netflix grip

rom/com for torture’s sake:

last tango in halifax  – a fine show focusing not on just one person’s met after a lifetime away as it was in another bbc offering as time goes by, focuses more on what it really is one more battle in a war of battles of the families and their lives…and how this is all sweet as long as it isn’t taken seriously…go and have your diversion…you WHAT?  it is a lot sweeter than I portray it or you’d skip it for slush….which reminds me man I liked zemi’s before they went all sports nut ….when they were slushies but not frozen slush just an icy sweet water…


many days of boredom while we’ve all packed most for a move.

other offerings were the wrecking crew and muscle shoals for the music history of it…and both are fun but the bb king one was my least favorite when I was hoping it’d be my most fun of the bunch

money for nothing a documentary on the banking/wallstreet debaucles after a five year period and how the toast of the world on economy alan greenspan was more of a panderer and yet, much of how i wish to remember people is still in force and he’s likely to forever associate with the major upswing of better times than anyone of my lifetime even if the worst times are of course likely to not be seeming but more likely his fault.


best of enemies gore vidal v william f buckley jr. comment/debate points of view in 1968 changing how politics gets covered forever with more pundantry and oppinion…but popular stuff none the same  and yet  really did dislike each other.


well my batterie’s low so merry christmas or happy holidays as whichever you’d prefer.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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