it’s about  a steam train.  it’s rather amusing to see plate after plate become one.  it’s also neat to see craftmanships.

it’s not new, it’s the glass top range of today…. it is more efficient with iron and useless with anything else non-magnetic that is.

I was reading the magazines today and today’s was ironware cooking you know those old time as in pioneer era cast iron pans? well aside from turning green beans grey, they do offer up food.  they’re fun in a way and also a spiritual link as they’re often the very same as what might have been extant in laura ingall’s wilder or similar forevers ago times.

weird is scratch living as in you want some ironware?  mine/process/smelt/cast your pan. go to that garden supply and get corn and grow it dry it grind it and now make  that meal into a meal.  nuts as it requires a lifetime of issues like how to insure for osha regulations a mine experience that is fast enough to be a “day”… obviously processes have to be streamlined to make a production tour as i don’t think iron takes zero minutes to heat from cold to molten and also cool down to package an item and yet  what the hell, it fun to get something  hand made by my hands so why not remember it’s not an everyday but it’s real money and thus somewhere there is interest providing insurance and safety is occuring.  please don’t pour molten iron on my shoes mrs. kent……

this list some steam cars including one worth remembering in lore, the Baker Steam Bar of which no extant vehicles currently exist… but

it’s fun to think denver could have been detroit.  obviously I’m happy detroit remained detroit because denver didn’t go detroit and i lived a lot more in denver 😀

again, the thoughts or circles in my mind are neat with cheap.  sure neat and expensive like space is also cool.  but neat and cheap I can do.

I like that he lights the headlamps in this leisurely tour of old tech… yes, gas lighting.

in other circles I’ve seen a lot of ghost movies.  i.e.  some runer guy who didn’t win/place in the munich olympics, steve jobs i.e. I’m not god I’m steven or some haha. I’m also remindeddemanding i somehow be a different someone really just is silliness,… okay, i didn’t get any money made or empire gaurd-safed tonight….it was fun and my day off.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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