? Let me bore you with the ways” would make a great jumping off point for a poem! 😉 (With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning! 😛 )
    I will check out the links…I especially am curious about Akira Kurosawa.
    Artists (from all genres of art) are interesting people…they fascinate me. Some I know are reclusive by choice, others are very out going.
    Trump IS a chump, a lump, a bump, a grump and a rump!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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