I went and got off my keister.  i walked the pooch to the park area …my reward was a launch at a person behind us for a bark out…gee thanks pooch!  the park’s not enclosed and has tall tall prairie grass so you’d not see the escap route at it’s rear the whoooolllle way through two aparment complexes with open gates to oh the choies of hiding@  I went on the bus to the downtown and it’s…20 minutes away and half the busses do not have the stop thingy reader/talker so as i was to the destinations’ end..lucky me.

dinner was taco bell near my house despite seeing a coffee joint with free wifi around from the terminal, a mediterranean/falafel joint, a nepalese/himalayan sit down, a cheapo burrito closet, subway, chipotle, a steak house, togo sandwiches and of course across from it a jimmy johns sandwiches, a pizzeria…none of which were enough to grab me first look and or get me to walk it all over again to them again… i did see the sign for the post office but failed to actually see the post office and otherwise mcfooey on that recon.


the bus is 3/4 the price of old dever town before it’s price hike this year.  I bought wine to replace what would stale while I was here and no one else along with a beer wihich didn’t aid in seeing anything or walking or tasting good as it was half dead old.  the candle explosion/meltdown in my bathroom cleaned up swiftly with schmirnoff blue and a bit of paper towel.  it’s rather chily oly out.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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