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knotted, w16sh, 12

happiness beet root, angel, tack and I forgot the noose, nearly.

based against the notions that words are a lot  more loosely defined yet ever still defined by our feelings none the same, I looked up the history of usages.  I’m rather sure i’ve just the oddest take on life’s meaning to keep myself going and you at least annoyed there is another viewpoint… I almost in a way feel like I am your life’s politician ready and able to lie like a dog to you by telling the truth like only an angel might herald god’s word.    I know I get to play only when someone has to take the fall for something…everyone knows it’s a kindergarden requirement to include others and share, but they leave it to us to know when 😀

of course my blood burns the crimsons of enthusiasms and passions beet root perhaps or just about balanced by other veg as a full on borscht.  Iam to be me.  I know no better way than to adore the odd delighting always within it as if i’m it’s champion.   there is a happiness in this, a smugness of being pleased perpetually by the punchline of an unnecessary joke hinted at all within a silent smile… ahh  I am that lucky.  i got to be me  neeners.  you did not.  so much for passing kindergarden.

the noose of this  thought-set really is not that i’m wrong or not allowed to be me but in so many ways i don’t wish to include but beam out just  as if look at me whee… why is this a noose? a knot? a word connoting now through time more of a glorious completion to a criminal reunited finally with justice?  duh, if i am only happy when it’s me me me look at me or standing out alone, i’m not very inclusionary and thus the knot is obvious… its a tightening about anyone’s thoughts to have mine all abrasively trying to scatter yours.  oh well tough.  but what on earth does this have to do with tying in a tack?

well, just like a message board in a grocery or student area or your office, here is my message affixed to its blazing for a moment’s place, the gear of the mind in a way to forever remind one of the blessed value of abundance…there is more than one thought… there just is and it’s glorious… perhaps though i could have skipped belaboring it though 😀


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 responses to “knotted, w16sh, 12

  1. I believe you are always hinting at jokes and punchlines. And it seems all the words are there. Rather tricky. peace & smiles

  2. smugness of being pleased perpetually by the punchline of an unnecessary joke hinted at all within a silent smile

    what a turn of phrase.

    there’s more than one way to look at something/say something/be.

  3. Good write! 😀
    Keep people wondering and snorting! 😛
    Kindergarten is my fav place!
    Noose-HUGS!!! (Tighter than pretzel-HUGS!!! 😮 )

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