please bear what one cam

as one bears thrice what one can’t

life has a pricelist.

heh. I think it’s far to say I’m not retaining the privilage of adult beverages at home.  I’m free to make my life my own concern and make sharing mine a joy to hear of butthere is noeasy path tothis happiness.  I’m not without luck or hope with the notion of a traded bit of work for dollars but the opening moves really challenge me.    I’m reading as i cant seem to spot a computer about as mine’s still not up yet… interestingly enough, much of my reading rings of justice and spirituality.

larry mcmurtry’s roads is the latest favorite spot near my dedicated path through the big town library as it is suspiciously similar to the anniversary refollow of robert persig’s zen and the aret of motorcycle maintainnance by some mark fellow  larry M is responsible for Lonesome Dove which many including me only saw as a epic miniseries on tv.  I went from duluth to dalas in my time reading what I could later enough of a puff provided me with a little stroll onward down to laredo.  the is a beautiful swatj of changing america here.

I finished kitchen confidential by anthony bordain which to me is a precursor to meeting his fame within a cook’s tour.   I cant seem to fail to understand that as he puts it, success in a minor measure is lucky too – but there is no slouching to chase this luck and it’s miserably difficult til its a cake walk.  he represents what a blessing can be to me.  of course I eat up the ideas and likely am too lazy to practice the actual advice of how to improve what I know like he seems to what i aint got.  for instance sure i will practice sauce fanciness soon enough but plating will never be a skill of mine nor intricately observable skills…not without the death of authenticity like using tools…no, not an extension like a knife in a hand I mean a safe mandolin…contradiction to anyone who knows what potential woulds these tools conjur or create!I

‘wonder what this next week’s offering of myself are? so do I.  I lead out hoping for a touch of respect interest and walked away a director not good enough to dishwash.  of course this isn’t true and I have a shot at my luck!! lol  but to see what I was praised for unprized is demoralizing to say the least, excust me the rare moments I am inevitably human.  I know the thing I dreaded the most moving here the improvement in transportation challenges is more vital here and now than when it occured to me choosing to move, no car, no job.  no good at hitchiking as it’s far more fun to honk and whiz past than see the truth i can but barely hold a safe life?  no it’s not 6 miles I could walk but 20?plus a nip off the bus rides in big town?  that’s my reality as is the real truth if i want a job I’ll likely work only weekends and holidays again with a cab fare part time or is it even worth the effort? likely not  but no use crying or crawling back!  I came to enjoy the winter.

my first cooking things are a box of macoroni cheese which the prepack sauce refused to spread correctly.  my second thing was a roast of pork siliar to the book recipe I wished to explore which  is salvagable but I actually can be careful of chinese rice wine… it also isn’t instant yum nor is I I already know I’m not a hoisin sauce fan – so big surprise the roast pork in rice wine and sauced is edible but lol no where near my favorite! the last in lucky threes is brown rice which was rice cookered with about 2 parts water to one of rice…it was crunchy! wee!  and salty too.  or, laugh a little with me on this battlefield.  no one has time for frowns when they can chase smiles.  whatever I can not bear today will be paid in interests later…so Hello.  how am I? FABULOUS!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I neglect the completion of alan dershowitz’ the genesis of justice which covers why abraham argues for the innocent and loses! and abraham commits attempted murder and is praised…and a variety of other thrilling tails to remind me of?? lowest common denominators.

In my down-time-recovery-from-surgery-time, books are keeping me company, too. I like hearing about what you read about! 🙂
Hope things get easier soon…and the good job in your future will present itself soon!
I hope you really do feel fabulous…because you ARE fabulous!
Chopstick-HUGS!!! 🙂

I call after the interview ala face at 10 am it’s tuesday or 10 or more days into being here. in the grand swcheme of things and my general luck I’m doing well. yay even if this isn’t the one. because it was november to march 2 houses back thand two plus years to be offered a job… if one accounts for the last outting at this 😀 I finished kitchen confidential but I noted that in a comment after the listing of books and I made the pork roast like the book said to sorta and then made the last of it that’s friday to monday now right on that food handling line into pork fried rice…no oil so odd thing the house with a chef had only margarine…chef’s have gilfriends lol and two eggs cracked into rice after the pork was diced down and warmed then a splash of soy sauce. as it wasn’t white rice but jasmie brown that was cooked in saffron, smoked sea salt and a peppery garlic medly known as montreal…nope not chicken this time steak….the beef version is more peppery than the chicken one’s garlically.. okay I wont but not I did it and it was edible… but I didn’t knock myself out of the park with this book so far.

oh soup spoon hug you know not quite fondling in the dark “spooning” but wide for drama arms awaiting you. no grumbling, you know darn well you’d have to buy me dinner first for the other kind 😛
and yeah, while it’s back to a normalcy and I’ve seen pretty you sneak onto fb and see and thus while it’s not a homerun yet lol I’m happy enough.

LOL I have NOT seen you… I offered you a chance to go to MY fb lol. I’ll likely do a post with pretty just for you soon enough not yet though 🙂
hugs takes too long. 😀 me lazy but hugs.

🙂 in all honesty it’s amusing remembering the days before that are now. I had two or three picture piles lost one was nice to link to but didn’t remote host – webshots it was from 11 years ish from 2001 to 2011ish I forget when it ended exactly but when it went it took a trip with the then community of mini owners up and over trail ridge road with a line of minis you’ll know I was useful here because repeats of it’s concept still occur of the whole world within the side or rearview mirrors. or the classic cars out from 2002 where between then and 2003 I took to cutting objects directly out of pictures. what was ssaddest was the reason I started was camp 2001’s entire photography sumer you’ll see the occasional point or snap of that for instance this one that went elsewhere… this is my old account but the picture cross the top is flowers from june of 2001 which is easy to remember as camp went to Cheyenne mountain zoo – this means Cheyenne mountain is that whats moving place in a mountain and otherwise known as norad but lol the zoo isn’t in the military place just close….and very much Colorado springs, co. previous boogers where my first camera no not a William henry Jackson or some superstar but I liked that day near moffat tunnel snapping a picture of the sky off a parkred locomotive awaiting her turn through. I know somewhere that my favorites of texture said poof thanks to picturecave another place I had some unknown then pics of lady saxophonist in black and white and a variety of fancy pictures and they reminded me of where the hell went this or that snap of tempera paint on a spinny plate…why? I wanted that kindergarden teacher, damnit! of course it didn’t work out. do I remember everything…. heavens no but I have a dang fine recollection of many things…. kinda like garrison keeler in a book saying how he lost a previous manuscript and it instantly becomes the greatest American novel…like my pictures lost likely oare thaqt 😀 😀 but lol intesting is this is, the point is the mountains of times spent taught me that it takes forever and I til work starts lol I goot hired on my own at walmart to go from director to dunny cleaner and cart pusher…well til that starts you know I haven’t lol any complaints of time as I’ve so so much… but I’ll admit lazy I don’t feel like fighting electronics- I did that last night finding my computer bobble carrying my big tv from basement to attic for it of course not to work. I may get that bobble to a little monitor that’ll then take hdmi impute rather than an older system of conections known as dvi… this means I might have a little bit of now not trash to give away.. but I fight enough things my phone to another’s computer not my own isn’t my idea of fun so 😀 hug patience I try to move through it all.

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