Chinese Whispers …

Appetizers or Dim Sum are adelightful addition or meal within themselves.  Today’s challenge is to take the cream cheese softening on the countertop and make a proper crab Rangoon.  The challenge is compounded by the fact that many disagree upon what is and isn’t proper.  Ultimately, I wont make anything “Authentic”  as I’m not of the place that is an authority upon what I aim to  make – this is something known as racism that authenticity exists .  Haha on the last sentence! as I will eat good if I try to and execute good.  damnation upon the last sentence as it speaks not of excellence but less than this and thus fails from word one.  Moving along.

Recipes are to be researched.  I heard that there is a lil dash of yellow something within a “proper” crab rangoon.  This source surmised that it was mustard.  It is most difficult to research what I here 20 years later, not that I do not try, but much changes in styles from long ago as long ago actually fails to sell often enough after awhile.  More than likely, the oppinion given is not that of expertise but personal taste4s and a local one-off…. crap!  But, never you fear, recipes exist here coming to show you what is whispered:

like anyone, if I want the best, often a good place to look is with what is thee most popular, but, beware, expertise isn’t thee most popular so it shouldn’t surprise you that I would pick not rank one but within a top five ish area someplace I recognize as careful about testing or “vetting” there information. is thus my first base recipe of what’s  listed as a benchmark.

note that cream cheese with worcestershire sauce will indeed have a yellowish cast if used in small amounts.

not everything is Chinese… I have had the world best fun staying asian with Asian foods getting a different take on it all via …Malaysia  (woot for Malaysia)

note that I know enough to know that sugar makes for sweet and there is not enough here to “candy” but bring forth a taste note of sweet seafood.

this is a hot mess to read – laugh as I heard you say Pot/Kettle BLACK!  but, that yellow is potentially curry powder as well.


so, as i let my cream cheese go from what it is to what it can be, see also my can of crab meat and waffle whether to mustard or curry or worchestershire…. know that I have my shot coming for ..something I have never done before.. Dim Summed this way.  shhhh! It’s authentic! 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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results: one foot wide oil slick on the stove, need to degrease but mopped up. mostly burnt and not a single pretty pinched wings or feathers of a seed looking yummy. taste versus the typical cream cheese only wonton with the hopes of exotics and whatnots of expectation….horrendously unworth the effort. color points, non existant in basic change of creamcheese and as cream cheese like sour cream absorbs or hides flavours, there was no smack of the seasonings used which were measured but heavier handed.. did they taste good though? you bet! am I happy I tried something new to me no matter the results but as stated it was still yummy just nothing quite ever is what expectations are 😉 so conclusion, 😀 yay tried something new but it’s a huge hassle and mess potential and I’m not skillful with it – but I knew this going into deepfat frying, it’s my least used method of cooking ever. and burp! now to make away with the evidence 😀

Cool for giving this a whirl! It’s always fun to try cooking a new recipe…and we often learn stuff…and then we clean up the mess! 😉 😀
Isn’t it neat-o how all kinds of recipes are at our fingertips these days?!
Say, so you buy cookbooks or collect them?
Why am I hungry now for chinese food?!?!
HUGS for a Toots-Day!!! 🙂

the following purchases are: a bbq c/b bbq acrpss america…coors: a taste of the west 2nd as I replaced it once. I cant remember if I bought my copy of bh/g or not. c/b’s I’ve read frugal gourmet. the bulk of anything I’ve learned is tv based. the first show I ever waatched with any interest was a show called we’re cookin now on pbs 12 out in broomfield and is hard to find reference to or anything I actually remember of the show. however by the 90’s I enjoyed cook shows regularly. sure, I read that frug went the way of the dodo thanks to something I didn’t socially know but that it’s not always that you might win the legal battle but that it was even launched is the end of it… i.e. I finally began to see people often aren’t interested in the silly drama….nevermind that tv also offered up a lot of court tv. 12 minutes to wopner…rainman. personality-wise Ithought paul prodham was a tad boring yet of all the cook peoples his probably turned out to be the tastiest of anything I ever made via tv from a personality… the show where I got the recipe for maple chicken wings I cant even place any longer but mmm. now. I am not really a collector of much of anything. I have a box of all the stuff I got via xanga… I am not sure I have my pen pal letters any longer but, it’s not hard to remember a ms mulinder of then cambridgeshire or mrs beale of the beautiful south of england. nor is it hard to remember bluegidget or melissa whom got me to xanga but was from the june on aol where I met ms mulinder, a now mrs. d another michelle of philadelphia a beth that was once gidget’s partner in crime… this lasted nicely a few years then to be honest most melted away. only mrs d of texas remains. how this relates to collecting is this. I may not hold or cotton to collecting much, but that’s nothin on memories. in this respect, see if I don’t share back what that magic of enthusiasm was. you might not remember a partial segment from 22 years back with jeff smith as the frugal gourmet doing up a segment on mongolian hotpot. it is simply “lightning” hot broth and some meat and veg. simple really. but would you think it sounds good to have sliced lamb carrot and saifun (a clear upon cooked BEAN typically noodle) because that was all I had to make my version at the time I tried. it happens to be a rare point in lamb of lamb I like. I am not keen on many foods oddly enough. I absolutely hate livers taste but I’ll admit it smells nice… so right away I can’t be a chef oh boo I can be a foodie because I hate liver and I’m not keen on oddities….my only saving grace is I like sausage. now I liked justin wilson but I cant say I know anything hot on lousianan cuisines I mean fast food crawfish et touffe is alright but I’m not dyin for another round thank you popeyes.. but I cant replicate their red beans and rice yet and I really like theirs… make one thing vaguely lousiana and that’s a shrimp boil. and I like a gumbo but my lousiana cred is gone when i mean I like campbell’s. now I learned how to vaguely bake as in I owned a breadmachine long enough that I knew enough to bake bread without one and should have when I tried making cheese bread which errupted rather than baked ruining one of my breadmachines…you can clean the inside pan of the machine but not the outside so much…. by this point father dominic wasn’t in hot rotation on pbs nor was cw butch mccall’s dutch oven camp cookin’ so, bread making and me eventually went away from each other.I’m not saying I forgot but I’ll admit I haven’t proofed a yeast for
BREAD in ages…dandelion wine yes, bread no. before I stopped I made sourdough poorly and a variety of things like honey oat breadsticks a hungarian whole wheet pizza, pigs in a blanket. but by now mexico one plate at a time was on so I went into learning a basic array of american mexican. the prettiest cookbook I ever did see was when i wanted this purdy chef and she showed me her peru cookbook which had nothing I could really source to try so I soon enough forgot it but not her. this doesn’t mean I never look up recipes but to truly read the majority of a cookbook? nah. not in a long time.

