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365q.2 + w16sh,2

#8 what was the last good thing I ate?

#9 what is my current favorite snack?

#10 what made me smile today

#11 what is my favorite accessory

again, it’s all sortsa easy to kneejerk a response … but it’s amusing as an exercise to ponder more meaningfully perhaps or not what is a larger answer…

if I were to dine only on memories, i’d remember far more alcoholic beverages than i ever would meals…yet as I still live and recently worked and to my knowledge can find more, odds are i did more eating than drinking of my suppers.    for instance, the last actual thing i ate was a taco lunch of turkey mince, tacobell taco seasoning, romaine and plum tomate appropriately cut up within a nacho cheese hard corn shell of a store branding of said versus the national name brand which is old el paso…but here it was kroger/kingsoopers city market..etc.  there is no doubting that this was a far more healthy choice than ground beef based on most people’s concept of “good for you” eating… yet it wasn’t memorable in that i left in the very dark leafy green bits instead of of only the crisp white bits of lettuce… and while i usually pepper the tomatoes this time I only salted them… and without cheese, it was a lot of bitter green and i couldn’t detect one iota of the cheesed shell…asside from a bit more salt, this was a good thing.  I wasn’t over the moon.

good food as in memorable food might be the last inkling of good i had while out about town.  this is a new town and i was walking in search of that new next hole in the wall gem… I didn’t find it but i did find a small converted pizzahut now an arceo’s mexican family restaurant on nevada av….which is a highway.  the salsa came as picante sauce and another bowl of the vegg stuff…with chips…the dish i got was tacos al carbon with beef… and here this was not open face tacos with an array of special salsas/sauces… it was a more typical platter with rice and beans where the cook warmed the tortillas on the grill with a garnish set tween them… again different to me  meat was a marinated steak diced after grilling and allright kinda like a cross between  an adobada pork type chili marinated affair and that of a more fajita style steak…didn’t exactly fail to jump out and be noticed but by the same token i wasn’t over the moon either…but what did get me was two things, costing on the menu and the beans…the beans were very very memorable and with the bland picante sauce and a lil taco garnish i had mini toastadas …the actual toastada was listed ala carte at 4.5 which isn’t thuroughly out of the market for a sit down joint but a tad toothy even in today’s money.  as if for 9.25 you could get a margarita and a toastada when the meal prices were literally the same cost…i.e. shrewed pricing to pull in every cent…whether the supposed ms/mrs choosey not hungry on a diet hates meat could make that declaration all day long and yet still get the owner a smile as he made more profit off her order than his platter… it cooled my immediate return as I adore toastadas but not at meal price for a snack. but as you see, it was both good and memorably the last thing i supposedly ate 😉

my current favorite snack… if you’re looking for cheetos type responses I’ll be just as dangerously cheesy and just say sex. 😛

what made me smile today? two lap dogs and me crowded near out of the twin mattress.  it must have looked ridiculous all 400 lbs of us  of us.

what’s my favorite accessory… if you’ve caught onto the tries hard to be witty humor by now you could telegraph i’m just  saying…my favorite accessory is the soul who helped me dispose of the body 😛  but, I don’t want you stealing all my witticisms so lets think a bit more  I’m going to say when she wears the right earrings..because sometimes such things really do compliment a person and even with limited sight sometimes I can see too.

a bonnet, pudding, alligator, stone, oboe, mermaid – from -

and of course, the model of my initial thought, the lyrics  to scarbourough fair a traditional but  i know it from simon and garfunkle.

so to reprise the  above links, we’ve a bonet  to mean a headgear or car hood, a pudding which I know as a sweet dessert but originally is a sausage, aligator is a symbol is one of power and patience and stone as in  the story stone soup is an object but a symbol and also something versus nothing, oboes are from ancient times and theatrical or for the DANCE and a mermaid is often a lurer of one to one’s demise… lets see if i get a love song out of this ? clock ticks i’m unable to cheat the goal of quicky quicky and I’ve less than fourty minutes to spend 😀 lets see if i can speed compose 😀

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine

where ‘ we going, Club Paradise?
‘gatored shirts, stones, mermaid bonnets for oboe lines
order us pork puddings my dear dream divine.
that’s how we met for our very first time.


