10/06  – Tuesday .

I quit my Previous job via noricw 57 day ago

I qorked it’s visit day yesterday

new guy was noticing I had the senior gold badge. mom noticed he talked “aassistantant” and upcoming europe. I noticed he brews…pardon the pun if he’s of said heritage.  Obviously, I’m short meeting three new people of which I met two.  one for activities the other for  help her out for a few puffs…literally puff puff puff gotta go. 😀 – such reminded me of mom and not smoking but  a cigarette 2-5 times.  I would like to think I learned how to get even traditionally incapable people to participate more, but I ran my raison detre of bingo and and was left 3 who couldn’tn’t play and I chose a poor seat to accomadate them  and thus am grateful that others helped.  I was surprised and pleased I see they start earlier which still doesn’t solve the doldrums of the afternoon yet is proactive about bleeding more participation more often…and no fault of mine I literally arriving 55a minutes early was infact 20 minutes late.  I also noticed the lock to our supplies was entirely removed… I’m not sure they understand how much it means to carry a shop key…however again I’d like to note that it appears they’ll continue the assistant’s imput into the heart of their days which still is responsibilities.  I’m forever shocked at the appearance of inempt electronics use yet I applaud how the actual football game is a scheduled item which means I’m not cheating to try and get up a social event of game watching orother scheduled fun.  I am especially pleased that there is an actual description of all activities or close so that anyone like me the assistant previously can jump in and find the materieals/resoures to run the schedule.  I know this sounds dumb but calling the boss on a scheduled or not day off always was and forever will be something to avoid- like plague.  or, I can happily say yay to the place and also just as fairly note the differences between my directiors….I will say that my previous one whom hired me was far more anal about cleanliness and order as well as keeping care of her abilities and timliness than any. who have come.  my first director I cant comment as everything was always handed to me yet I remember the joke about bingo so well, wed play socialist bingo here, everybody wins and i carry that to this day.  my own few days as director are just stand in I cant complain as i tried to hold our papers in order til our next arrival came.  my then 4th director  was amusing and technologically savvy yet afrid of ballons for whatever reason and unfortunately shortlived there… this 5th in my time shall indicate it isn’t a pleasure cruise of a job.

I’m thus 19 days into this new life

I was whiz quized for my job up here last week and do not expect to start until next week as i expect this place is smart to let the ninety days elapse after the first week of the year and thus all the returns and after christmas melee of making/keeping the money yet not quite have to hire anyone onto health insurance or rights.

my computer is set up.  it’s set to 730p resolution and thus my 46 inch tv is my only monitor and while most think this is a thrill of big, I physically see 1/5th the screen and cant read even that well.  but I have movies for my room now and basic internet. 😀

I am not on the coorslight fitness challenge which is nothing drank past the strength of coors light til the morning of the first.  I’m on the random no beer anything nothing boo whine lifestyle.  laugh but I’ll live longer and be less a nuissance.

I know this means I just dont get to drink at home  which is okay I suppose I’m sinally able to walk to a place pay my bit and enjoy a night and not share really.

I’m curious as to whether I can begin the movement towards meeting more people as I just am not a good friend activily anymore.  I mean its not hey how’s you gimme a ride here’s ten bucks for time and gass which oops is actually fifteen as most vehicles here are higher operating costs.  I mean friends where I genuinely care to know what’s up in their lives.  which means maybe I’m not a mooch even with gas money.  I’m still on to learn more chinese which should be tomorrow for dumplings/potstickers 😀

I bought 2 packages of crackers so I shant run out of crackers  as I like my crackers with soup not the other way around.  I should take my meds I haven’t ssince moving and survive yes but its clear I’m at ten hours natural sleep of slowly falling again with occassional naps if I eat pizza or shit you know I shouldn’t and so should I like carb-tastic foods.  I’mthus able to say I’m capable if it works or people care and i plug into this or it can be just a move.    I suppose I should go enjoy something of the day versus this here the carpet burns awaiting me if i get too passionate about writing.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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