I never quite remember the language of music.  you might be inclined to forgive me, as I didn’t exactly get too technical in my musical educations – completing only 2 grades of piano and a number of years to stay able to play anything via the violin kept up during the piano interspersed within much of that time.  yes, I re-took 2 grades of piano…twice..  yippee yada,here’s the extent of a few oddisms as well, to round out where I get to musically…. early me could pick out an elementary opener minus the connective phrase that moves it forward of al stewart’s the year of the cat, and i tend in a simplistic way connect the relative minor/major’s walking a line in an arpeggio of a chord.  I doubt i have the mechanics of chops so to speaking to work asixteenth note phrase/riff .  after 20 years, of not playing, I still remember much of how much i learned to read music…which never was much or me masterful to sight-read from music excepting by faking that after months of picking my way through memorizing much of it..  thanks to a number of years with a violin, I know I can hear fairly close to proper pitch, however I don’t know whether I was always slightly sharp or I lost enough hearing to end up there.  i can not hear me and thus sing no matter modulatives that in a spoken tone make me a decent public speaker.


now as this is re-tuning, I’m not here for me, I’m here for the yummy of bookmarking education!  I know this sounds long but what is a plagal cadence?  yep, listening to the making of aja- an album by steely dan following into donald faegan on peg1/2 and I heard the meention and went hunting – this turns up the best explaination of what a circle of fifth is and  what is usually meant by a relative minor or major…arpeggio is in a way walking through a chord over and over and a touch of gospel sound is covered which makes all of this much more fun to even begin…begin, to grasp… don’t you go thinking I can reproduce past my education and just grok grand sounds, not only am I unlikely to, I wont go sounding particularly artistic about why what means what either.


but when it comes to being atop art, it’s important to understand the vocabulary of art…just as much as it’s important to like the art intrinsically or if it’s not particularly likable art, moves one passionately.  don’t get me wrong, I flunked my art classes as in classic art both of time and by my hands/means art.  only once did i get a “b” ion any particular project mostly c-s and that only after just as many or more f’s.  but, consider it useful to understand the language and or vocabulary of art which allows one to talk art, not oo and ah.  be it the processes of photography classic once and now largely digitally manipulated, or perhaps, painiting which as bob ross might be poorly summarized as saying much of the mastery of painiting is about fifteen pages long….however the passion and executions fill volumes.  Food contrustuction which is from the nineties onward just as heroic a pursuit lately as it wasn’t in time’s past…however again, what can YOU DO with a squeeze-bottled bit of toothpicking about a sauce not onioned but shalloted?… it is about eye-candy, food.  but what about music, the point here?  it too has a language and today i have more to understand within it.  now for a link listing so you can get here you’re own self.  remember, i add some of the old so you can muse over a beer or gallon how to sound cool at rehearsals/or crashing rehearsals 😉 remember, i haven’t played in a generation and never was all that technically advanced to begin with.


arpeggio – disney’s the aristocats.


donald fagan peg part 1/2 discussing a plagal cadence which touches gospel sound.


covering again, tonics… no, not gin&tonics!  why is this about as entertaining as russian roulette with no finale?  but, without demonstration, it’s alllll for naught.

I can’t find the schroedinger /schlessinger or whoever helped influence glenn miller and duke ellington with a mathmatic formulaic style of mathmatic construction… but whateer, such are my winds of time.   and for reasons of

being fair, inbetween this joy of what and whom, we’ve a marty freiman / steve lukather thing about the two playing the other’s signature stuffs… this was inbetween  mustaine which starts it all off but not with what I was after which was something on blues chords…. but i didn’t find that either only some yaya on why he fired so many in megadeth which was a tad understandable ….then again not – remember, such is who was fired from metallica for being too much a partier…. anyways. enough of that you can look that up if you want on your own… the only thing left to mention really is style and a very singular instance is bruce horsby guesting on bonnie raitte’s i can’t make you love me.  sometimes it just needs a stylistic flavor.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “re-tuning”

GREAT post!
I love the kitty playing piano! 🙂
I will check out the other vids!
Music sure adds spice and joy to life! 🙂 I admire those who are skilled at it/speak the language. 🙂 I don’t speak The Music Language as well as I’d like…nor The Math Language…and they are kinda’ kissin’-cousins. 🙂
Santa-Got-Stuck-In-My-Chimney HUGS!!! 🙂

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