the 2000’s

I remember looking up from books places of fame on earlier versions of the world on the web.  maps were crude but got you there. and yet all i lacked was the reviews.


I’m curious really if you’ve noticed now that most of the reviews for places are snippy if the person wasn’t an instant king or queen in the busiest place …and even then would die if they had to say it’s five out of five stars.  I myself wouldn’t know great service as i tend to miss expressions across a room and other key details of that’s my food in the window getting cold as the waitress stepped out for a smoke anyways…  I mean i miss that stuff.  I also consequently never seem to get the better service even with tipping by reputation.


but right now i am speaking only of map data.  I am moving and have two places to consider honestly, one’s dumpier but close to everything by walking for me a plus and the other is ritzier and next to nothing out in the middle of nowhere in practically a gated community next to a christian college….don’t forget close doesn’t mean score going out but it means i can.  and ritzy while nice doesn’t quite garunttee me much of a date if bus wise my dating life at this far away place ends at 8 o clock or mr curfew child can either walk home across a multi lane highway at night partially influence and wholly blind…. yeah that’s safe. not.


I understand swank and loks well enough that to many they count. but i’ll never drive legally or safely  in any freedom sense. so location tends to count with me.


i may have lived next door to my job once but it was a bitch to haul groceries a mile home through the snow and nothing was closer really than a mile away but that job which was then only a volunteer thing well into me moving elsewhere.  that means it’s about an hour haul to get a coke.  a bit of a pain


I moved to where it was a half mile to a variety of beer shacks and a convenience store or three and  about 10 restaurants.  the grocery was about 1.5 miles away a bit too far to walk with groceries but I did it anyways more than once never having to cab it.  as you can imagine though the job loses it’s luster a case of beer in and six miles home never truly feeling I had a day off as I truly was on call.


I moved to the hills to be on vacation! this ends as the hotel keepers want a better life so i’m moving away. no real gain occurs as no gal pal ride or sense of my needs being met by me really occured here.  I mean it’s sure pretty, but smaller town, the booze shack all of them closed most mondays… great i only seem to want beer on mondays.  😉  or the store for foods is about a dollar more per item than anywhere “in town” as in the big town and even there this place is visibly more expensive.  but ahhhh pretty.


so now I face a town I passed through enough times and the question of is this or that i actually live like close? how close and what do i get to do and so far the answer seems to be everything if the other party throws away 500 bucks in non returnable fee … or nothing if they get the nicer place damn near out of town.  heh.  that’s just a short list of impressions i remember the rest of them back til about 3 years old ish… I just didn’t care about the same things at 3 😀


but it sure is amazing how much I can see on a map save what it’s really actually like.  the halmarks of first hand not offhand info. oh hope against hope that this fancy place is further away from their jobs so I have a prayer of convenience for them to wage a war for my bald self interest 😉 or hope i find a good bloody mary joint for breakfast… because anything after dark beer would be out.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “the 2000’s”

lol clever editing neglects to shine the light on some stuff. I would like to walk into downtown sure, it ofers ritzier bars with prettier woman maybe…but downtowns tend to be a bit close to or directly elevated themselves in crime…while it’s not particularly crime ridden, there’s nothing like walking under an interstate proper to make you feel at home in that lower kind of way… now, this said the fees exist because it’s a military town that this cheap company wont pay the management for renting to anyone who doesn’t have a shot at a deposit to be stolen and most. military get to reak lease with order legally and get every cent of their deposits back swiftly….not a milkable source of money now is it? so this place does great trade in military so has to make the money as the legalities are if they were to ask it’d be discrimination 😉 so… let’s move onto another misnomer, yes my convenience store of “choice” with the second place is a w0 minute busride…true but the grocery store is 1/3 of a mile away or damn near across the preverbial street and what grocery isn’t a convenience store but with a full service deli?? and oh forgot to mention is a local shoppette in this case with a subway sandwiches which may not be jimmy john’s gourmet subs but my sister and company soon do not work for them so i needn’t patronize the assholes who don’t saerve my favorite meatball sub and their italian isn’t as good as subways but their bread is better til they changed it now I’m not so sure, I’ve a lack of evidence….but walking distance to fried chicken waffles and good meatball subs and always past a large church and attendant college of that church meaning god’s over healed people to rub elbows with or i.e. they ain’t poor and nor is this second side of town but quiet and clean and upscale without gougy fees meant to pay people sure but show the ownership refuses to actually do that a first sign of the 67 reviews being viscious about inept and neglected maintainance… I mean sure the bus ride to the convenience store and mall are irritants but what about a cab home for such nights as I wish to hoot it up? 3 miles and the new 20% tip as the bumper sticker says jesus would tip 20% mean it’s 12 bucks not an every time fee but not beyond the odd weekend out??… now that closer to the truth and the nice place got 3 stars not 2.5 for being a world posher, this should say it’s still an apartment complex and thus some things universal. but it’s 10 reviews weren’t near as crappy as the 67 reviews convenient place which by nature is older thus less pleasing.

it looks like I’m going to get my location wishes. every other place tried is about 200 bucks fees or not of each other but! no other place is that interested in us at the moment…this can mean like most assume it does that having two huge horse dogs when no business as a rule loves pets but pet stores and vets…wants us. the real oppinion might be credit score related mine is apparently not good enough and I’ve the highest score of anyone on the app at the moment which seems to say altogether less class which isn’t fair but life is what it is or people live in a dream world that there is all this excellent credit out there begging to live in a slum. so to speak. now. I wish to point out my coffee club vetted the real places remotely with me as i could share the real data.. yes I read 67 of 67 reviews on one place and read fully the next place my sister wanted after hearing what to her was the brakes of high non refundable fees for less than ritzville…… now no joke add a mile mile and a half here or there and what you’re really doing to me is adding 20 minutes each way to any place I live as that’s about the speed i waalk. so please, I’ll be accepting cheers afterall that no matter the situation I get a shot at what literally can be the best possible place for my abilities and overall access – that much is a serious serious win for me! but don’t think it is cost free, it most certainly isn’t….but without that option of being 20 -30 minutes walk from the town’s entire hub of transportation is anything to snivvel at, this gives me the limited chance to continue to work and also get out. otherwise whatever it seems it’s 3 miles to anywhere and i can’t go out after 8 as otherwise I can’t get home… that is a reality of life for me..and semi gated communities – I’ve lived in them and was told point blank that unless I drove I wasn’t encouraged or welcome in my own community to go as a 35 year old with no record out to the convenience store at 11 pm….no joke…unless I drove… because it was drive thrui times…. heh. so, again when you vet living situations, there is a lot to consider, and like any single human alive I have an agenda… but my oversight comittee said I neglected somedetails that were considerations I didn’t catch onto and while I’m noted for limited travel, what’s the point of travel if it’s unsafe ?? I’ve been held up in front of my house, unsafe is just as real in life and a powerful consideration of place/people/circumstance… so:) remember I thank ye for your interest and humoring me and likely will do up a proper blog on maps soon enough because? you all need christmas punishment!

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