the orientation wont be speedy.  I’ll know maybe next thursday the fifyeenth.  I applied 9.22 after changing adress 9.21 and obtaining a new dic apptmnt.

new doc aoointment was a horror as every number slide.  I’ll be back 10.16 to tell of my back to good behavior..  I did solve which bastard drug causes me complaint though. the triglyceride lowering one.  with normal operating sugars i.e. “low” for me, it was not instant complaint but as it was evening med cycle I wasn’t surprised 5 hours later night on schedule through windiness there came the two stepping complaint middle of the night.   also real tamales are not on as that with fasting was strataspheric.  I doubt anyone will take surprised faces that being good only means the backlash of whatever bad has to wash away first so today my numbers with everything suck.  it’s as if I’m ill and haven’t any sensitivity at all.

I’ve a small pet rake and scoop and bags to clean slowly a typical backyard over done with leaves.  at 2 bags a day not including cleaning shoes and sink / me I suspect I’ll deplete the task to done ready for the 1/4 leaves left to be ready for real man tools like a leaf blower and fast work by wednesday next week.  I really do not have anything better to try after.  also it frightens the dog to have me mow through his scents. – the other dog should give birth to more puppies this time 10  according to xray….and i mean between all of this.  it really stinks in the yard. alll the time here and two big dogs no doo doo patrol seemingly and voila frightened dog thinks I’m steeling his home away. so area by area cleaned so he can remark more gently and if I remember right leaves really under snow make for more nasty accident ice so might as well fix the main yard so chasing them mightn’t be lethal.  plus the front yard without dog matters should proceed swiftly enough and if i’m right I’ll have the majority of the leaves done the week before halloween.  neighbors appreciate that, I think.


I should have a major project done.

I’ve tightness with lttle relief til november.

I’ve no love reading I thought I did good but really its as if i didn’t bother medically

or, back to normal somewhere else.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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