nothing melts at three hundred sixty-five degrees celcius so I’m hinting with a title I may take the challenge of three hundred and sixty-five questions to   be posed and answered.  of course i’m late to start and other things enter my mind like?  rewriting the hits.  it’s my sister’s birthday and 11 years in a few days since my father past and i’m in a new town with more discovery to chatter about.

such is the challenge and where I got it from 🙂  if you aren’t reading the secretlifeofpandas… well you’ll have to hope I play completely along 🙂

what is my number one goal this year?  I moved in with my sister and soon to be husband while they transition into different jobs and a totally new life.  I came from the mountain town life of bitter paradise to this town where i’ve spent a lot of visits  here there and what not over my life but never have taken residence here…now I have…or at least a lease…have to change my address here shortly! 😉  I suppose my main goal this year is to keep on moving…  I have taken a job a I researched and i applied for interviewed and gotten not someone’s help  it was rather a dismal failure in seeming execution as I went from a department head to a bottom rung of a lowly rank job…I know it seems I got nowhere but I enjoyed my moments and not having to explain the theft of merchandise from the department they wanted me to run!  I suppose goal aspect one is maybe get another here in this new town.  I barely know where I am but finally I have a clue where my map points go the length of this little circle around the blocks – home.  I suppose the next aspect is sis and fiancee now soon enough more are leaving to other adventures…so where will I go then?  I suppose this means I have to create options for myself more than what i have now or this moving will not cease til I cant go anywhere else.

#2.  what am i grateful for?  I have a sis and it is her birthday so yay for her and hope she’s enjoying the pelican outting in california…  the doggy sitty here isn’t that tragic… it reminds me to be grateful I have company as if I moved to my plan goal of me independant… I wouldn’t even have a cat for company.    now of this instant this is good as I ate the bowl of guac and have gas so am n ot fine company 😉  but in general i suppose I have to start finding friends.  I’m grateful even to have the challenges 🙂

#3 am I content?  no. not really.  I know that warm feeling all peaceful and happy and i call it love once in a while but in reality not particularly content.  this isn’t tragic really, I know what to search for and I know it’s best I have a motivation to get moving.

#4 what is my best memory from last year?  there was a moment when it seemed i had a chase/romance…ah.   but in all fairness this question cheats in a way because the most important thing is almost immemorable what i achieved stably over andover.  little choices and events at a time thus I’d have to give a name as I maybe missed a week but otherwise i faithfully kept up with my favorit internet romance.    and thus if you combine that to a generalization, I have a memory of who ups and downs  and thus i expect not to give straight answers but more clever ones…shhh it some are cleverer than I 😉 I am aware of this.  but why answer the rote way?

#5 my favorite accomplishment.  I got a job on my own… that’s the kneejerk answer..and I also could go with the kept myself in touch with the lord for a religious twist 😉  and don’t knock it hethens! spirituality strength is rather helpful now and again!  but no, my favorite achievement was and is so much more simple… I made dinner that someone, mom, liked.  hopefully she wasn’t lying to be nice as it meant something to make mom hapy.


#6 what posession could I not live without?  well this is kinda lame of me to clever it all up to be simple… I’d be hardpressed to live anywhere like I do without the glasses on my face.  not much makes more of an ongoing difference in how you see me or me anything.  but I’d rather say toilet paper because I’ve missed a day of my glasses but not a day without toilet paper. 😀

#7  can people change?  the answer is obviously yes but also no.  you likely will recognize someone 2- years later without having spent a minute with them otherwise no matter how much their fortunes have changed one way or in that sense no people don’t quite change per say.  but develop…yeah they do and not always for the better… and tendencies surpressed or cherished are still very much there.  I can be crooked and not very nice yet most would say I’m often the nicest one going? all sunshiney…and junk  but again, I’m not much different at 41 than I was at 16 or 4  however, parts of me you’d rarely see were part of the fun of times.


well enough of that challenge for now lets music.  karma chameleon came to mind while someone said the codephrase not my cup of tea.    I said this country is more of a bunch of coffee sinners.  we were discussing how this town I live in is fairly religious… one shopping center here had five churches with in it for example.  he of course went literal and mmmmm on the thought coffee.  I asked is it?


coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee drip-brewed, my zen.

I thought about putting more flesh to this line and maybe will later but not now.

back to a week more of moviews and one libray and post office mission hopefully.  that’s about all I need do past a load of laundry and bathe and vac the house eat care for the pooches etc.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “365c”

cheap ploy aint it, you buy tp and other things and thus they are yours yet I don’t think outside of finding a few rolls in your trees or all over the roof and porch that you pay much attention to the posession til its improperly usedd 😀

Happy Birthday to your sis! 🙂
And those anniversaries of loved ones deaths are difficult. 😦
Continued best wishes in the new year…as you take on new adventures. Hope all goes well in your “new” town.
Yes, it would be a bummer without TP. Without it…what would I decorate my friends houses with?! 😛
I think people can change in BIG ways…like someone getting off drugs and being “clean” of them. But, over all I don’t think we ever really change (even with all the self-help stuff out there). I still find myself reacting to good exciting things and sad bad things pretty much the same way I did when I was a little girl. And I find this to be okay. 🙂
Now I’m off to have a cup of tea, listen to some smooth jazz, and do some writing-writing.
HUGS!!! 🙂

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