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w16sh, 4

a herpetologist, obscure records, coffee, broken glasses

you’d think me a herpetologist
for researching up on all of this
but here i chase the morning coffee
not having nodded off whee!
a pile of palaver
scienced up in a lather
reading on how diffraction is why the sky’s blue
no animal produce any blue, yep true
but you’ll read  of document obscure
with sub words a zillion to be sure
and rub blisters  a generous token
of too much reading when my glasses are broken.


still spent less than an hour on this as I cant quite cheat the game…. the background research…. -branch of zoology studying amphibians and reptiles.. reptiles…easy..snakes. – because I didn’t have a kneejerk answer for even what an amphibian is.

thus my initial joy of dyes from sea critters is ruins in favor of froglegs or snake oil… we’ll see or you perhaps already did what leaps to mind. another obscure record point is the value of rupees “shells” as a currency and this value based against say the british pound… of zilch relevance now but such were my thoughts.

coffee, well, I’m not sure snakes and or frogs really are involved in coffee habitats…say like a civet eats but can not digest a coffee beans this bean is washed of the ick dried roasted ground and sold as a highly prized coffee… but again…curious which eats into this no think easy hunt’s don’t waste much time on this, just WRITE.  wouldn’t reccommend these in one’s diet but they sure do grow where coffee comes from…  but that direct connecting point? coffee/frogs…  already though the link of ants and poison dart frogs toxicity…the movie medicine man / sean connery where the “cure for cancer” was supposedly discovered but the honky man had it wrong what the medicine was and from where leaps to mind where it is now possible to link to plantation and pasture habitat the dart frogs… but again the direct linkage even if obscure is not present  …. and

four hours off to chat with mom and NOT THINK ABOUT THIS 😉

but last key point, just as a pink flamingo is white as snow til it consume brine shrimp to turn pink via it’s diet just as studies showed that yellow fat was more desirable at the times of my grandparents beginning of their adult lives or 40’s/50 not 50’s   thus oleo “margarine” never sold as well as butter as it is by nature white til colored and also. chicken fat is yellow because it sells better due to yellow fat being desirable by study and sales…not your no addditives lifestyle desire and even because of it…so the reason it’s yellow is? marigolds in the chicken=feed.   so, what makes the dartfrog the color they are…some eat ants yet some others eat a varied diet yet some of these poison dart frogs are not poisonous actually at all and some vicously lethal and some eat very similarly. doesn’t specifically cover the colors by direct tdietary intake but mentions interestingly that if one wanted one as a pet and didn’t feed it specific bugs, 😀  no poison.  poisonous dart frogs are just not poisonous in captivity unless the very specific parts of their diet that are the foundations of the toxins is given them…

chromotophores  =  while not defining the actual intake of how such is controlably made just that it is is more in=depth…but, not a valid for me or you accessible just extant article.    which covers what is foraged and what is indicative i.e. how you can begin to vary the diet yet not change a blue frog into a red frog or something like this. comprehensive explaination of the ways colors come about …much of it trickery ;() not so much pigment.


that’s about all the time i can devote to this and still not cheat the simple smaller effort of this hunt..but what i was looking up.

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6 responses to “w16sh, 4

  1. chickens eat marigolds. that’s cool.

    • it’s more of them being tricked with it mickeying their feed…otherwise they’d like not seek out a patch of marigolds and have a hippie sit in pecking them out…cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck 😉 why did i include all that slush at the bottom? it’s like that was the chocolate on the thighs of life…forever on the thighs… 😀 😉 you know I was dying to anyways 😀

  2. kaylar

    You do more with an hour than I seem able to do in a day. wow.

    • thank you – but please note I seriously scanned this stuff save for the in depth on color/pigment which isn’t too long of a read .. I thus also thank you for my teachers who helped me with enough logic for swifter than dead cold read it all cuss it’s non-relevance blues…

  3. Toad-ally cool post!
    I learn-ed a lot!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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