these dreamsss simplistic dream dictionary a-z is available as is my meds so I avoid such dreams 😉  by meds I’d like to note one is vitamin b which I take to lower cholesterol but all the b complex is available to improve vividness and grequency of dreams… but i had a b loaded appetizer for my dinner of stuffed mushrooms and thus i was courting dreams…. and the other meication note is levothyroxine for thyroid hormone replacement that without said leaves me wishing for redemption where there needn’t ever be a call for said as in in one way or another it’s ONE WAY and I’ll fight against that…to whatever avail.  no, the mushrooms weren’t psycho-active! geez just mahi mahi stuffed and breaded mushrooms with a bit of beet root chips in between them with a spring salad greens with ranch atop in the center… ordinary if tasty mushrooms. 😛  now lets dream with someone who begged for it so to speak and got it.


I dream of  a lass i met many years now ago whom had an interesting set of expressive eyes even if through then glasses.  the expression was mostly calm and sometimes quizzing but once in a while a fire.  so I know by age and time passing her mini-me’s would be like her as we can not help imprint ourselves upon others and  imagine first that I’m stuck being set up by these mini yentas to chase mom…which would be again as I know time and they may not…and explaining as nice as I can be that largely we can get along but just about every situation leads to me saying something  to upset this one chase.  I sense just a tad of competition in that somehow I’ve won and that annoys  quite often.  oh! you thought i dreamt in pictures? nope, words or the impressions of them as i rarely hearr the words  but while this means a pictures, this isn’t how i remember dreams most often but as feelings.  so i can not but just sense mom not being some fool not actually or being able as moms often can detect or trick instantly all information … and this is where life gets amusing as i am not in reality any good at doctory shite things but somehow i know the chase is coming as first meetings again can be and out the door i go with one step ahead of ouch coming quick on my heels..only to win for once because someone needs to chase catch and destroy me only to have a lil heart attack on the way…damned convenient for me as magically while i carry no doctoring skill with me persay I do magically have nitrates which I have only taken twice for some test  handy as they’re mega aspirin and can help just long enough…this is to only wonder how that works out later, as memory serves me some this one remembers and doesn’t let go of a thought even in quote near death  chases….so I suppose i know how delicious it is to repeat the reveal of one again safe from the brink only to find a way to indicate come closer come closer for a little something painful just for me.


why do I wonder if people to find the deeper meaning of passion damn near need to die to be with me?


the meade last evening was ambrosial.


why do i know somehow that that particular one was right in a way all along that I really would bother her to death heh  and yet I’d egg on each step?


a little less b vitamins  and a little more thyroid pill seems in order.  and to  the places… dark meeeting room grey toupe carpet like that of a library / church dark wood or wood look structure and  one too many coats of paint white. a chase across only the greenest of lawn.  and somehow it was rather chancy I ended up meeting them all  there yet mom knows everything… real life shows this one ate her cooking and thus isn’t the same size she was but still visibly appears recognizable whereas i lost about 50 pounds since the time I last saw her.  and now to see if i have any meanings to be found – black space ship – I cant carry people movie stle!  and technically I was inside a churchy space…oh and I’m sure I had to have a puff outside…

dream moods doesn’t have a black spaceship reference but does have a black car part under car.  I’m rather lowkey and or boring, to church inside and out means i seek something  remember it’s out from a lass i dated once before from meddling kids 😀 not because I’m not interested but because such isn’t my choice but anothers or anothers as well… cigarettes are mentioned   so combine church seeking which ultimately is to be picked not a tagalong balump a lump whatever, to be chosen in life and remember so far it hasn’t been that way SEEMING 😉 and outside a church is to represent my values yet I’m out smoking which is depency really so my values are dependant… eek  and now for heart attack and green gress 😀

heart attack is loss of love but nothing references offering such up to others 😀   now history being warped rewritten forgetten and what not, I seem to remember I was thought of to be the choice of romance and I remember vividly seeing instantly that there was a interesting thing in progress, it was hell on wheels to get together with me and it always will be lol but in the night on a whim out tthis one would go to a more romantic destination complete with the backrubbing of others to sleep… or it was a tad obvious alas i asn’t the pick and this isn’t to say I was not worthy to be picked oh no, it just seems worth a jealous flash when it’s obvious I’m not chosen… but the language that was no go for me then no friend soon enough was I’m likely to  always say something after being generally sweet and nice that is just devastating …and in general not make the march of together forever but leaving her at the critical moment alone…. now history is limited here but the winner of her next few years did precisely this met at a pubcrawl she investe time into going to not the other way around as i am evil at planning I either do a lot of it or I get zilcho as I’m not always people’s drop everything for kind of guy…  well it appeared after years and a swift move in and remember i never met her children and my magic meet up date was a bit of a seemingly she forgot and showed up in sweats i.e. dressing down even to go out  however she recognize me not the other way around…rather helpfrul really not a skill of mine recognizing blurs persay.   and after there was zilch hope for any “us” we did have a nice group date which was an outting with a variety of couples to celestial seasonings tea company for a tour where due to our company, we didn’t on the tour see each other as most of my friends joining were blind and well it is rude inviting your blind pals to an industrial factory to kill themselves for lack of guidance.  but the ride was nice to and from towns.  I think I managed to say something for her to jokingly swat me for it then hammingly complain for the abuse and heh to get zilch sympathy as you like the abuse 😛 I believe was the response.    shit exposition is a pain.    but it seems I lack only  some grass and I don’t mean marijuanna.

to see grass means there is always something within me I can rely on….. interesting to know what little I know is reliable 😀  but  we’ve covered all I can really say about dream interpretation ….

I have one who has chosen to lose love i can be relied on to be albeit boring but reliable and i do seek sometimes seemingly only by hoping but downplaying in words spoken the meaning I want conveyed, oddly enough this dream relies on her kids not being themselves but that rare only carbon copy saints of children so that and her being lonely or interested back is well duh you can sort life out easy with the history already given I remember because I move to her town soon.  and oddly i’m likely to remember a lot always


…which means I really am picking a life’s goal of forgetting a lot  😉  butshould you wish a heartattack  for the effort of giving me what you can hardly close to what I really have coming or deserve, um, make sure your insurance is current.





By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “these dreamsss”

Thank you for the dream-meaning link. I dream a lot whilst asleep…really long, detailed, wild dreams. I should do some research on them.

I wish you lovely, beautiful night dreams! And sweet, hope-they-come-true daydreams! 2016 is almost here and I wish you a better than best new year! In your health, finances, jobs, relationships, love, family and ETC.!
Thank you for being my friend for another year (2015) and for putting up with me! 🙂
DoYouHearWhatIHear? HUGS!!! 🙂

I’d wish you forever but such is rude as we often tire of forever.. the merry spins out of merry go round when it circles forever spinning coming again and again. merry christmas and of course the best joy and hugs returning as rainbow stew leftovers for another year.. 😉 I’m hoping for popcorn upon other housemates arrival and debating whilst shivvers…no not cold cmon! it is such outside yes and I took the anti cold meds for the inside… it’s just a draft! 🙂 but i have the warmth of yesteryear trash writing and i mean television. 🙂 it’s alas rather bad 🙂 it was then too if I had any clue about those little leaps in storytelling that rather are hey wait a minute this is horse doop crap 30 minute perfection! how can this be? 😀 but your hug is that of popcorn to watch rerun favorites even when you know well what happens just to enjoy the experience.

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