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  • Hibernation
  • vivisection, ants, Scandinavia, horseshoe, susurration
  • Things that shouldn’t be discussed in present company

hibernation…  simple enough concept of here comes the crap part of the year, let’s take a nap!

vivisection.  I always forget its precise meaning versus disection.  now I see effectively vivisection isn’t precisely “surgery” either or disection but a bit more of a word with connotation to creepy practices of experimenting for fun rather than aid.

ants… john byner did the voices for the ant and the aardvark a fun cartoon of the pink panther age of cartoons.  ants as a creature are also involved with an earlier reference in this hunt’s blog of mine where medicine man the movie has a compound in sugar that cures cancer…  but as a creature ants get a lot of symbolic time of being the model for efficient work/community living…from farming/ranching termite to impressive per body weight strength… sacrifice in times of need/danger.  also, so much of habitat colony can change in such a small distance to leave a grand variety of highly different naturally selected adaptations.  the sting of a fire ant’s bite is formic acid which most remember I like as a trivia/l fact for impish if downright mean pranks.  also ona australian series known as bush tuckerman – major lee hiddens i believe also as an interest to my foodyisms, lists ants as a lemony tang when biting off the abdomens of the speciic ant to the darwinish area of the prince reagent’s river was it…anyways, I’m not out to the kimberlees of australia to do myself in but like all good shows it’s entertaining to know.

scandinavia – three countries, norway, sweden and finland are scandinavia along with denmark i do believe…norse/man viking also make appearances in this word’s usage.  as i’ve  little but not zero cultural awareness of the area even if it’s part of my ethnic heritage, I enjoy the myth versus more of the realities of learning of what i suspect  being upended.  ikea which offers the scandinavian experience and supposedly the tastes of decorating that are of the area….complete with foods typical to the lifestyle… dang good fish with oddly colorful and yet not varied much choices at their cafeteria, yet read of the stuff/life out of pippi longstocking books and you’ll travel far more reverently to an ikea for your great idea.  lignon or logan berries are not cranberries yet are damn similar.. interesting in that they have an algae/lichen symbiosis i think.  and that on toast is rather nice .. a memorable norwegian lady of my church of upbringing always made her coffee with cinnamon in… skiing in her 80’s and devout as can be answering her question at the watchtower part of church *jehovah’s witness* then passing away…at church poor “brother had to go sit with her so it’d look like she was taking an extra moment after the services to get up.  minnesota which would also include portions of wisconsin north dakota and south dakota have a higher population of scandinavians along with german folk.  and thus on can get tastes of “norway” without ever leaving the country although this wont seem so authentic over a bowl of chili.  contributing from sweden is our word punch from punsch an arrak or similar thing to rum but not exactly or as we know it as a party bowl of the no no juice for adults only even if nowadays i doubt most see that word and don’t think hawaiian punch a fruit beverage for kids.  geographically the far north of scandinavia of norway and finland maybe just a touch of sweden but less so as it doesn’t border the artic ocean… would see the aurora borealis – solar wind particles interacting with the earth’s magnetic  influences and atmosphere to make vivid colors of the wind.  sedish meatballs are simply ground hamburger/mince with allspice which americans know more of tastes wise as part of pumpkin pie spice.  I’ve never seen fish balls but i adore potato/swedish pancakes…yet apparently they’re not always potato based as i believed again limited information but so i didn’t see potato on a box label at ikea.  the finnish ex roomate made a mean smoked salmon and a fine taste for cadburys?? as that’s the closer to what european chocolates taste like than our “crap”  yet in less than a paragraph i exhaust my limited menu of what’s scandinavian..aquavit or a spiced vodka if you will is also a unique spirit to scandinavian influences… I may try it soon enough but next on my last listing of known differences…russian bordered finland and lost trying to invade it…tough finns.  both are in the cold… both drink vodka… and  yet the russians to the finns are all gay. as if that’s a bad thing in our becoming more accepting society…hopefgully anyways..bummer if you disagree.  and the only comeback in print to this from the dostoevski is the finns are a bunch of drunks.  suicide rates in scandinavia are quite quite higher as is depression perhaps leading to it….long winters bleed the world of color and apparently cheer.  moroseness is also seen mirroring in a prairie home companion of minnesota’s garrison keeler.  the finns aren’t kindly of thurough respect of the russians but wait till the finns animate the same said of the swedes…. lot more emphasis on the lack of respect of maleness of the swedes 😉 is swedish branded coffee and was my entrance to finer offerings of coffee now i rarely bother with them as  it’s a hassel to figure out an order…or whoopie…pick me up some at target no longer so special as it once was… however to have a darker roast that wasn’t my first bitter by the way taste of starbucks gevalia was delicious…then costa rican peaberry peaberry being a term for top grade coffee was the next  eye opening joy and similarly next again kenyan with it’s almost blackberry tones versus the entire rift valley otherwise being lemonier only.  then jamaican blue mountain supposedly the highest valued coffee ever yet later i learned of kupi lowak, a animal indigested product of phenominal cost. otherwise the stories of world war two and the search for the atom bomb led to a couple of tankers being sunk by norwegian resistance which so is nice that germany of nazi times didn’t get the bomb.  helsinki finland from anthony bordain’s either no reservations or parts unknow shows the only street car ever that serves beer….sweet! outside of this ya-ing around and or being a sports nut is my extensive not knowledge of scandinavia.

off the top of my head. anyways.  bingo facts of weird similarities of voting and timing of american politics of corresponding times is noted…finland approves woman’s suffrage in 1906 versus usa’s 1920 yet prohibition lasted slightly longer in finland than the usa. yet to my knowledge we were not so easily connected then..

horsesho is fun as a game and is a shape of fancy chinese entries and otherwise a helpful thing for horsies sometimes.

susuration..whispered…weird but close enough from what i remember the other day looking up.

again, no actual result of creation here just conversations… but w16sh notes for later if i get back to this creating business 😉



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