notes from the underground

Quarter pound meatballs.

2 lbs ground chuck

1/2 package sargento pizza blend

4 slices toasted rye bread ( pumpernickle) ground to crumbs

2 eggs

muffin tin standard sized, makes 8 shiny light metal 375f preheated oven 40 minutes as this oven is 20 degrees cold or something.

making a patty with a thumbprint well to fold over cheese helpes. all were rolled outside in bread crumbs – this also helps.

results.  first. nothing can beat the joy of trying something done well and yet new. second, I’m not against rye I may do up this again. third, the cheese oozed so I may have to use frozen cubes versus shred cheese for next adventures – dont get me wrong I still had a cheesed center, just not a gooey pocket.

taste-wise i had failed to cover these in foil so the oven is in self-cleaning ode now, you may wish to note this and correct said for yourself!  lol back to taste yes the pizza blend with cheddar was tasty but literally tasted pizza-esque not chef boyardee esque so add rye and note I didn’t add salt or pepper either as I get to watch this religiously… I’m not against them and they are good but they did fail to wow me the maker.  their principal attraction is size and spiced wise the tomato basil classico sauce not the cabernet marinara I bought but that didn’t make it home boo. was what i had.  it didn’t wow me.  I will merlot the sauce nexst time.

happy adventures, i’ve a bowl of huge meatballs… or I’ve got the biggest balls of ’em all… sing that ac/dc!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “notes from the underground”

Good thing your oven has a self-cleaning mode as you tried this new recipe! 🙂
I think big meatballs are better than small meatballs…I mean if you’re gonna’ show and share your meatballs they might as well be big…hmm…maybe size does matter after all…at least when it comes to meatballs.
How are things in “the underground”!?!??
Saucy-HUGS!!! 🙂

dreaming of wine but equally happy not every day is for alcoholic beverages too. work’s real first day is wednesday where you’ll and I’ll see if i can nike slogan. I’ve kit tacos which I’ll get after here shortly as I’m hungry. tryin to lay low you know just relax more. 🙂 hug

sis apparently filed a formal complaint against one of my soon to be supervisors… no not fearing reprisal just disappointed they’d merit attention. i just want my job damn it. it just bodes poorly each moment that this mayn’t be that place…or a good fit. her logic, sis, was I applied on the 9.22 I was called for interview and drug screened before october yet begin as a group over 2 weeks later… annoying… the next complaint was how and for what I’m hired for which is purposefully loudly mentioned more of bathroom cleaning than ge4neral tasks …again there’s no call for nose-rubbing inning… and the otherto this is while on tour one of the assistant managers dressed down the second of my group for poorly being to dresscode the first day of orientation publically. now to add detail to this it saved the lady orienting no time to run us as a group as one computer straqaight up sucked and there’s zero reason she had to sit through another movie of the corporate koolaid, I can change a disc. odd though to here that I waited for electronics to fill my other orientee andI hear they do not need anyone in electronics at all. smelling head hunting for other stores… another detail to actual duties of job is obvious not so much that it’s beyond me but that it’s not the best fit considering I’m blind and slow and they wish me in a parking lot or making sure no splatters go unwiped on the commodes…neither task is inherently safe or well selected for me i can greet by way of comparison. odd to mention that over and over… anyways lastly to this is obvious director to dunny cleaner is interesting..what ax have these ladies to grind other than I’ll show you that we’re not a luxery cruise but a job. I am better suited elsewhere is all I’m saying. as to poopy public treatment such did occur and it’s odd as this place is perrrenially understaffed and yet they wish to treat people to public upbraiding which if not outright stupid is counterproductive and generally ill accepted as acceptable treatment. so as you hopefully see people dislike this current to do and for their reasons complain as sis has many also walmart employees at her shop and in general dislikes a few of the new to me but not her players. sis also suspects this is but a short interlude to working at city market or haha anywhere but walmart. if you’ve need of a detail. I’ve lived here overr a month. I still even hoping after employment at walmart shop anywhere but. it took me twenty minutes to find muffin cups and coffee filters which I idly chose as necessary after not spotting coffee filters walking the walmart aisle twice as they had some on the bottom shelf but the majority of their supply was in the housewares portion of the store and muffin cups not with muffin tins as was filters and coffee machines but in cake decorating again the other side of the store…none of which is easy to see so you might have been faster but that’s not the point it was actually frustratingly presented. or they hadn’t a rake I needed loppers sears had tin snips and boasted PRO garden equipment yet tin snips aren’t loppers so walmart which was admitedly better they had bolt cutters which are indeed closer to loppers lol but no equipment so I went to ace and spent many there because they were the helpful hardware place. sad really. I was also sent on a twofold mission to walmart for shoelaces and a butterfinger candybar. again hassle walmart I had to ask after the candybar and they only had the snack sized kind but I’ll grant tween their displays I found the 72 in laces I needed and better than nothing candy bars and left for 3.25 with tax. it just is frustrating that it took 40 minutes to achieve this and I had to get help, I’m independant. so now you know something of the layout of one place and who has stuff in town more so how about time killing, for walmart interviews I hang out at city market as they’ve coffee and books i thus buy a book or magazine and drink and enjoy some time. the folks are friendly…and better timed with asking one if they need help. I can not undersell the feeling of wanting to be places. walmart still isn’t one of them and I’d slap myself if i heard myself saying after a store tour to have to order a product one should bloody well have. but such is bad form to send business elsewhere 😉
here’s you tacos 🙂 hug hug just a background on being here

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