Hiding The Cliffs

it’s been a good part of the week since I worked last.  sis informs me I must follow current advice and divorce my thoughts from what isn’t to be any longer as in hashtag – move on!.  so, let’s try to be a touch better at hiding the cliff-face or let’s try to sound more centered and upbeat with the NEWS! – the glorious news.


I did pretty much one load of laundry.  I tried a new beer or two, I am invested in consuming this summer sausage, I filed bills with checks to paid in full them all or at least close, I misremembered my sears balance 22 cents short for instance…oops -who in this life remembers the pennies as much?  I am set for my delayed night of cooking dinner as tonight I was preempted for beef straganoff when the best I was considering was chicken/bacon afredo which is tomorrow night  so to speak now.  not a big list really.  the only cliff so to speak is the beer, oi.  not consuming booze for  a good six weeks of a serious slowdown means russian imperial stouts night is a short night…blasted one was 10.2 abv which hits like about a delicate brick.


left-hand brewing’s wake up dead was one of the offerings as single bottle 3/19 listed each but as wine pricing and strength goes, to is about what a bottle of wine would be and 6.8 a bottle not a bad cost for said bottle of equivalence wine.  beer tastes wise it’s like any craft beer to me, not smooth and sludgy due to less filtration, meaning that this as any dark beer with coffee in, can be bitter as hell and chewy.


the next offering was lion stout.  all I can say was this stuff was a true blessing after the left hand seriously something or other above, but remember one beer above is half a bottle of wine so I wasn’t exactly doing well for remembering.


for reasons that should be obvious, after these beers it was an obligatory nap time for to all the third another day.


the second time around I had one last to try and that was dry dock *known more to me as an apricot beer maker that’s fairly good) signature series imperial stout which wasn’t a  12 oz. bottle but a big ol thing and twice the cost of the others. i.e. it was roughly a pint and cost 12 bucks in these high climbs.  however while I cant get out to the stores as much and f- wine all the time, you’ll understand a beer moment.  now dry dock’s imperial stout is a barrel aged offering and both smooth and tasty.  it had the note of woods as you’d expect which didn’t clash with the coffee tones and while thick as beers go, it wasn’t f-in chewy/gritty.  or in short, wow. yum.   and of course there was no beer the next day as I’d like to remain unpickled once in a while…as no offense, stouts are brickish brutes of beers.  and I just don’t think I could pair that with a chicken bacon alfredo do up.


now, I can’t garuntee all my images will show, but you have each beer listed with one and also how they pour.   it isn’t much of a revelation I like the more spendy one but that it required more than was in the bottle so ultimately it isn’t a frugal pick … lefthand while not my favorite managed to be quite enough.. the lion stout was surprisingly sneak up sweet..but nothing touches the uncious or otherwise delight of dry dock imperial stout. lion was two something a bottle or ordinary prices even for a single. to clear that point up.


you can now understand how I come honestly to the summer sausage?  I suppose the last thing of the 2 weeks left up here to find out about are?

I would like a shot at  making a good something – so since all I had bought for was chicken bacon alfredo/linguigni….I got some vegetable… stuff to make zuchini au gratin but with smoked provolone versus mozzerella.  I know this sounds odd, trying deliberately to be more bland /simple yet everyone can fall in love with the complex! yet even I want one to enjoy my efforts!

I look forward to 3 weeks of spending 2 hundred or less which gives me a shot at starting next month able to move and restart insurance as if this years sins didn’t happen 😀

I can’t think of any beer I’m dying to try so I may be safe to finish out this month of more restricted consumption due to meds.

about the only thing I look forward to making is a slowcooker  something just to say I did so-I’m thinking as I have the stuff for it mainly- mexi-night which means that’s less I have to schlep to the next place.

I suspect I’m moving to colorado springs colorado nearer civilation so to speak where from what i remember of all my visits and time there are: empire asian buffet for the wow in chinese there plus there is a decent buck a scoop in an old taco bell I believe… red hot and blue bbq while spendy and a touch repeatably corporate is damn fine memphis if you wish style bbq.  a town with a target store for the love of christ!…if you think I’ve softened on that unmentionable for hashtag reasons place I no longer work for…um, no not really but I would like a sloppy hug from wink wink leer.gloria jean’s coffee which while you understqand a bigger town has plenty of starbucks or even independant offerings like pikes peak perk… sometimes you want a yummy pot at home a bit of maybe swiss double chocolate with some bad for you confections mmmm, and a town with a tobacco shop not a pre packaged smoker friendly albeit I like this town’s one – I adored walking into honeysuckle peach cavendish dripping fresh…even if I smoke a pipe every couple of years….  Iknow that’s a limited amount of knowledge but add to it I’ve taken their bus systems all about town I can literally hop a local and then a greyhound and be away!  I can’t say it’s like denver but it’s good enough to wait out my taxes and what’s to come of sis moving forward to a military lifestyle if that’s to be yet she already wins for giving  all notice that they are leaving… let’s hope they make this stick, that’s of course not my choice and as usual the opening salvo have sounded and now the reutrn music comes in of a staff ready to abandon empty the place so their leaving is thardest possible seeming…  I already left, I felt my only lifeline was threatened so as I looked around and saw I wasn’t screwing anyone really over except myself if I stayed with negativities and resentment… I left  for beer and indolence so far but why shouldn’t I enjoy myself? :Dor two there

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Hiding The Cliffs”

The labels on the bottles are cool! 🙂
Keep us updated on your move and how you are doing! Best wishes as always for you!
Yes, you should enjoy yourself!
Now pass me a ROOTbeer! 😛
Boogie-Woogie-Santa HUGS!!! 😀

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