Wery Vint’tresting #2

in the previous blog-offering, I leave out how I wouldn’t mind some premium pinnacles of booze and their look/presentaion to try.   If I was in form within my stream of consciousness, I’d now discuss beer/wine – but nah.  Another facet of my world is fighting to make paid up so i can travel.  Let us pause on beer/wine for travel.

Who wouldn’t want love / friendship and a delicious chase of joyous sex?  I can’t count upon the love friendship/sex thing but, I can pick fun places to consider.  The latest is how to visit that chase and chase up something fun.  obviously, “romance” is within the adventuring not being whomp, here lets have unpassionate for you or anyone congress.  that’s about as romantic as a headcold.  why not instead adventure?
Derby, Wa, Australia.

This town sits upon the King Sound and has atide that is uniquely large in that it’s 11.8 meters from low tide to high tide orwell over 30 feet different which means wow can water come in! 30 feet can mean many hundreds of feet in linear distance between high tide and low.

This town was once upon the pioneer trail of early aviation as a hub of service from Perth to this town.  I’m rather sure some notions of old fashioned movies of the way back when ought be fun.

another point of interest is this smaller town’s annual festival of the boab.

you just imagine a nice summertime to me here in the northern lattitudes thinking of summer fun with winter approaching what amusement intantly this’d be.  also in the interest of lattitude as this town is not far from or within the tropics, even though the seasons are opposite the weather expects to be warm….blissfully warm. not firecracker hot.  not bad for a bit of music underr the stars?

perhaps a trip to jail?  the above picture is with people and probably doesnt display correctly… but this tree is JAIL.  it’s rather amusing.  it drops nuts that are wickedly high in vitamin C…but aw shucks, such are hard to gather if one is bunged up in jail inside the trunk!  hopefully someone at the music fests cover’s ac/dc ‘s jailbreak 😀

boab tree nuts nutrition is about 3:35 into this episode below… I’m sorry while this is within the Kimberly Country, it isn’t “Derby” exactly.

but imagine not the exactness of this reality lesson above.. but a more fairy tale type of beach with pot of oncoming seafood at sunset….

contrast this to something local?×272/hidden-island-buccaneer-archipelago.jpg/image_preview

a lil blues seems oddly appropriate for a bit of the what once was….    perhaps innappropriate for straight whiskey swillin’ and clams over sunset?  I mean, think back to that whiskey thing part of the last blog and dream Australia with me… Lark Whiskey

click if you aint lyin’ that you’re  of age.

“Fantastic whiskey”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 21, 2014

I always try and return to lark when I’m in Hobart. Their spirits are fantastic to taste always with something different available.
The added benefit is the 100 or so scotches from around the world that you can also work your way through. If you wanted a whiskey bar this is for you.

so tasmania… the tasmania devil from acme cartoons… the devil of a lil whiskey… hmn… I think it just doesn’t quite catch the ambience of old piano.. you?  you don’t think abit of the straight up.. well, perhaps something more in keeping with a lark into history with or without the actual lark whiskey… perhaps an Aviation?
the purple is Creme de Violets…  yes, yes.  I can think THIS and Clams, You?
yes, a fine fancy cocktail from a different age with some elegantly presented stuffed clams?
driving off into that for a 25 hour return journey to perth town after a few days festivalling sure wouldn’t be the normal piss around town overpaying for bullshit drab sights everyone already saw…  i guess in a way i demonstrqte i felt i grew up in a small town… nevermind it’s a city/county now and never was small with 50k people to this town’s 4500.  well anyways. enjoy a warm notion of what’s still neat out there.  and soon enough, duh, I’ll wax beer and wine.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Wery Vint’tresting #2”

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia! Interesting info on Derby!
I’ve always wanted a player piano or a juke box!
No such luck on any of those things…so far! But, it could happen!
Do you enjoy small towns?!
HUGS!!! 🙂

I was trying to find a storied way to charm my favorite internet gal pal out of her shorts so 😀 I just somehow tripped over the town name and looked it up… the fact was it was historically the terminus for the early air travel from perth town where this one lives and I just was wiki-ing and image searching and voila 😉 it gets out of hand with me 😉 Ia simple visit and all of a sudden it’s an epic road trip armchair style.

