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notes again (wi16sh/12)  no mention of beet root will forever onwards make me not remember the best borcht i only once made.  this is NOT that recipe but I am not vegetarian so I want that meatiness…this is proof not all borscht is some sissified slop for salad snappers-uppers. but again this brings about happiness.

in the long standing tradition of contrasting  with an opposite, angels can be used more cynically to me impishness, this may involve tacks. however, misdirective use of entymology suggests angel to be someone sent to announce…. this leaves wide open a lot of room to  again cynically use angel or angelic duty to broach the bad news at the meeting….never invited to save this time to take the fall…heh. is knot but for whatever reason i’m thinking pretzels and of course such is a net  to catch me as carbs sure can shorten my days … which brings me at least full circle in that the the pretzel is from the angelic use to have us say our prayers… then the mention of the trinity…. however noose is still knot or net and thus  internet can be refered to the internoose or enter noose 😀 😀  how angelic of me to suggest. this suggests a different use of the word tack/s to mean tackle or gear… or to turn a ship into the wind….in case pretzels were allowed. 😉  tacks are from 1900 or far more recent in our lives than other things modern”” in most usages meant lucky  save for welsh where it meant wise… whis make room for happy to be a fine time to mention wise-ass.

just as you may read in borschevic which means we’ve room still for quite a lot of wordplay.  to be sarcastic, cynical with what an angel may be, what a noose may REALLY be be…some kind of candy trap for the truly “happy?”  beet root so very very suspect as a reminder of the PEOPLE’s movement.


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5 responses to “notes again (wi16sh/12)

  1. I’ve never made borsch…but, interestingly all my kids like eating it.
    I would like to try making a pretzel. I make a Scandihoovian cookie that is shaped like a pretzel…it’s fun to loop them into shape.
    I shall check out your links!
    I am not an angel 😉 , so
    Devil-y HUGS!!! 🙂

    • if you’re the or even a devil… that ought end up being exciting 😀 hug. I enjoyed making my borsch/t geez a year and a half ago now lol I blinked….if you’ve pretzel logic or just desire, there is this pizza pretzel going about the facebook… you take abread / pizza crust like those tubes biscuits come in de tub it and roll it out as in unroll it…cut long ways into thirds each third being a pretzel’s worth.. stretch it about double of what it was again longways and then put shredded cheese in a nice mound…about so it’d roll over and seal…as in pinch seal…do that leaving you a long log 😉 make the classic loo with about the same of the ends left you twist and finish out the classic pretzel shap placing it on a spray oiled foiled cookie sheet put pepperonis about the top and a lil more shred cheese 400f preheated oven for 15-23/25 minutes and remove the gem cutting into pieces for the dunking in marinara sauce…. this is the best i can remember the thing off the top of my head :)…

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