w16sh, 3

were you doctoring it up long before emeril got in his kicks?  tell me how lovingly you laid upon the good dusts black and white.  We all knew no one’s opinion really mattered, yet oh hell no it didn’t at church.  If you took home leftovers you were promoted Cain, yet how did you really feel when you learned m4sSnufflepuff really used wilderness cherry pie filling with a dash of vodka and brown sugar to subtly hide this fact as you macerated your cherries all afternoon playing the damnation game with the flies and the occassional errant child?  You slaved all day to watch th the cat knock out the first round from the window, a nearly Wasband take a big old spoon out of the best browned crust that ever was and only to see a cat hair plain as day ruining your appetite and now here comes 3 more hours only to play cain to her able.  but really do you ever get this in any recipe, the lost recipe of who you are and why this means so much?   or do you just grab a kroger’s andwish the day already over?  I don’t know i suppose, I haven’t made a pie crust in perhaps a decade now.  I tried to make scratch apple filling once.  I do delight in grabbing a kroger’s as I can’t afford to bake from scratch that often.  ever cost a sandwich…macdonald’s can offer you a crispy chicken to trump any pb and j.  and yet there’s this nostalgia for what was… a glory time when our service wasn’t so automatic but from grandma, mom or someone special.  foraging didn’t mean busting out a silly tub of trail mix  but picking as many berries as the thorns and birds would allow=worrie if a stain should appear on the brand new pants.  the spirit of even popping off the banquet pot pie to dust lightly with garlic powder and pepper -doctor yours?  or maybe youknow how lame mac cheese is oh whoopie…but I bet you never substituted the milk for cream cheese or spoon the bowl out on a cookie sheet to flatten as patties to flour egg wash and breadcrumb fry golden brown so instead of mac cheese you got macaroni pockets for movie night.  in a way, no- I don’t care what you had for dinner… I’m of course happy you ate but I might be salivating if you found meaning you’ll share that touches me there… that’s the ‘lost’ recipe..what you make it mean.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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