yes. i have a few pictures

yes i cant yet find all my cords

Farmer’s Market, OctoberWest, kiwi curries sunset happyhour via the gondola up the ski mountain bear meat chili rellenos. and blackberry gins mark the weekend up here where i did indeed take off from the morning adventure today as I felt all fuddy duddy about wanting to get the stuff from the basement garage to my room or the kitchen.  I walked by a bagillion girls/ladies/women whichever yet the only person who said hello was someone behind me on the way to the men’s room so pardon me if that get’s the ignore.

my first official thing cooked was a box of macoroni cheese.  I have a pretty shirt and clean pair of pants left to walk to the only place i can think of to attempt a job with one  or two backups just so I don’t complain.

the best thing at the beer fest/west thing wasn’t even beer but redstone meadery  they had a black berry something inexpensiver and hoppy wheat something both being tasty and my delight of the place.  the best beer at the beer fest/west was blue spuce ‘s pa which was rather wimpy by anyone’s pa standards but it is the only beer I went back to try again 😉  chocolate shake by a boulder company something  but it’s chocolate shake chocolate porter was worth a mention  butcherknife also had aheiffeweissen that was not roasty like benediktiner’s but again worth a mention.  no one impressed me with their cider.  no one impressed me memorably with their red.  I chose to avoid the food as nothing struck me worth the sugar no no it’d have to be after 15 four oz. samples bbeer…. i could have tried well over a hundred different beers if I’d liked to try.  I rather wimped out.

I was all ready to make dinner as sis’ boyfriend had a bike accident  which I insufficiently awwed as I knew they all were supposed to rent bicycles and while painful bike wrecks aren’t often too horrid….but he meant he had a motorcycle wreck….poor fellow!  I was offering boring but doable looseburger/meat sandwiches on onion buns.  I again assumed they didn’t go shopping for all required for tonight’s plan after a bike wreck/fall… wrong so all pitched in to make the bear meat chili rellenos happen – lightly beer battered crisply fried with sauce and beans .  new glarus beers or your favorite.  lol sometimes you know you just didn’t pop up with the right idea… this was evidenced twice as I didn’t win cards against humanity…. I was ass place…. no no, do not worry.  I will survive and likely have to listen to some gloria gayner too.

I note that I got on facebook after days away really and it was amusing to see 8 notifications and one message…. not from my favorite/s either.  it’s like I am the wow that’s just gonna have to sit here by the fire because it’s all warm and cozy… and i walked by seriously 1000’s of people and only got one hello on the way to the men’s room?  sheeeeit.

laugh with me as well as mr biked under let us drive him and his wheelchair about on steamboat’s mountain….dirt paths as it’s not the season obviously… I was only interested that I didn’t get voted worst driver although 😉 if you’d like statistics… I had to have been as I hit more things and whatnot than anyone… however, I didn’t leave and don’t leave people the impression I’m not in control 😉  helpful impression me thinks.  however  I’m quite sure wheelchair skills are memorable to most.

well, on my way to see if I can get some dough goin, I’ll change my address, I suppose.

ps. I suppose I should note that the fire first of the year is still toasty warm and yet I’m not in front of a drinky poo…boo. but it seriously is cold already as in one standard walmart /target/kmart quilt spread is JUST NOT ENOUGH to beat the chill…. but snug under my choice of 4 other blankets leaves me pleased I owned some. yay..

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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