wery vint’resting

Come on!  Speak the title like you’re the worst Vampire in the land!  Wery Vint’resting.  pretend you almost care.  Laugh maniacally when it appears you either may or may not…you know, actually care.

Dire Straights has a popular concert tune “brothers in Arms” wherein the line of note to me is, ” it is written in the stars and every line of your heart.”  It amusees me that this week such is a writing prompt.  When i think of destiny….written in the stars is a fine cliche for this concept….I think of finding some wonders whim.  I know fairy tales are invented.  oh we want them or Disney wouldn’t have made so much money or movies.  We want the Lies.  so, here are coming are a few lies of mine… interests.


lists come and go but wanting the best there is still has that draw.   I have a job about to begin so I seet up a check or two to the struggle after something joyful.  Most of you are smart enough to know this fairy tale already died as that is written in the stars 😉 with little things like oh oops emergency e.r. visits over bogus labwork meaning more than one check covers that bill coming which is perfectly timed to arrive in time for wrecking any of the complete bliss of these lists of interests as it is also written in the stars that I wish to be responsible for ME and able to take the little disappointments just when I worked hard to get ahead to have one more challenge just when it was MY TURN.  bad atittude?  I dare say it’s true as I hear I do it wrong demanding some kind of people giving a doo doo when we all know such is a choice neverminding whatever evidence.  but enough of the fight for love and glory which is a lyric of a different song, “as time goes by” famously part of the movie ‘Casablanca.’


whiskey is popular the world over. it is hailed as an accessory to both rich and poor living.  at heart it’s a spirit typically of grains only distilled and sometimes aged or left to rot in awooden barrel.  the mystical where this elixer is made is important as many places seek to be that all important where in the world of getting more for their product.

scotch wiskey.  glen livet tops the list of the majority of lists I’ve read for the best in scots whiskey.  I only did a johnny walker tasting/education in scotch so Iam partial to them.  they also did well making it to like 2nd or 3rd.  I forget the movie  save it was about Enron wherein one of the filthy rich execs  from poor to palace is displayed to consider johnny walker’s Blue label which is now dropping in price from 10 years ago from $20 a 750ml/quart to 170 minus shipping…. or about 10 less than it was at 199 most of the time. he drank it as his everyday scotch…I beleieve the actor here was gene hackman but I may be in error.  so as such is quite the stretch to procur, It, blue label despite the glen livet edge is one wery interesting for my list.


tequila is also a spirit made and sometimes aged in wood.  however it isn’t a grain but a century plant.  aging doesn’t necessarily improve the flavor of tequila unlik,e its mystique within whiskey.  I wouldn’t know, i always thought price was the point by which quality was measured… okay so i wasn’t always intelligent… I only get so many clues so often!  thus I can’t say i’m aware of silver or blanco tequila very much as I chased anejo’s  tequila of a silver / blanco type isn’t heavily aged but vibrantly itself, repisado is aged some and anejo’s more but sometimes the silvers are artificially coloured gold with burnt sugar/saramel color as so many people desire the golds believing they’re the best…

the above is Porfidio Tequila which is a rebrand of a variety of the major tequila producers leftovers.  I can say it was the best i ever had in experiences.  I would like to haha. complain when I got mine, I got two shots of 15 as the non-drinker thought it wasn’t teuila but damn tastey water and guzzled it down before the week was out and my return for another try.  I doubt knowing now that this being a rebrand is worth chasing again. as so many things come and go.. jose cuervo’s oak aged offering being another lovely experience as well no longer available… but I keep me an eye out as many like tequila over any whiskey.  I haven’t liked herradura.

ice cubes

yes, in star trek’s reboot, there is use of these fancy ice cube things for a neat look.  I’m interested and at 10 versus 200 it’s much more attainable than expensive hooches.


I find it funny to note i’m currently banned from around the house consumption as a, i’m good at it and b, they’re on a diet…. so in a way it’s rather amusingly useless to chase any of this stuff as there isn’t any purpose in owning what is contraband.  also, new doctor and lessening labs in general nevermind if one was “bogus” and by bogus i mean it was emergency one day and the very next morning no different than my typical range..none….expensive crying wold doctor!!… but nevermind I have to be better and have help in lack of encouranginging hooch or booze/beer etc.  dream  come true really I have encouragement hmph 😀 so as you might be surprised I really do not drink everyday and am limited nicely to bar rates for a drink like for instance with a small spot of food and two of us consuming as the third was on a diet it wasz $58 for 2 for me and a snack and 3 for fishy and the snacks were chicken wings and a basket of fries.  such is literally like me hitting a liquor store and buying a bottle of perhaps not johnny blue but certainly johnny black and some mixers.    I also highly doubt by the time this diet try is done it’s a diet but a complete lifestyle change.  so in a way I expect to ?  return back to dreaming .  i mean I can have a lot but what’s the point if in some way you cant “share” be that haha you’re not getting any or ooo what a fine swill etc.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “wery vint’resting”

I thought so! 😀 I’m gonna cough cough, dust dust for you on the laugh-in comment as I’m not old enough for it 😀 😛 though I do remember a lil reran carol burnett so, in a vein like her saying hello in super secret gest I’ll itch my head…you’ll giggle thinking what definitions head are and I’ll just say I’m not itching the bathroom 😛

HA! 😀 I’m not old enough for the Laugh-In comment either…my granny told me about it! 😉 *snort* 😛
HA! yes, Carol Burnett always pulled her ear to let her grandmother know she was thinking of her and saying, “Hello”. My granny told me about that, too! 😉 :_D
Ha! on you itching your head to say “hello”! 😀

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