two steps, two left feet.

dancing with answers honest

did I again fall

I love interviews!  I do poorly with putting me forward honestly.  I am legally blind thus I mustt seem limited and I am in that it’s harder for me to deal with loss prevention.  I am legally blindd and thus by obviousness I’m disallowed to drive and thus have to work reliable transportation sound great.  I’m told people haven’t time for even this many words.    so, why not a few more?

what does an activities assistant do?  I’m responsible for my calendar. I run myy activities and deal with my residents, volunteers and once or twice had call to train incoming employees….in a limited way.  I’m asked why I didn’t make director.  I can’t think of any answer past that there are some political considerations that make this a poor fit.  the longer reason is simply this, I do not physically know a lt of people thus have fewer ways to make instant activities/volunteers fall into place magically or otherwise.  I am thus not creating the answers and executing them….am am thus an assistant.  I happen to be well liked but I am an assistant by performance.I’m not sure that the answer I give doesn’t sound like foulness is in play when there isn’t any.  I can’t think of a better swift way to explain myself than this though.  in one sense I am DAMN good.  In another I simply am what I am.

I wasn’t asked about my solid transportation past my hours available.  I ask after a specific set of them based souly on my garunteed piggybacking upon others responsible for their job and unlikelly to fail as they’ve years proof and the keys to the store itself.  however I can only say I am blind and do not drive thus I’m available via others who run a nearby shop.  not work…run.  I hope that’s clear.

thus, enjoy with me the pins and needles of hope that I’ve a tad bit of a chance.  I’m not taken to lying thus I know I must honestly sound like I shoot myself practically down….or at least I percieve again that I may.  I’d like my  10 maybe hour shift as heh, I’d like to maximize my time having to come in early and be stuck all day till the close of the other’s shift.  30 or close hours at nearly what I made at my last gig would be tastey.  while I’m not recently in retail, I do like gadgets some PD  more than this I’m capable of helping people within work and publically too.  but let’s take a ticket to real street, I want my shot at a tasty pay check.  mmmmm.      hope with me I am not my own enemy!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “hope”

it’s rather difficult in that sense to know without fail what I face. I don’t face a bad reference, mine are usually good to excelling. it’s just I fight the one chance to be the dream come true. just like I file 2 aps and get one call. I’m not saying life’s mean but I really do try to be carefully fitted. we’ll see if I can bring myself and my notions of class blended with 😉 world class customer service to a …walmart.

lol the best is yet to come. the alarm is off, I’m showered and have time to be ready for my trip to town. I will get the distinct pleasure of visiting a variety of places. I’m mooning for the interview of course but it’s the library, some breakfast and this big town’s old folks home as for some reason 😉 I think I’m qualified to help if needed. 😀 and then a store/somewhere else to apply should it be a wastes.

those who follow commentss will note today didn’t gain me employment. I went to walmarts – the lady had a step back reaction when meeting me and didn’t contact her counterpart. I must wat. I then went to the onlyu gig in town to which i was a dirie\\ector previouslyu of my de3partment and couldn’t even get shit…not even a chance to be a fucking waiter in dietary. to say the least, I’m a tad low… but before you commiserate!! the climate up here is about to clear for ski fever ski season! the main mountain is d\ue up after turkey day…thus everyone who got theirs will be leaving two weeks or less prior.. so early merit bullshit, but overall merit fucking smug. yes. smug. I’ll leave like anyone else as i no longer fucking care. bullshit walks not proof. I swore I should lie, I knew it wasn’t me but forgive me If I see little ethical need to care gimme my paycheck and fuck yourself while I watcdh. i wish this world were nicer. but nice doesn’t pay.

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