in best puke-pleasing chirp, ” on the first day after thanksgiving, my true love come back on me – turkey a la king… one the second day after thanksgiving my true love came back up on me, sweet tater turkey ravioli, and more turkey a la king… on the third day after thanksgiving my true love wanes on me, three turkeys enchiladas, sweet tater turkey raviolies, and gag, turkey ala king. on the fourth day after thanksgiving, it’s out of both ends of me, chilied turkey flautas, three turkeys enchiladas, sweet tater turkey raviolies and yep. turkey ala king. on the fifth day after thanksgiving the love affair is all over for me, five-ply turkey paninies! – – chilied turkey flautas, three turkeys enchiladas, sweet tater turkey raviolies and now I hate turkey ala king. on the sixth day after thanksgiving, I’m glad for the freezer turkey sopas smoked edam, five-ply turkey paninis! == chilied turkey flautas, three turkeys enchiladas, sweet tater turkey raviolies and yet more nuclear breakfast turkey ala king. on the seventh day after thanksgiving I’m leaking foul fowl winds – what’s becoming of me? turkey in aspic, turkey sopas smoked edam, five-ply turkey paninis! — more chilied turkey flautas, three turkeys enchiladas, sweet tater turkey raviolies and turkey it aint fit for any king. on the eigth day after thanksgiving, i’ll finish the damn bird if it kills me turkey rice stuffed tomatoes!, turkey in aspic, turkey sopas smoked edam, five-ply turkey paninis!!!, adore them turkey flautas?? three turkeys enchiladas, sweet tater turkey raviolies, how many more days turkey ala king??– on the ninth day after thanksgiving serious – it’s allll over for me! curried turkey wings. turkey rice stuffed tomatoes!, turkey in aspic, turkey sopas smoked edam, five-ply turkey paninis!!!!! bore, turkey flautas, three turkeys enchiladas, sweet tater turkey raviolies, and i cant stomac anymore ala king. on the tenth day after thanksgiving please have mercy on me! let’s just call it turkey something? – curried turkey wings, turkey in aspic, turkey rice stuffed tomatoes, turkey sopas smoked edam five-ply turkey paninis 1!!! snore turkey flautas, three turkeys enchiladas, sweet tater turkey raviolis and I paint your porch with turkey ala king. one the eleventh day after thanksgiving, it runs down both legs of me, turkey something junior!!, let’s just call it turkey something, turkey rice stuffed tomatoes was it? turkey in aspic, curried turkey wings, turkey sopas smoked edam, five-ply turkey paninis!!!! turkey flautas, three turkeys enchiladas sweet tater turkey raviolies and babies upchuck turkey ala king. on the twelth day after thanksgiving, turkeys ruined for me.. song over.