I wont have time to do much more with that.  it doesn’t exactly ring like an old love tune but lol oh well,  such is how ambition can get out of hand. 😀  remember, parsley sage rosemary and thyme from the original song are in fact an old love poition 😉  the modern male equivalent is a bratwurst or as described – pork puddins to be dicey about the entendre too.

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11 responses to “365q.2 + w16sh,2

  1. theinfiniterally ⋅

    Love potion? I had no idea. Sounds like things are pretty spicy right now!

    • abig taspberry tongue out on that! no. spicy my eye. i have sat on my duff for a month in between moving to a new town to endure sis’ honeymoon elopement to vegas and switching jobs whilst watching the dogs. however, this doesn’t mean I’m not HOPING it’s everything i hoped for 😀 I’m still jazzed to have a new joint to explore that isn’t all -18F weather.. okay it snowed and i had to walk the mile to/from the grocery or risk no doo doo bags for the ogs or smokes since I’m still a silly chimney, but 😀 BLISS! and many other lets not scope out reality too closely as it cramps the new plan! 😀 hoope you are well. seeing you makes me think back to borscht for work and how you told me i wouldn’t make many friends with a meaty stew version versus the more veggie style one you offered… I’m still rebellious but to see you is a smile.

      • and I get to laugh again, as I just am not on the case…wrong so finity of xanga not bearly was the memory, but I’ll suffer a tomato sandwich in pennance 😀

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        Wow. I’ve missed a lot. You must’ve moved pretty far for such a change in the weather. It snows everywhere, sooner or later, or very nearly anyway. I’m pretty well, thanks. Good to see you. I better check in more often, before you board the Mars rover anyway. 😀

      • catching something at it’s worst is easy enough and 100 ish miles from denver was oak creek and nowadd sixty as I moved back to the plains but down from denver to colorado springs…where as luck would have it i had to go out as it snowed…not nearly so cold down here but 😉 and on mars it barely gets to freezing and with it’s ambient vapor pressure it’d take about 8 hours to cook dried beans so basic math seems to say… that’s a lot of cook time 😉

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        Hmmm. Wonder if Nasa has studied methane gas on Mars. Specifically, how long it takes to disperse or if it just sort of hangs around. These are important things to know before we attempt to colonize. Colorado Springs is lovely. I had no idea it is warmer.

      • it’s farm warmer than oak creek! lol now to figure out what day it is. and go out post off ice… 😀 and target.and either or china doll or mexican bistro closeby 😀 😀 or just be a good boy and go home and make seafood alfredo 😀

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        Twice as good if you make it for me. 😀

  2. Club Paradise sounds fun and yummy!
    I will check out your linky-links! 🙂
    The pic in my mind of you and the two dogs sharing a mattress makes me snort-laugh! 😛
    I made some spicey homemade chili this past week…guess how I knew it was HOT enough…my nose ran and the smoke alarm rang! 😮
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • oh lol, club paradise is stolen from a real location in glendale colorado when in spring of 95 i got to go out with a workmate and surrounding band life of his then…kage, I think it was metal but with the mosh pit and all… I am grateful in a way his host of my place to sleep cautioned me after an errant toss of all me …cool it! was my look as it could be more. 😀 I’ll fringe a pit…I’m old too, but I am leary of being the center 😉 it’s all fun and games til YOU get hurt…;) but the night…talk of alcohol abuse was the person who’d gloriously yack the too much in the trash and go get in line for another…talk mind and i awoke to blame the dog for the wet spot of the sofa…okay, I had had too much that night 😉 I’m not surprised i never recieved another invitation out… apparently… in brittish terms, I was all WET….I remember the shooter… it wasn’t a compliment… it was gritty meaning it had guava puree in it somewhere and blue curacao… blue ballz it was called. oh well when in rome. 😉 put out all fires of passions for thee. 😀 I surely didn’t fit that scene. the only band I heard on stage reprise an earlier song for a shit the term slips my mind called back after the last song/scene… oh well hugs to you. the point here is i was in heaven and it rained 😀 damn heaven for it’s holes! 😛

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