little niceties

interestingly, to me,  I find a lot of what i want available at walmart and oddly no where else.  I tend to avoiid walmart as I’m a horrendous snob.  tea-ball check sushi mat, check.  smooth touch can opener and an electric model as well check check. wide flatware soup spoons …sorta check as it came up via sponsored links….however 30 for 12 spoons seems a tad retarded….  you know what i mean – the wide wide soup spoons foyou used to see at chinese sit-down places before the went to the horrendouse mini shovel porcelain ones I don’t like.  cake decorating bag solutions and a handy handy brush for those hard to clean items not just the cake bag… you know like nipple brushes for bottles which wheen you go looking for them you can not ever find?? affordable electric range element replacemet.  check check and check if you’re counting.  areasonably priced  waiter’s corkscrew for when you can not ever find  such an item.    check.  penny matches. check. bulk purchaseable lighters of the cigarette kind…check  a variety of silicone tools so that cooking is scratchless and yet i melt /burn for less things.  i mean at this point  about the only thing i can think of left is a sillicone single serve salad dressing shaker… and if walmart had that, shoot score…. if not, bed bath and beond does.  glass with proper lid for soup/freezer storage again available at the walmart, are the ver handy itty sized jelly jars which make auxilery drinks glasses of the adult kind… I mean dang.

my direct supervior quit work yesterday as in friday mid-day.  I doubt i’ll get a reason about the why that sums that up to eliminate curiousities.  I am set to work today sunday monday and tuesday the sixth seventh and eighth as my last days with one odd hold out day in october the 5th to prove on paper i completed the rules of 2 years of work quarts…as they calculate information a bit differently.  I’m trying to decide how nice to be to the remaining department head in that it isn’t my fault the other gal my direct supervisor left…but how much if any will it improve my image to helicopt to the rescue ?  fundamentally i leave as I know/suspect I’ll just be a day older and spent and have been forever there.  the reasons i might feel this way are each and all incoming social workers have always altered my work/duties/schedule and not for the better but in a way that has me reprove repeatedly I’m useful and competant at all….now the latest is the department head as my area has moved under that one’s control in which to have a grander scope of it not being activities but resident care services…just one more boss lol.  couple that with i’m likely to have reason if i did all of my duties to need patient information – I’m scooted away from the charts and last time managed to be given the wrong information altogether via whatever snafu.  you’d say this isn’t much of any big deal and it isn’t but birthdays are expected to be observed…kinda even at the most basic level need fairly sensitive information that as you can see I’m not encouraged or trusted to utilize.  paperwork is always going to be a difficulty in that i can not see well and yet time is important and so is documentation- i currently handwrite all mine knowing only the selected and necessary bits are used  nand not credited as my work.  so, knowing the things that ultimately get me paid in the current situation are not to be my responsibility…normally fine – less hassle and work but remember if I don’t do the money bits, I don’t get to be the trusted competant person- this leaves me not just to feel but be a dead end job holder.  so, while i don’t blame or even bat an eyelash to say this stuff- you have some insight into why i see the preverbial writing of dead end job and no further development coming – remember if i cant get a birthday, how can i be trusted to pass judgement on employing others?  I’m very much capable of managing my twelve charges and leading 150 people…but here i’m a distrusted and or coddled chump  my primary value is i show up…on the weekends.  or,would youlaugh with me about perceptions?  i mean no kidding jail is jail and if i do my job wrong I get the priviledge to attend it… it probably is a blessing I feel blocked… the last time i fought like hell to run a register after a verified proven job of cash handling over a million dollars-i literally was  measured by the checks  by side inches processed….but i was denied to run a cash register at the 7-11  think it’s unfair what i have to prove to work?  well, it wasn’t personal of mean to the disabled, it was the lady retired 3 months later after being 140,000  dollars out of kilter with her inventory and months of hundres missing in cash issues….I wonder sometimes as all of life returns as a circle… if my current head bashing to be proven good and yet denied it seems the steps to better or more if i’m not being protected from b.s  if so, thanks for the niceties, universe 🙂

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “little niceties”

good grief, man. (I mean, re work) I’ve always said, or have come to realize, just how priceless a good boss is. you have proved my point and i’m sorry about that.
back in the good tool dept. I found and acquired my first really good kitchen knife. at an Ace. (-:

brings to mind a chicago song…I’ve been searchin’ so long. besides, all you read of is on it’s website much not available in the store now but free to store shipping…or free to gouge you the sales tax and make you wait for what you want 😀 however lol the last time I ordered something 4 weeks later they sent me a check saying whatever it was was discontinued 😛 I did like the t-fal brand black with a red holder clip set of plug together corn holders I saw…that was a surprise cool find.

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