I worked my actual b-day with a doc’s visit midshift. my doc’s visit showed that while I don’t improve, I don’t fail further either. the shift was laughable with an end of cutting packing strings from xmas trees in the dark….not a skillset ;). my day after actual bday outtings were to a place called the steamboat smokehouse where it didn’t somehow look on the menu like a classic bbq joint but more of a deli.. so I got a smoked reuben. it was fun for the thrill of different and the coleslaw was about the sourest not bad mind just sour creamed kind I ever had… after was a tour of the sports authority to achieve an hour killed waiting for our movie… I saw a nice columbia coat which was med weight reflective cored or probably stylish for active wintering. the movie was christmas horror with Krampus and I laughed at how cheeseball horror is to me as in never remotely coonvincing ever. all of it was magical and i thought I told you this but if not here’s a retread hug just for you 😉

YAY for birthday reuben and movie, etc! I’m glad you got to do some stuff! 🙂
HA! “retread hug”! 😀 😛 I’ll take my hugs any way I can get them! 😉 😀
What do you call a frog hanging from the ceiling?
HollyJolly HUGS!!! 😀

under that revolting pun, why is it christmas at the hospital if the gal arrives? lI’m enjoying y one bday gift of a whodunit as an audio book. and must soon get to the other offering which is a book on cd of poetry….think now at that joke cd…seedy? ahhhhhhh.bliss. it’s khalil gibran’s the prophet. and the bday other audio offering is death and white diamonds by jeff markowitz. while my laundry isn’t switched as it was cold and damp the dryer goods previous to my load, I can’t soon enough sort that! I am being a complete happy one on this a day I’d otherwise be slogging about in the cold. my homor will return, I’m sure of it. of course as it was one too many days minus my one hormone I have neverending dreams of grandeur as somehow I’m affirmed if only… while I can’t actually play I can in my dreams 0 I do have at least the public speaking abilities and general crazy pluck….and of course right now a dang fine playlist ala google/yahoo/youtube! don’t worry I’ll have to take the drugs to take away the dreams of grandeur, but, just for a moment the muse flickers…. if you ever had to admit you know a few thoughts were just a little too zany?? 😀 providing one still knows not to allow harm to come of them 😀 so about after tomorrow, when I arrive in town to bash out a load of bills and maybe get up some smokes dancing the death of anyone seeing me luxeriate outside of what otherwise would be work 😉 i point out I’ve filed notice and no longer do the cart pushing/maintainance job at walmarts so you can also follow along, as we’re as a house closer to one joining up with the army however some of the stuff was stressy and not knowing it didn’t have to be was my day saturday last and I don’t need to e one more stress so I packed my uniforms and hung them on the assistants door with a note…this is calculatedly after I squeezed on more day out of the pay coming never leave with nothing more coming it’s lameo and as I expected holy hell all that next day I planned on how to disappear to town without the house and of course did not as it isn’t much of a big deal but even still it’s about that time, I never met a friendlier town where I still after 3 months made friend zero. and minus a support network or wads of cash to buy a network, I knew it was done when I became a burden on the sis to get me to and from so, alas nothing party I don’t work for a job I’m not good at that’s dangerous and uncomfortable and we’ve bison prime rib at the fancier place in town for christmas and then I’ll be in denver town after for a new more adventure… now till then I have to get exercise commenseurate with what I did on that job 2x a week at least or I lose any health bonus and such and soon that laundry which I haven’t much to do but I don’t have a whopping deadline either I’m to enjoy christmas in the rockies before I return to city living and whatever other adventure I wish… so you can follow that too, I have been to most everywhere in the continental states but high new england and the bible belt of the south this excludes montana northdakota and nevada.. but I figure I want neever again snow, cheap enough but not too cheap or small as I’m still a city boy just broker 😉 so I am currently also watching stephen fry in america the mississippi episode considering living in not persay the mississppi river course but still of that shadow in a town called tupelo mississippi sweet as tupelo honey is a van morisson song and everyone knows that the blues exist in the “delta” but most forget that so does fried chicken mmmm or food in general and geographically it’s not the biggest town nor so small it’s not on the map to nearby which is again all the other places I haven’t yet been. but it isn’t so outlandishly successful either that I couldn’t find a deal. so small I cant find a fringe job possibly…so small I cant get anywhere I deem cool, so look up on your youtube for stephen fry in america mississppi and if you want watch all of them…stephen fry was the mean general in most of black adder with rowan atkinson and with hugh laurie was a bit of fry and laurie over there previously that bubble bursting it was a masterpiece theater of them two as jeeves and wooster, then it was house for hugh and other things for stephen fry. someone mocked brittish food to him and that was unfortunate as he just turned around and said from the people who invented spray on cheese? I mean ouch 😉 other options include brownsville texas as it’s the southern tip of said allowing for mexico excursions at night mostly lolook around at all the holly and i.c.! 😉

Audio books are fun! 🙂 You got some cool ones!
I hope the new year is very good to you! That things fall into place and you have adventures of the fun fun FUN kind!
‘Cause often life just kinda’ (or not kinda’ but, DOES) kicks ass. 😦
HollyJollyHUGS!!! 🙂

it’s about time for post on possibilities so I can laugh as they all do and don’t come true 😉 but remember, yes, remember the hug 🙂 right now this is one of a fire in the fireplace, my clothes after neglect 😉 in the dryer enough of the vices and or foods to get into the next day, money enough if I’m careful to have options later and of course now too….dogs that magically bombed the house while I wasn’t apparently dog-sitting but the main devastion is burnt 😉 useful tinder makers they are! and magicalness all around even if I can not put any finger on why… it isn’t particularly different than any other moment but it is one alll to itself… hug.

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