W16sh, 6

love letter, werewolves, taxi service, lost key, fish sticks

if ever there is  an image of someone remembering a day of babysitting… this is that prompt.  the poor imagineer is frantic equally mixed with frizzled as little aletha was sending love letter  to little ariana signed pl.s., you’re a poophead in typically cute dyslexic scrawl… only to have spent antoher nail-biting twenty minutes at the store trying to find the lost key to the taxi-service that nearly was the tugging the sled with the werewolves they were being this full moon home to a late night of fabulous fish sticks…  and the dish ran away with the spoon.

of course I mean this really to be both darling aletha and confident ariana were increasing their literary skills and not being werewolves braying at the full moon fictional dread characters but spirited and open communicators and the fish sticks were wrizzle in ranch with lettuce and tomotoes and cheesy glory for to be held not for long in tortillas…a fine fish taco night as my little helpers forever inspire me fictionally here of course to remember the programming /computer education of yesteryear…garbage in, garbage out… so we dined  by the silvery moon alfresco with our simply assembled baked treats…If i would remember to not forget to put my keys back in my pocket after scanning the gas points card, maybe i wouldn’t feel such a fool begging to reclaim them at the customer service desk like a big huge chump 😀  …that’s not a taxi service, that’s bringing my little helpers to the job….  ahhh.


I in reality don’t drive so lost key for me would more recently mean my closet key to supplies for activities which was a job now once removed ago although i do have a house key again finally. aletha was my first grade teacher’s first name and i don’t know any arianas period and not even sure if that’s the princess under the sea disney… the little mermaid.  I like fish tacos but find filets are better for a bit more of that fish taste versus the sticks.  yet how many zillion times have i heard mom more to mean taxi service than mother… I’m seriously contimplating listening to werewolves of london, warren zavon….his hair was perfect!…you know this means mine’s so very much akimbo NOT.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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