this begins a bit of links on different high tech thermal and wear coating systems.  I know you probably don’t necessarily think this means more than guilding some junk, but I’d like to point out that it saves weight and expands longevity and cuts down signficantly in extensive usage of expensive materials some too.

here is a another threaded with 200 some more.

now, I doubt you’re thinking you’ll sit through this and geek out…. so i ask you to scan if you like at your pace and consider things like gel coated fiberglass… why? fiberglass is kinda cheap so if you see that beautiful green emeraldy coating about 3rd video in… you might begin to recognize the boat that is 4-% more scratch resistant and has a paint that’s 20% more likely to last in awesome shape that one more year so you can make more money selling say your boat you never use.  i doubt you’re wondering how to get a locomotive powerplant’s crankshaft to last 30% longer through overhaul cycles!

get in and go products that are almost impossible for the common guy to repair as technology marches on is a consequence of this variety of processes perhaps but, it’s nice you get in and go longer than ever.  craftmanship can still exist actually too… it’s quality built in or an average with savings allowed for BOTH manufacturer and consumer…. not build it like a tank and hope it lasts, build it consistantly and offer generous customer service / warranties and thus honour more of the idea than ever before as now one can… okay there is no point in building it so it outlasts even your later offerings…but a consumer can hope.

for instance with maintainance, old diesels might go a million miles…  consider a detroit deisel 2-53

this is a laughabbly funny sight… detroit deisel was gm deiself…. so to see a gm powerplant in a ford is amusing.  I ask you to listen to this sound you whom lived longer than 20 years know from…. yesteryear.    i give you a quieter machine first now for a far louder array of bigger motors… same ilk… why?  you may have seen the detroit deisels in the around town ttractor trailers like “roadway”  or older tractors.  but once your ears stop ringing consider some stuff….

this last is so you can get alllllll nostalgic for machinery with that last one 😀


70 h.p. or less for that first truck? wow.

but i also get to share a bit of math magic sorta…

Click to access 3sa353.pdf

or that above detailed listing of peak h.p. and torque…. but now

one difference

or if one was peak the other continuous… 30% less as well ….hmn,  and given aaplications…hmn…

all of a sudden weight for a say 353 cetroit deisel at around 1100lbs for a hundred hp


1100 lbs for 100 hp vs. 835 lbs for 300 hp  even if longevity is factored times move on… it’s no surprise the sounds of yesteryear are in yesteryear.

now i know I’m being square about it all… reminding one of asthetics. like how with a wrench roadside a man could cuss his way across the country… versus now one needs such higher sspecifications and specialized tools that it just isn’t the same and that big loss in independance is one point of how a robert persig can write a chord strummed in many’s hearts yet one just can not do exactly the same and time has indeed moved on.

it is why i can in theory know quite a lot but be so ill equipped to maybe just do it as it never is so simple.  such thinking only begets ME the trap of  if you didn’t make a production of it and all the things possible to go wrong dealt with…why bother starting it only begets failure.  or the robbery of time efficiency or whatever that elusive awe is in how others do things to cheers and most of us are happy to finish the race at all.  maybe i’m square here.  but i know today is better. but complexity itself isn’t better it’s more to go wrong.  higher cost.  less compeitant or available service, too.  answer me this too, who the hell ever collected an 80’s pressword stand?  who oo!s and ahs over solid wood elegance/permanance?  presswood is eviromentally responsible half the weight and 20% stronger under most conditions… or better yet it never will replace the desirability of of old world style.square.  square. square.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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howdie and how’z about thee?
work paid me yay. I’m tentatively pursuing the best in relation asking one of the coworkers out…. the job itself…lame but doable. now to hug thee and win at something.

I is good! And not even trying to BE good! 😉 😛
Loving life!
Ooh…let me know how it goes on asking the co-worker out! Good luck and best wishes to thee!
Always look forward to your cyper-hugs!
HUGS you back!!! 🙂

lol the early word was??? home and relaxation sounded better. next day on not a sight was spotted. so, the early word is? I’m thinking this was … not an instant mashed potato. hug-wise…hmn hows about hot mug hugs in honour of the weather.. you’ve the usual suspects like: hot choc, cider, mulled wine, tea, coffee and sleeping time just warm milk… but you also have optiion exotic lentil or the more amazing memory of lipton cream of chicken with oyster crackers too. today is a day of being glad after thinsulate gloves! doubled layering and thick socks with the insulated boots…….. 😀 and that it’s the last day of this paycycle for me so it’s like finishing the oomph with as little oomph required.

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