Bettin’ On The Generals

let’s me hope I’m not bettin’ on the generals as here i am about to go globet trottin’ from the current town to another and i’m likely to get the place I invested the vast amount of my opinion/time in defending when  other places offer comparible price and far nicer accomadations but can’t touch the one I’m likely to get for location.  yes, the washington generals are an exhibition team travelling with and perennially losing to the harlem globetrotters….the globe tortters have had more fame in late sixties/early seventies times but this streak of losing to the best…the country leaders losing to nyc’s dominance and style? 😉 remains

I’m here for your christmas punishment.  you’ve all likely been very naughty children and otherwise if you’re adult didn’t have near enough fun living!  what follows hopefully  makes one person laugh as I doubt I’ll win a prize for educative tortures of a voluntary kind!   but, lets cover MAP  research.  weee!


pick any place that has map data enough and odds are near anywhere in the world is available for this excercise in christmas punishment.  I can’t get too random as i might inadvertantly pick your city and your home and then you’ll all be weirded out thinking I’m going to staulk your lover or worse YOU.  bad idea 😀  but as any good punishment should include for you learning and choice, I leave this to you to be on the generals or pick your own switch or whatever horrendous misery of participation analogy you’d like to make.


warning. I have read topological maps so if some smart bottom thinks i cant possibly find anything, I warn you I did beter than some in boring things.   but topological map discussion is far more tedius than you think because while it seems you’ve lines everywhere! you really only end up with no freakin landmarks so it’s discussions of the colors of water boring…promise.  and if you pick a mahor town everyone knows of and then expect me to find something t.v. interesting about it you didn’t know….you’re again courtin failure and i may just out of spite invent realms of tedious you’ve never experienced.  or in short pick a place, not too familiar and not too barren of life… and lets get to the fun of boring your with how I think as you all deserve punishment…or you’ll not remain the humble giants you are 😀  and cut me some slack, I don’t easily convert latitude and longitude so try not being some kind of smart ass… it isn’t impossible but it just slows everything down. I doubt any of you can talk about it if you are but I doubt any of your are in research or military situations where such is the language anyways… or sailors aping the mythic jimmy buffet life.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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