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#12. what is making me mad?

I don’t know.  I am sure that according to eastern medicine/traditions that as i have high blood pressure and other digestive issues, I must be very very angry and ill accepting in general too… but nothing angers me at this present moment.  I’m neither content per say nor thoroughly disappointed.  the last time i had cause to holler was well over a month ago and it was less of a mad than a maddening as in not so much anger but worrysomeness of something or other which I turned around and simply solved by saying i don’t wish to fight for this as it is…it’s just so not worth the stress.  today’s dryer purchase  not being a save me cash on hand for a credit usage wasn’t even a huge shocker either but a minor drat of disappointment followed by about the most uplifting outting to somewhere i’d normally whine about attending – red robin… I’m rarely impressed there with anything…but they’ve a fine table announcement computer gizmo for info and splitting of the checks item by item …that’s very uplifting as all got what they wanted and left pleased no one was overly put out for the outing covering others.  sweet.   so, one drat to one ypee at that.    I suppose i get mad at a life of seemingly forever waiting for it to “happen”  yet, even here over years it’s gone better in that regard making a director of department by forty?  or early for the thrill of position…however shortlived and transferable/not so.  I’ve moved to supposed paradise and back to where it’s warmer thank goodness!  I’m able to survive real world situations unlike a decade ago when a leaky toilet was cause for the world to end… yet i suppose it’d make me mad to fight more to get less seemingly  feel i have to prove merit when others just waltz in and waltz out…i.e. to feel I get a “chance”…but as you see i make more of them and sure have gotten many… it’s like the future’s so bright i have to wear shades.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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