yep and a foreign exchange # too. rather amusing voicemail greeting too – if you dont leave a message in five seconds, this phone will self-distruck… good luck (mission whatever leslie neilson)
yeah, I remember fondly getting kicked in the kroger’s because I asked the lass where the proper aisle was and then ever so sarcastically pointed it out for myself..ouch.. 😀 (real road trips – that one through kentucky which I got to have a smoke within so off the list it went..on the way to middle of nowhere ville which is all ohio excepting perhaps toledo if on the way down from michigan for wine or cleveland’s retro looking bus terminal…) I still also remember lake macconnehehay can’t spell all of a sudden it’s near the town of ogalala, nebraska and a beaut of white sand about a reservoir…reminds of the sand for the ashtrays in the old old malls which reminds me of a mini roadtrip from within detroit to the old now demolished fairlane mall which had a monorail from the mall to the whichever fancified hotel at the far end of the lot for fantastic ice cream sundaes which blends with another trip to some lake near town where I got a whopper of a sunburn soooo bad my ears were literally crispy fried caput for a time oh blessed solarcaine! (but the trip there minus the lauden wainwright 3rd’s dead skunk in the middle of the road stinkin’ to high-heaven… was “future hits!” which featured kool and the gang’s cherish…which brings us to a more planned road trip to meet up with a previous roommate/pal/friend/ person of true epic character..hide the silver…in vancouver, wa where upon arriving in portland, or- Iwent i swear straight to a market and got me up a bag of cherrystone clams which while I didn’t get to clam on the beach and in general spent half the trip with a nasty case of wood-foot thanks to plantar faceitis or however that’s spelling painful cant walk…I mean I gont tell you how much fun it was to roll through the highway miles past the astoria or corkscrew bridge to washington stopping for ranier beer for the thuroughly perhaps illegal sip and sightsee home…as a passenger mind. other adverturesome moments were grabbing a burger at the macdonald’s in nyc only to return later to visit a pal over from ireland prior to him kicking the bucket… hint I’ll fondly remember as much as i get to. 😀 or perhaps walking around little roundtop gettysburg national memorial…after the epic movie from turner home entertainment…ahhhh. or perhaps the surprise smile of a smart bum in d.c. I wont lie I want money for wine so i gave him some but what floored me was he remembered me on the return way through! trying to chat up the nice gal in dallas to no avail returning from that nyc trip or the wave on wave of heat predawn in ft lauderdale fla on the way there to nyc which was worse than the charlotte trip first exposing me to the deep south 20 years before. or the stroll through anaheim ca during 11-2pm heat of it all only to not get sunburned at all weird. I did of course truly have issues a decade later trying to walk lincoln nebraska’s streets I serious got heat stroke and literally nearly had serious issues…it was weird the almost smiling gloom that was b oise idaho on the way over to oregon/washington overcast/rain and a smile? werid. or the total fail of getting a beer in salt lake city utah which is the only point to that town heh…it is however significantly prettier than denver to my chagrin. I enjoyed many a wyoming meander with it’s castles in the sky paintings of pictures all clouds or godfather’s pizza and prior to that the prettiest patch of colorado reminding me of a imagination of scotland only the colorado is of course colored red in it’s hills. I enjoyed the deep grey of the rocks on the way from florrisant from divide colorado when at camp and still dream that look as a fine kitchen/bath look….the petrified redwoods were dirt boring. I enjoyed the cigar collection in the library of elpaso and also mezcal and beers in the seedy side of town…very glad for a guide as I am like a blinking target in fancy neon otherwise :D…but nothing beats the road trip to her house in el paso and she makes? penis shaped green sugar cookies?…some people have far too much time on their hands. another meander of a tri all over oklahoma showed me…what? scenery worth seeing in oklahoma?? oooo purdy! and that was about the best pizza of my memory a hot fresh mushroom pizza or was it a supreme all i remember was that it was quite delicious…i love watching the moon chase the car or vice versa just south of trinidad colorado into new mexico it’s eerie and delightful. I remember the arch in st louise and that omg wow what a bad driver only to learn missouri is the only state for upwards of 2005 I could still easily obtain a liscense…I’m legally blind… o_O
there is a feel of approaching ground zero of a bomb called chicago appearing out of nothingness in illinois and hard as i try I have been deep into nowhere indiana but I cant remember a damn thing about it but I’ll never forget it’s the only state where it’s illegal to transfer my bags myself whilst traveling greyhound and thus big surprise my bag arrived 3 days later minus a carton of smokes…I’d have happily rathered they swipe the unlabeled full bottle of codeine instead, it is more expensive and desirable…conneticut is boring mostly unless you have a pile of money and new jersey flew by and richmond virginia I was kindly warned by the cabby not being paid to tell me so that I should go for a stroll over there or I wouldn’t likely return…I took the advice. and you really should see the smokies of tennessee and nc. kansas is far more boring than oklahoma

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